Portugal off the list of countries that seek to ban killer robots

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Portugal, despite supporting negotiations for an end to the use of killer robots in military conflicts, is off the list of countries that explicitly seek to ban fully autonomous weapons, according to a study by Human Rights Watch.

This information appears in a 55-page report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW), entitled "Stop Killer Robots: Country Positions on Banning Fully Autonomous Weapons and Retaining Human Control", which analyses the policies of 97 countries.


Of course Portugal doesn't want to offend its bosses, the biggest users of killing machines who make war just motivated by greed, unlimited power or unsaciable ambition! These subhuman
war makers destroy lives, property and the environment in an enormous scale with no parallel in the natural world. Nature or gods have no room in the minds of these preverted creatures who use robots, machines, bombs and technology to effectively and efficiently obliterate other humans, countries and whole ecosystems!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 12-08-2020 02:40

The robotic observations of Kari Lehto are an excellent indication of how Artifical Intelligence is to be used within the "Order of Nature".

By Knight from Other on 12-08-2020 08:10

Take it easy Kari; don't get so excited! They're not talking about banning war; just killer robots!
Oh ya, and God didn't declare war on man. People who think like you declare war on each other. BTW when God wants to do something, he doesn't need your help!

By William from Other on 11-08-2020 06:52

You cannot ban weapons, they are needed in war. You cannot ban war because it is needed in nature. You cannot ban natural order, because nature will always find a way to bring order to chaos and those who ride towards chaos, against war, always kill more then those who ride towards order and understanding of nature. Nature is a far crueler with bringing order to chaos then the natural hierarchy of power and war. If you seek peace, you can only do your best to prepare for war. That is the order of nature and thereby, on extension, the order of God. Just seek the will of God and do not try to put human ideas of virtue over the virtue of God and the order of nature.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 11-08-2020 03:15

And we thought it was bad enough. What is the world coming too ? The end is definitely near !

By Peter from UK on 11-08-2020 02:27
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