Portugal pioneers technology to kill over 99% of Covid-19 in the air

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Pioneering technology that manages to kill 99.97 percent of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in the air in just one minute and 100 percent in five minutes, has been developed in Portugal.

The new technology to combat Covid-19 was created as part of a project led by the BLC3 Technology and Innovation Campus, in Oliveira do Hospital, in partnership with the University of Minho and the Faculties of Pharmacy of the universities of Lisbon and Coimbra, said the coordinator of the investigation, João Nunes.

“In one minute, of the 16,982 SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, in a sample, only five particles were not inactivated, which gave a result of 99.97 percent. After five and 15 minute intervals, total inactivity was obtained, without any variation in the behaviour of the virus”, João Nunes told Lusa news agency.

The test was carried out on 27 different samples, with “all results being scientifically validated”, added the researcher and president of the BLC3 association.

When studying the behaviour of the virus, the researchers concluded that “one of the weakest points [of the virus], which has not managed to evolve over thousands of years, has been resistance to solar radiation”, said João Nunes.

The technology which has now been developed, called AT MicroProtect, is based on a “new concept of ‘inverse physics’, which integrates a system of emission of wavelengths, in a controlled and oriented way, much more efficient than solar radiation (new principles of fluid mechanics applied to the flow and propagation of the virus in airborne terms), with the development of a mathematical and physical algorithm on the behaviour of the virus”, he explained.

The equipment does not use chemicals and just needs electricity to work.

“One of the most dangerous and least controllable forms” of the virus, that is the source of the Covid-19 pandemic, is transmitted between people by air.

The technology must, therefore, said João Nunes, be applied as a priority to the protection of professionals in the health sector, in the means of air and land transport and inside buildings occupied by a high number of people, such as airports and shopping centres or nursing homes.

But “it is also possible to apply this to hotels and restaurants and other places where there is a problem of indoor air quality”, the scientist also points out.

The World Health Organisation recently warned of the dangers of airborne transmission of the new coronavirus, but this, he stresses, is already part of the concern of the consortium led by BLC3 “since the beginning of the pandemic” - the AT MicroProtect project was first started on 14 March.

In three weeks, knowledge and technology were developed, after which it took some time to access isolated and certified strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, to scientifically validate the whole process, said João Nunes.

For this, the support of the North American laboratory, which also provides virus samples for the development of vaccines worldwide, was very important.

The consortium had access to an isolated strain from Hong Kong (at the beginning of the pandemic), another from the USA (final phase) and a third from Italy (intermediate phase).

“The virus alone has no intelligence but us humans have intelligence and knowledge and these are the best weapons we can use against it”, said João Nunes, arguing that “we cannot wait for a response from vaccines and medications in the face of airborne viruses.”

“We have to learn to be prepared in another way, we have to gain the capacity to act quickly”, especially since “it is still not certain when there will be a vaccine”, emphasises the researcher, highlighting this work as an example in the health sector in a multidisciplinary format.
“Today, we have very in-depth scientific knowledge about the behaviour of this virus”, which will allow, said João Nunes, “the development of more technology and knowledge and expand the application to other viruses and bacteria of interest to public health and safety.”


Ultraviolet blood irradiation kills all viruses including Covid19 . I am doing a phase one clinical trial of UBI on 45 elderly female patients.

By Roger coghill from Madeira on 24-08-2020 02:03

Could the Virus issue be simply that most homes and offices use Split System (Air Conditioning units) that just heat or cool our office or our home's air, then recirculate that same air filled with our own expelled air and our own bacterial particles and Pathogens. That we breath out and spread to everyone in the same room or office continually, recycling the/ our same contaminated particulate filled unfiltered air every hour and every day.

Its foolish but many architects and engineers do not know that the majority of these units do not introduce fresh air, or filter air correctly. (They are not air conditioning units)...
A full fresh air conditioning system is costly to build and costlier to run, but they can be designed to kill any virus or trap in a safe change filter system.

By Gordan Finch from UK on 06-08-2020 12:57

UV radiation has been around for over 30 years, this is nothing new and not a new discovery, it's only new to those who read it here for the first time and believe everything MSM throws at them, big pharma will hush this because they want you vaccinated, then you will all go wow what a brilliant discovery, wake up.

By Callum Murray from Algarve on 03-08-2020 12:47

Thank you

By Sue Ferreira from Other on 02-08-2020 05:42

The problem with stupid people, like the Dough-Doe birds, is they don't know they're stupid. What this means is, because they can't comprehend the intelligent parts of the news articles, they will continue to make ignoramus comments.

