Portugal keeps parts of Lisbon under coronavirus lockdown

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The government has said five areas on the outskirts of Lisbon will remain under a partial lockdown put in place two weeks ago to tackle a worrying wave of coronavirus cases.

People will be allowed to leave home only to buy essential goods such as food or medication, or to travel to and from work.

Gatherings in the locked-down parishes, which do not include the capital’s downtown, are limited to five people compared to 10 elsewhere in Greater Lisbon and 20 for the rest of Portugal.


Estou em trabalho vossa noticias e falsa evento muitos ingleses aqui em Lisboa sem mascaras no Algarve em Faro na última noite houve distúrbios com ingleses num bar queria-o só falam no que interessa ao Boris a fim de destruir Portugal sabe que eu assim que chegue a Heathrow fico 14 dias em casa, quem me paga a renda da casa a council tax, a comida, e com 800.00euros que vivo sem trabalhar 3 semanas????
Quanto irei receber sem trabalhar, como pagar as contas???
Pensem nisso e dêem noticias verdadeiras ao populistas para agradar ao Boris, não sabe o que diz.
Many regards
José Francisco

By José silva from Lisbon on 15-07-2020 09:44

Keeping given the figures where ,who , ...UK will keep given red air bridge when reading this ridiculous information..this is just government and social media keep poisoning he's own country!!! Do you se Spain , Italy or France with those subjects?? Named and shamed

By joe santos from UK on 15-07-2020 04:08

Which areas are under loch down???

By Lisbeth from Lisbon on 14-07-2020 11:45

Why on earth do you not give exact information which areas "on the outskirts" are stil in lockdown? Same question applies to your previous article a week ago when 15 areas were in lockdown

By Rob Matthijssen from Lisbon on 14-07-2020 12:41
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