Portugal in court over vehicle import tax

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The European Commission has brought action against Portugal before the EU Court of Justice in relation to the rate of import taxes of vehicles imported from other member states being higher than taxes applied to “used” cars bought within the country.

The Community executive stated that, “under EU rules, no Member State can impose, directly or indirectly, on the products of the other Member States internal taxes, whatever their nature, which are higher than those which apply, directly or indirectly, on similar national products,” but Portugal continues to apply a higher tax burden to ‘second-hand’ cars imported from other Union countries.
According to the Commission, “the Portuguese legislation in question does not fully take into account the depreciation of vehicles imported from other Member States” and is therefore incompatible with the EU Treaty.
Recalling that the Court of Justice of the European Union had already concluded, on 16 June 2016, that an earlier version of this Portuguese tax was contrary to EU law, Brussels explains that the decision to refer this issue to the Court “stems from the fact Portugal has not changed its legislation to bring it into line with EU law, following the Commission’s reasoned opinion”.
Brussels recalls that it sent Portugal, on 24 January, 2019, a “letter of formal notice”, followed, on 27 November, by a “reasoned opinion”, the second and last step before filing an action with the Court of Justice, which the Commission has now accomplished “since Portugal has not yet fulfilled its obligations”.


MarcMoniz ...good comments ..keep posting ! You know you are on the correct track when the lazy, inert Portuguese socialists get angry .

By Max from Algarve on 08-06-2021 06:28

I read on a similar article from a few months ago, a really great comment which perfectly described the current portuguese situation.

It is Europe's oldest car park with some of the oldest cars on average! I have to bear a 1994 Corolla for the same reason and I paid 4 times the amount to have it.

By Ahmad Shumayal from Other on 24-11-2020 05:49

Reading some of the comments I think some have lost the plot as far as the action taken by the EU council... I looked at buying a 1969 Jaguar E-Type with a import tax of 6,996 euros while a 1972 car to the same specification incurs an import tax of 44,707 euros!! + taxes.
If the market was open and equal... people here in Portugal could afford a more modern car with lower emissions. Until this situation is rectified I can see no way forward.

By Ken bradley from Algarve on 22-07-2020 09:24

Am Ex-U.K and can to Portugal after 22 years in senior management in South Africa for an active retirement ion 2017. I totally agree with ( Ian from Alentejo on 16-02-2020 01:47:00) EDP are one ot the worst with their all or nothing payment system. I question €25.00 of a €110.00 bill happy to pay the €85.00, it all or nothing sio they got nothing. 4 registered letters to the CEO, was threatened for payment by phone. further letters of demand. Un EU rules I am entitled to claim unnecessary costs, which now are €120.00. Now 2 years on a debit collecting company letter. So now suing the CEO for Defamation of Character, Entrapment, Racketeering and Extortion. Lets see what happens. NOS and MEO Plus MaxMat are all the same.

By Ian M from Other on 04-03-2020 10:32

I understand that far-left posters do not like it when rational, logical people speak up against the tyranny of far-left-unelected bureaucrats.
In fact, it is hilarious!
Portxit time!

By Marc J. Moniz from USA on 17-02-2020 08:03

Marc Moniz. You want Portugal to become a nasty greedy capitalist state just like American do you ? No thanks we have seen what has happened to the UK & how your ways have ruined a once lovely Country & its people. We don't need the likes of you or your American dreams here. Go home & elect another Trump & give us all a good laugh.

By Eric from Algarve on 16-02-2020 09:59

@Marc J Moniz
Ridicolous comment.
Would be like saying cars from Texas “imported” to California should be taxed more than cars manufactured in California.

Brexit will take the UK back to pre-colonialism, it will be Little Britain again. There’s a reason we put those people on an island in the first place.

America has a lot to recover from during this tenure of the Peach, havin fooled half of the nation for more than 3 years. Fake hair, obesity and climate denial, having squandered his father’s fortune with stupid deals and incompetence. And America letting him run the country, goodness me, what’s to come....

