Portugal says no foreign investment slowdown despite coronavirus

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Portugal has seen no slowdown in foreign investment despite the coronavirus crisis and has even forged new deals in the last few weeks.

Economy Minister Pedro Siza Vieira said that although some foreign investors might drop out in the future due to the crisis, Portugal would remain an attractive country in the long run, not least because of its relatively subdued coronavirus tally after early counter-measures imposed by the government.


If the foreign investment in Portugal is allowed to keep the strategy observed over the last few years with an ever increased of real state prices (10-15% yearly), delapidation and sale of patrimony, and transfer of critical infrastrure and resources to China, EU and other non-national entities than say good bye to Portugal! "Portugal está a saque" at the hands of opportunistic and dishonest politicians. Under this scenario it will be difficult to vision a quality future for Portugal and the Portuguese people!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 26-04-2020 04:31
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