Portugal probes party that may have spread virus

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Portuguese prosecutors said over the weekend they had launched an investigation into a birthday party attended by scores of people which could have led to many new coronavirus infections.

Prosecutors in the Algarve said they were probing a late-night June 7 party “gathering scores of people” in Lagos, which took place despite a ban on gatherings of more than 20 people.

Local media cited health officials as saying that the party could have caused about 100 new coronavirus cases.


So, “William from other” you assume a bit, confuse the issues, and speculate freely without knowing me at all! Just for clarification. I have two nationalities and love three countries besides Portugal, my first and foremost! I’m also proud of my country, its people, our traditions and Portugal’s fascinating history. I also criticize its current political leadership associated with entrained corruption (see José Sócrates & Co.)! As a result Portugal is unrecognizable with most of its patrimony, agriculture and industrial infrastructure sold or given away. Its natural resources and enormous sea riches are just being offered or sitting idle waiting for the new wave of predators. Portugal has to finance a huge public debt and this will lead to sovereignty loss and potential disappearing as an independent country for the benefit of the global interests! I studied and start working full time when I was a 14-year-old. I lived in Portugal for 31 years, and used to consider myself a “citizen of the World” but not anymore! I’m disappointed with the short vision of many, the hypocrisy and greed of the world leadership, the misery they are creating to other countries, and the fast destruction of the planet! I am a professional, was always passionate about my work, red Luís Vaz de Camões decades ago, and still read a lot from sources other than Portuguese ones. One book you may want to read is “The First Global Village” by Martin Page. Very interesting! Our perspectives of the world are different as individual experiences are unique. I have already lived two lives and going strong through my third one! I went thought wars, one revolution and have family in six countries. I have travelled a bit, visit Portugal every year and have family and close friends there. I’m very proud of my sons who are excellent professionals, have three nationalities, and are fluent in three languages! I have also planted many trees and I’m writing a non-technical book!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 25-06-2020 01:57

What's the big deal Tony from other? Are you planning a trip to Portugal? You never have anything nice to say about Portugal or its people....can't see you wanting to visit....Have to go now. I'm reading The Lusiads by Camoes

By Willian from Other on 22-06-2020 05:35

How transparent are the news regarding the Lagos recent Covid-19 case that led to initially 37 people were contaminated, after the number jumped to over 69, and now "is" already about 100! Next? All those numbers without justification as only now the case is being investigated... With so many uncertainties and disrespect of the recommended social distancing and limited gathering, who is now to believe that Portuguese safety and health related laws will be respected or enforced? Denmark doesn't!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 22-06-2020 03:04

Are the offenders going to be prosecuted?

We have spent months in isolation along with thousands of others in order to help overcome the virus.

As usual the few spoil it for the many so please prosecute, they deserve it and it mat deter others.

By Peter Atkinson from Algarve on 22-06-2020 02:43
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