It is simple to align this tax and let’s move towards Zero emission cars, creating a lot of jobs in this sector.

Go Portugal!

By Andy Holmen from Lisbon on 16-02-2020 02:01

Portugal does not follow any EU legislation. The local governments are so antiquated regards to planning application health and safety etc. When foreigners try to invest into a business and bring jobs to the country they hit a brick wall. Our family invested into a business venture and we all moved to Portugal. My son, wife and 3 grandchildren are moving back to the UK when the kids finish this term at school. This decision was made after 2 years of trying to obtain planning permissions that the local council and natural parks just seem to ignore. In the end they decided to do what the young Portuguesas do, get a job in another country and leave portugal.
The Natural Parks are the biggest joke of the lot. There is nothing natural about them. They just sell out the the eucalyptus plantations that create the fuel for all the wild fires in the summer months. They have law that don’t allow eucalyptus trees within 50 metres of properties. We have a plantation that comes within 10 metres of our home and the parks officials do nothing.

By Ian from Alentejo on 16-02-2020 01:47

Yes, maybe it’s time for the USA to break up too. CA, RI and most other states would do very well without being subject to the whims of a corrupt electoral system and president.

By Ms Nikita Gustafsson from Lisbon on 15-02-2020 05:22

@ Marc J.Moniz
The United States of A******S better mind their own businness and don't interfere with any european affairs.Arrogant people!!!

By Joe O'Sullivan from Alentejo on 15-02-2020 02:54

I'm portuguese but I complete agree with EU decision. The rules was agreed among all EU countries. Simple as that. Portexit??? No thanks
We're not that stupid! All we need is a union.

By Dartacao from UK on 15-02-2020 01:03

Mr Marc J. Moniz we the portuguese don't need your opinion!! The Portuguese government is very corrupt and yes do not comply with EU rules and laws has it should. Over any other EU state member the Portuguese government charges almost 100% tax on top of any vehicle imports that had already paid its tax! Why pay more than any other EU member?? Doubling almost. By the way Portugal does not have their own car brand, only produces a few "german" cars.

By Pedro Borges from UK on 14-02-2020 10:57

Agree with JC, you have to take the rough with the smooth. Portugal has benefited substantially from EU subsidies, particularly on infrastructure. Time to get in line with the other parts of the program that may not be as attractive!

By Stuart Wood from Algarve on 14-02-2020 07:09

The far-left represented by JC displays that he knows nothing about the USA.
Just sour grapes from the far- left as usual because they have nothing to offer the people of Portugal.
Portxit time!

By Marc J. Moniz from USA on 14-02-2020 04:41

Not quite sure what the US of A 'disentigrating' has to do with the article.

To Marc in the USA. Portugal knew what side its bread was buttered on, when, as a sovereign nation, it decided to join the EU. Stronger together and all that, and they'd be absolutely crazy to place any trust whatsoever in the US or the UK, especially after Brexit and under the current governments of either country - I'm a Brit, by the way. As for 'unelected foreign nationals'. Of course they're unelected: they're civil servants, in this case international, applying the rules and regulations adopted by elected representatives from all member countries.

By Norman from Algarve on 14-02-2020 04:13

Maybe the US of A should disentigrate.
Portugal knows the rules. Apply them.
Govenment stop supporting crony capitalism.

By JC from Porto on 14-02-2020 02:43

Dear Portugal, please take back your country and govern yourselves as the independent nation that you are.
The EU Commission is a group of non-elected-foreign nationals telling the Portuguese people what they can and cannot do. Why do you stand for this nonsense?
Leave the EU Portugal. Become the shining gem of Western Europe. The U.K. will support your efforts and the U.S. will as well.
Time for a Portxit!

By Marc J. Moniz from USA on 14-02-2020 03:36
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