Portugal Health Passport is extended to all tourists visiting the country

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The Portugal Health Passport platform will become available to all tourists visiting Portugal, ensuring the possibility of testing for Covid-19 and access to care in private health services, announced Health Cluster Portugal.

In a press release, the organisation promoting this platform, in conjunction with Turismo de Portugal, defends the added value of the Portugal Health Passport in revitalising the tourism sector and the importance of health as a part of the Turismo 2027 strategy, which may represent an annual turnover of more than €100 million.

“Clinical practice in Portugal is already an international reference among peers. This is the time for this perception to also be transmitted to the population. The response we gave at the peak of the pandemic gave us international prominence, which guarantees security to those who visit us”, said the executive director of Health Cluster Portugal, Joaquim Cunha.

Tourists can request the document through the website www.portugalhealthpassport.com, which includes the possible testing of the new coronavirus, as well as access - at previously fixed prices - to health care and ‘check-ups’ of five types in the network of hospitals and clinics at CUF, Hospital da Luz, HPA Saúde and Lusíadas.

For the president of Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo, this initiative is synonymous with the reinforcement of “a tourist offer that complies with strict hygiene and sanitary control protocols “Clean & Safe” and that, in addition, presents an offer of medical and hospital services of high quality”, thus contributing to “restoring the confidence of tourists and boosting the recovery of the sector”.


I think Andrew could be based in Russia and just trying to offend people deliberately..

By James from UK on 26-07-2020 03:11

I always get a laugh from people who totally miss the purpose of the article just to critique it's grammar, especially those who continue to read The Portugal News. Perhaps you have excellent reading ability, but your comprehension is less than adequate....thanks for the laugh!

By William from Other on 26-07-2020 10:15

This is a ridiculous tourism article. If you are young take the risk without buying health insurance, however if you are a senior person (in most case are the volume of people visiting Portugal) the insurance will certainly not cover major health issue as we see world wide reports. This is one reason why lots of Portuguese living in North America with homes in Portugal will not go there this year to pop up the economy. I;ts about time you stop this persuasive agenda and get more people living in Portugal to travel and see the country, which from my knowledge have not really see the country.

By Anthony Horta from Other on 25-07-2020 08:07

I am interested

By Morshed Sarwar Bappy from Porto on 25-07-2020 07:11

which includes the possible testing of the new corona virus,
There you have it, this fake virus won't go away any time soon, many tests are un reliable, when this strain fades a new strain will be released on the world, and here we go again, how much will this cost me in the future. The media is already telling you there will be a new virus.

By Mr John from Algarve on 25-07-2020 03:29

I agree with Andrew, this article is total gibberish and convoluted into the bargain. Clearly a very bad translation from the original Portuguese.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 25-07-2020 12:42


In Kuwait more than 35 Portuguese citizens are stuck-up due to covid19, there passport are less than 1year Kuwait government don't stamp their visa, so their jobs and their family are in great danger in Kuwait. Kuwait government extend their visa No 14, till 31 August. But this visa no 14 they can't exit the country to renew their passport. If they exit Kuwait their jobs and family will be cut off.
I humbly request Portuguese government to send their representative to Kuwait to renew their passport Portuguese and save their jobs and Family

By Roshni da Silva from Other on 25-07-2020 09:06

Yes it’s a sales pitch but it’s also clearly written and easily understood. With a clear ‘call to action’ - visit the website.

By Steve from Algarve on 25-07-2020 06:42

Just more BS to mislead I don't know whom! Regardless of their health condition even if by chance they carry the Covid-19 virus they will be above any suspicion! This negligence is also a crime!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 25-07-2020 02:49

From what I can tell, the Tourist Health Passport is really aimed at non-EU travellers, many of whom do not have their own international medical insurance. This "passport" is also only applicable at the private hospitals which, while they offer a good quality service at a higher price, any non-EU visitor can visit the public clinics and hospitals and get the same check-ups and treatments at a cheaper price. But if non-EU people can afford private treatment, why not use it?? EU tourists should continue to use the E101 card.

By Mr Robert Lambert from UK on 24-07-2020 06:53

The hostile and unhelpful nature of the comments here is demoralizing. You demean yourselves not the writer of the post.
If you learn nothing else from the Portugese you would do a service to humanity to learn their civilty.

By Jon Lucca from USA on 24-07-2020 05:26

Most articles are translations from Portuguese language newspapers, hence the poor quality of the English language.

By Ana Perreira from Lisbon on 24-07-2020 04:10

VERY GOOD I would like more information on the insurance the price for 2 months February and March 2021 for 2 person we are very interesting we go to ALBUFEIRA every year. THANK YOU PLEASE reply

By Diana Stradwick from Other on 24-07-2020 02:31

"...The added value of the Portuguese Health Passport." There is no added value. This is meaningless Jibberish.

"Clinical practice in Portugal is already an international reference among peers. This is the time for this perception to also be transmitted to the population...". Population? Which population?. Peers? Which Peers?
More valueless nonsense.

I could go on and on giving further examples.... This is obviously either a Google Translation from Portuguese, or done by someone similarly incompetent. It reminds me of the in flight TAP magazines that for decades were a joke amongst native English speakers.

By Marco from Other on 24-07-2020 02:23

Andrew what the hell are you talking about? The article is perfectly clear and there's a reference to the website where you can find more information. Before you criticise others level of perhaps a non-mother tongue, I wonder how good is your Portugese? What? You don't speak a word and you live in the Algarve. That says it all.

By Dom from Lisbon on 24-07-2020 01:29

Andrew, I think the obfuscation was quite deliberately written into the press release on which this story is based, by those pitching the product. If I understand it correctly the Portugal Health Passport, is a private health insurance policy masquerading as a public health measure.

By David Graham from Porto on 24-07-2020 11:58

I Andrew I don't really see any difference on this article, the English on it is the same as in UK .I can understand it might not have the information you need but saying you're unable to discern it ?
I hope the people who wrote this will be able to help you.
God bless.
Antonio Teixeira

By antonio teixeira from UK on 24-07-2020 11:53

The quality of English in your articles is very poor, making the meaning difficult to understand. This article looks like it could be of significant importance to tourism in Portugal, but as a reader and native English reader, I am unable to discern the key information about this program. The article also does not give any direction for where a reader can find more information. If this program is meant to attract tourists, you are going to have to do a better job of writing in clear English. Thank you.

By Andrew from Other on 24-07-2020 03:35
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