Portugal performs 1.5 million tests since start of pandemic

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Portugal has already carried out 1.48 million tests for covid-19, the Deputy Secretary of State and Health, Jamila Madeira, revealed at a press conference on the evolution of the pandemic in the country.

The official stressed that “the capacity to carry out testing” is maintained with an “upward trend” in July compared to June, registering a daily average of 13,670 tests this month. At the same time, Jamila Madeira emphasised the importance of expanding the laboratory network from 20 to 98 laboratories in July, with a presence throughout the territory.

“This expansion of laboratory capacity has been decisive in the effective response to the pandemic and this year will be substantially reinforced with the new investment, as provided for in the Economic and Social Stabilisation Programme and accommodated in the Supplementary Budget”, she highlighted.

The Assistant Secretary of State and Health also considered that the reinforcement already foreseen for intensive medicine, human resources, public health resources and computer systems, in addition to the increase in the initial budget for 2020”, underlines “a clear option for robustness and response capacity of the National Health Service” (SNS) in the face of the challenge of the pandemic and the provision of other health care.

Jamila Madeira defended that the Ministry of Health is working to safeguard the future of the SNS and highlighted the creation of a working group coordinated by the Central Authority Health Systems and with the participation of ARS (Regional Health Administration) to prepare a proposal for a multi-annual investment plan.

“It should also evaluate and propose measures for the efficient management of the SNS network of equipment and facilities. This proposal for a multi-annual investment plan by the Ministry of Health – providing for the global and integrated planning of investments in equipment and facilities in the next 10 years – should be prepared in time for the discussion of the next State Budget”, she noted.


We are testing more people than most countries! No wonder new cases are higher! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Well done Portuguese government!

By Anna from Madeira on 29-07-2020 12:16

1.5 millions tests being carried out since !! How come Portuguese explain the amount positive tests since Lisbon being lockdown?? Porto , Algarve ,Coimbra and others regional parts being completely blanc since may !! Only Lisbon,alentejo given more expectations with the virus , eventually no one understands where or how so many people come infected !! I'm struggling to understand when Portugal will have the air bridge from UK , under those circumstances Keeping the figures every day ,,but it won't happen because there still no control doesn't matter what others countries regulations applying to Portugal ..once again Portugal hasn't got that grip to stop the infection sprayed out ,, Spain ,France ,Italy already show several times in past few weeks they was keeping under control with no deaths or much less people infected!! Those countries have 3 times more population than Portugal ,so what's failing under Portugal wings ?? Obviously the government only concerns what suits them ..

By joe santos from UK on 27-07-2020 01:32
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