By William from Other on 02-08-2020 12:07

This development sounds wonderful and offers not only a direct usable method of keeping the air virtually virus free without chemicals, it gives people a clear indication of how some seriously questionable 'directions' for personal safety (masks) are not the only or even useful measure to take. Offices, shops, hotels and schools etc would greatly benefit from such technology. Love Portugal :)

By PM from Other on 02-08-2020 10:56

Pretty good for a country that only in the last eight years made a secondary education compulsary.

By Cecilia from USA on 02-08-2020 12:12

bravo Portugal!!! The best country to live!!!

By Carmen from Algarve on 01-08-2020 06:51

So proud to live here.
Not only because of the way the government and the people have reacted to the virus. But also that the Portuguese continue to be discoverers like they were in the 15th Century.

By Trevor Roberts from Algarve on 01-08-2020 06:35

Very encouraging news! There has been little to cheer of late and it is time we all can all travel freely again. Which laboratory in US is partner?

By JAmadd from USA on 01-08-2020 02:10

There is nothing new here this has been around for more then 30 yrs in the US. The problem is if the virus was airborne ( no disease is) It's been in Europe for 6 months and everyone would have it. Don't hold your breathe.

By Lawrence from Madeira on 01-08-2020 10:54

Excellent innovation by Portugal

By Veste Godi from UK on 01-08-2020 05:12

I love these Fred Doe's who come on with these comments that take us back to the Stone Age. This is very positive news on keeping us safe. I applaud the Portuguese ingenuity and scientific community by trying to work on a solution that works instead of trying to push Hydroxychloroquine, all the BS conspiracy theories that exist. Fred if you have balls to post use your real name and give us scientific data.

By Antonio from USA on 31-07-2020 04:59

UV radiation has long been known to destroy viral AND bacterial pathogens in air and water. Nothing new here.

Adding TiO2 to the mix only improves the sterilization effect as the UV exposure causes the TiO2 to produce many more 'hydroxyl radicals' which disrupt the cell lipid membrane - causing accelerated cell death and eradication of the pathogen - virus or bacteria.

Therefore, UVC radiation - while effective as a disinfectant - when combined with TiO2 becomes many times more effective and when contained within an optical shield (such as an 'air filtration unit') can be used in close proximity to higher (non-infectious) life forms - like humans without the harm UV radiation can cause through prolonged exposure to skin and eyes.

By Larry Pines from USA on 31-07-2020 04:42

Hi, I have holidayed in Portugal for over 30 years. I am due to travel in Sept, however the Irish govmt has not included Portugal on a green list. I intend to travel regardless. I hope by September Portugal will be included. Maybe the Portuguese administration could keep pressure on the Irish govmt to include Portugal.
Roll on September
Regards Michael Power

By Michael Power from Other on 31-07-2020 04:19

Portugal, Portugal, sempre à Frente. ???????? ????

By Rui from Algarve on 31-07-2020 02:26

So it was aerosols instead of droplets after all? Masks don't stop aerosols, so you can't use it as PPE, and wearing masks outside is totally useless.

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 31-07-2020 10:26

To say I am impressed would be an understatement. Thank you for seeing that there's more than one way to dismantle this virus. It's this level of innovative thinking that makes Portugal a quiet but mighty contender in the global race to help humanity, without the use of drug testing on humans.

By CJ from USA on 31-07-2020 10:20

There is a option on the market that has minimal Costco for use at home ,office's hospitals etc, the replacement of some fluorescent tubes in building at specified intervals with uvc far lamps that are safe to use in the presence of humans ,and kills cov in the within 15minutes, what also makes it cost effective is that only the tube gets replaced and not the fitting and u can use a uvc far fluorescent tube or a replacement led tube that uses less power and is more cost effective on the long run,the use of uvc far light then also makes the need for expensive sanitizing unnecessary. Use it its out there!!!

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 31-07-2020 10:05

Doesn't this "one of the weakest points [of the virus], which has not managed to evolve over thousands of years, has been resistance to solar radiation” fit wonderfully with the "stay at home" order? It sounds like our governments wanted to spread the visrus as much as possible by looking us out from the sun.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 31-07-2020 09:35

Stunning! Bravo Portugal! This is lateral thinking at its best. While others are throwing billions at potential vaccines with unknown effectiveness or longevity, this consortium has reasoned and researched its way to solving the problems of airborne transmission within an enclosed space. I am so proud to live here. Never think of Portugal as a small, poor or insignificant country. It is a land of vast resources of intelligence and capabilities and unlimited potential.

By Jude Irwin from Beiras on 31-07-2020 08:06
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