According to the 2020 report on the Sustainable Development Goals, Portugal is aligned with the EU average, with 21.6 percent of the population at risk of poverty, in 12th place in a table in which Bulgaria (32.8 percent) leads and the Czech Republic (12.2 percent) has the best performance.
The indicator worsens when analysing the capacity to heat the house in winter (in 5th place, with 19.4 percent of the population in these conditions), when the EU average is 7.6 percent, with Bulgaria being the country with highest percentage (33.7 percent) and Austria with the best situation (1.6 percent).
Considering the risk of poverty in people over 18 years of employment, Portugal occupies the 8th place (9.7 percent), slightly worse than the EU average (9.3 percent) with Romania in the worst situation (15.3 percent) and Finland in the best (3.1 percent).