Portugal has “1,142 ventilators” but “not all are available”

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The Prime Minister, António Costa, said on 16 March that Portugal still has “no shortage” of ventilators and that they currently have “1,142”, but stressed that “not all are available” for the Covid-19 pandemic because there are other needs.

“We have, outside emergency operating rooms, outside burn units, 1,142 ventilators for adults. Of course, not everyone is available because there are many people who are hospitalized and who are being ventilated, or who have been operated on, or because they have normal pneumonia,” said António Costa, in an interview with SIC, in Jornal da Noite.

The Prime Minister guaranteed that Portugal has “no shortage of ventilators”, but justified that a reinforcement is being made "in the prediction of the worst scenarios", and because there is "an abnormal situation".

In the interview, the prime minister also said that the National Health Service (SNS) has “two million masks for strategic reserves”, to respond to needs, and indicated that the State is “purchasing both masks and disinfection material, fans, and managing these resources”.

"We have tried to strengthen the capacities we have to foresee the worst that may still come", he defended.

Costa said that “what is currently foreseen in the epidemiological study is that the peak of this pandemic in Portugal will continue to grow until the end of April”, and that “only then will it enter into a descending function and that will never end before the end of May”.

"That is why we are talking about several months, we have to reinforce the resources in case there is an abnormal increase beyond what is foreseen", he reinforced.

On Saturday, the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, said that a survey was being carried out on the number of ventilators in public and private hospitals and explained that, with the postponement of some surgeries, there is equipment that will be free.


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