Portugal May Require Use of Masks When It Eases Confinement

in News · 28-04-2020 09:45:00 · 4 Comments

Portugal is preparing to reopen some activities that were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic with rules that include the use of masks in public spaces

Prime Minister Antonio Costa revealed people who use public transport or attend school will be required to use masks, while restaurants will have to lower their seating capacity. ~

The government will announce on Thursday what businesses can resume operating from May 4.

Portugal on Monday reported the smallest daily increase in confirmed coronavirus cases since March 19.


I am seeing the price of mask skyrocket. Fred Doe, you say masks should only be worn by infected people,. My question to you is, how does one know that one is NOT infected?

By Richard from Lisbon on 29-04-2020 04:23

But where to get them if they do become mandatory?

By Allan G. from Other on 28-04-2020 06:01

The problem is that people can be infected but asymptomatic - in other words, they can spread the virus without realising it when they are in public areas. Surely prevention is better than cure. Everyone still needs to ensure social distancing and wash hands frequently regardless. Better to be safe than sorry.

By Robert Lambert from Algarve on 28-04-2020 02:49

Science showed that masks should only be worn by infected people and health workers. This is plain stupid, and dangerous. False sense of security.

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 28-04-2020 12:49
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