Portugal in talks with Britain ahead of review of UK 'travel corridor' decision

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Talks between Portuguese and British authorities are under way ahead of the UK’s reevaluation of its decision to keep Portugal off its list for coronavirus restriction-free travel

Last week Portugal was left off a list of more than 50 countries that Britain considers safe enough for travel without coronavirus-related restrictions, meaning holidaymakers returning from Portugal would have to quarantine for 14 days.

British Transport Minister Grant Shapps has since said the decision will be reviewed by July 27.


We are due to fly to the Algarve day on 22nd August. But need the decision about quarantine free return to U.K. to be made ASAP...... half of our group cannot quarantine on return so cannot go if this requirement is still in place, but if we don’t confirm soon we will lose our Villa reservation.....
A completely frustrating position to be in...
We want to travel but need the British government to make its next announcement on quarantine free travel TODAY.....
Please say someone has some news

By Lorraine Thompson from UK on 20-07-2020 03:48

I'm flying on the first August to Portugal with my family like every year , common health secretary grant shade will review before 27th July if will be included or not on the air bridge free of quarantine back to UK ..my figures are "hopping " with positive answer from Boris and Grant , hopping having a good review before making an mistakes again !! In my opinion there are concerns and subjects regarding cov19 regulations , obviously many countries introduce several regulations and others are not complicated than it was included UK. Since march UK never followed distance regulations or the basics til present day ,it's insane we talk about other countries and Boris j. judging for higher infection instead look them selves in the mirror!! My fingers crossed with an greet light at the end of the tunnel for an kind person in UK will be allowed from Portugal will excluded from quarantine.... hopping prime minister won't forget to remind Boris to review properly this week ,we are thousands waiting for an good quality answer and positive answer and agreement

By joe santos from UK on 19-07-2020 08:14

We own a small property in Portugal and arrived here on Tuesday. We flew with Ryanair, the flight was good, two thirds full and everyone wore masks. Sadly Faro airport was empty but we were out within 10 minutes! Travel insurance was our big worry but we found Voyager Insurance excellent and very helpful, £60 for two of us for 12 nights and we are early 60s. We expected a ghost town (Carvoeiro. A beautiful little town on the Algarve), but it is reasonably busy. 90% of bars and restaurants are open and they are so grateful and pleased to see us. The government’s decision makes no sense and the Portuguese are understandably very upset. It’s all political for some reason, infection rates are low and they are very strict on mask wearing, distancing etc, very hot on cleaning and sanitising, much more so than in the UK. The only noticeable difference is all bar and restaurant staff wearing masks. We have lost all our bookings this year like everyone else and many businesses will not survive. Please come to Portugal! The sun is shining, the beaches are not packed like the UK, the food is wonderful, it is safe and clean and the people are as always the most friendly and welcoming you will find anywhere!

By Sharon Edgley from UK on 18-07-2020 09:56

We are due to fly to the Algarve on the 30th July, will the air bridge be in place by then

By D. Hawes from UK on 15-07-2020 12:12

When list of countries with no self isolation was published, Madeira was on the list, within 3 days it was withdrawn and when returning to U.K. Self isolation now applies. Why was this changed, Madeira has a very low infection rate, doesn't seem right as some other countries with higher rates of infection are ok to visit without self isolation.

By Anne from UK on 12-07-2020 08:27

Grant shape think he's the UK governor and can judge positive or negative decisions when he wants against Portugal!! My knowledge I would say the Portuguese prime minister he's wasting he's time completely..that's what foreigner transport grant shape wants ....se them begin for mercy for not destroy the tourism this year...to late ,as sooner he will made an decisions for an air bridge to Portugal without quarantine back to UK will be the end of the summer !! It a completely obvious..what's the point grant review by the 20 or 27:July ??????? No one will book or rebook an holidays to Portugal ,!! Isn't no point is it !!! One month more then it's school time for the kids correct?? So what's the point grant keep all this rubbish delay to last minute?? !! Rather be not let have air bridge to Portugal til this winter than keep them to last breath...insane this grant shape, I believe there won't be anymore friendship between Portugal and UK after all .

By joe santos from UK on 12-07-2020 03:07

Final day quarentena for Portuguese travel from Portugal to UK

By Miguel rodrigues from UK on 09-07-2020 02:06

I'm due to travel to Portugal in August I can't get Tavel insurance and my wife has health conditions it's a joke they are leaving it till end of July to change it all them people who have booked for early July that can't get travel insurance the British government wants to get on with things and stop going on about Brexit people are losing out to a lot of money just a thought if Boris Johnsons dad would of flew out to Algarve do u think Portugal would of been on the safe list I would put my house and car on it they are clueless

By Jeff Bonney from UK on 09-07-2020 11:23

I am flying out to Faro on 12 July for 3 weeks. I have arranged insurance for emergency medical expenses and repatriation through Voyager Insurance (excluding C-19).

By Paul Marshall from UK on 08-07-2020 07:48

Yes the main issue for many is the insurance cover, or indeed lack of it if the FCO advises against all but essential travel. As a property owner in the Algarve who has not visited since end of January, I would deem a visit to be essential. Unfortunately my travel insurance does not cover essential travel! Let's hope this unfortunate and unfair situation can be sorted out sooner rather than later, for our sakes but also for the sake of the Portuguese economy.

By Mark from UK on 08-07-2020 05:44

There is no British list. The list Grant Shapps and the London government are producing applies to England only. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own lists. For example, there is no need to quarantine when travelling to or from England and Spain; however, people travelling to or from Spain and Scotland - even if they go through England - still have to quarantine. The constant equating of England with the UK is, in this case, quite irresponsible.

By Stewart Jones from UK on 08-07-2020 03:25

It is vital that someone prompts a quicker response than 27th July! Many many people are keen to visit Portugal for a variety of reasons. I, personally, have already lost 3 flights with another booked for our group on 19th July. Many people have flown even with the FCO advice but they will be without insurance! I am well aware of the risks posed by the corona virus and do not underestimate it whatsoever but I wish to travel and am considerate of the practicalities of sensible precautions. More so than many flouting all the the rules here in the UK over the last few months leaving trails of rubbish and damage behind them. This country is a rubbish tip and who did it? Ooh no one knows! Disgraceful!

By Mary from UK on 08-07-2020 02:33
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