Portugal may be left off list for UK quarantine waiver

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The British government is to waive quarantine for people travelling between the UK and some countries with a low risk of Covid-19 infection, but it is uncertain whether Portugal will be included on the list.

The UK is close to finalising a list of 10 countries to which it is deemed safe for British tourists to travel without having to isolate for two weeks on their return, as is currently the case, but Portugal is said to be the subject of “intense debate” due to the recent outbreak in the Algarve.


As someone who has travelled to your wonderful Country many time’s, I find it sad that you think we’re all riddled with Covid. We know how to behave but like all ages, there are rotten examples. Simply saying we’re contaminated and you don’t want us is a knee jerk reaction. And saying you want a better class of tourists, good luck. I’ve been all over the World and all nationalities can behave badly.

However, that’s fine. I’ll be over there and try not to bother you. I won’t try speaking the language like I have on every previous occasion and I won’t spend too much of my hard earned cash.

Sorry if we inconvenience you, we’ll go elsewhere in future

By Adrian Woodward from UK on 26-06-2020 11:00

Most air travellers are not infected. To afford air travel you are probably among the set that own computers and cars and have been working from home, fairly isolated from the bulk of the infection. It's another class divide - a foreign tourist will, on average, be less infected than the population back home.

By Robert Paynter from UK on 25-06-2020 01:46

Not everyone in the UK voted Brexit!
My family have had a relationship with Portugal for 25 years, personal and business. Have had a holiday home there for 13 years and have integrated culturally, socially and economically, and will be disappointed not to see family and friends this year, but understand if it is not safe for the Portuguese, the English have not validity - 40,000 plus deaths....

By Sara Page from UK on 25-06-2020 01:39

Mr. Miles makes a good point! Maybe Steve has a bank account to fall back on, but he's not showing the Love. The situation is similar in many countries....the Covid is here to stay for a while....and people need to get back to work. I fortunately only lost 3 weeks work, but am working again, wearing a mask of course. I feel bad for those wondering how to pay for bills, let alone their food.
As regards young adults, some have to learn things the hard way....especially those who thought the Covid was just for weeding out old people....jokes on them!

By William from Other on 25-06-2020 11:56

How deluded are the English who believe Portuguese tourism is dependent on them. These are the same people who voted for Brexit which will mean decreased tourism from the English. Portugal can and will replace the English tourist with a better quality tourist

By Joe Lisbon from Porto on 25-06-2020 10:59

As so many people have stated this is the youngsters causing this by illegal parties and gatherings

By Delia from UK on 25-06-2020 10:31

Dear John Miles
Keep your heavy handed loud economic advise for the UK - that's why we left and sadly they are now struggling. Negative two years of contraction at 10%.......
Portugal wants the right people to come.
People love Portugal.

Love Steve

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 25-06-2020 10:27

All this dithering about like a bunch of school kids ..get some bloody sense amongst you politicians..this virus is going to carry on for some time yet..the responsible public will adhere to social distancing etc..its the younsters you should be aiming all this rhetoric at..they are the potential carriers but they are so ignorant of the consequences they need to be seriously brought to book..heavy handed if necessary..on the spot fines and criminal convictions a threat..this is due to my and many others visual consequences...Everythings in place to move the appropriate countries ahead..get the economies moving. There will be spikes with this virus no doubt..but its controllable with our knowledge now and can be contained locally. Get borders open and move the problem in corners..trap it and eradicate it. Regards, JM

By John Miles from UK on 25-06-2020 12:37

The UK is leaving Portugal off the list?

Could be that Portugal is dodging a bullet? Who wants the Brits from Covid riddled GB anyway?

Are we seriously stooping down to such levels?

Politics, people! All politicis!

By Paula from Algarve on 24-06-2020 10:52

Hi Portugal has been one of the safest countries and even better than the UK. The algarve recent outbreak was due to an illegal party in Lagos. This is NOT the whole of the algarve.

By Belinda lane from UK on 24-06-2020 07:50

Well without free entry that will kill holiday plans of Brits , and kill the tourism sector in Portugal

By Paul R from Lisbon on 24-06-2020 05:54

There's no outbreak in Lisbon? Who writes this news?

By Barend from Lisbon on 24-06-2020 02:49
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