Portugal toughens laws against train graffiti

in News · 28-09-2020 11:05:00 · 5 Comments

Portugal is set to toughen legislation against graffiti on trains.

The decision comes after it emerged that trains are popular among Spanish graffiti artists due to softer penalties imposed in Portugal. Officials also estimate that the cleaning of graffiti on trains and the time they spend off the tracks has cost close to an estimated one million euros.


I guess only harsher penalties (e.g. loss of driver's license for 1, 2 years or life or longer prison terms) will work in this case, plus more people installing cameras to identify the culprits.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 30-09-2020 08:35

What exactly is the change in the Law? Bigger fine? Prison? Great to hear they are doing "something" about the trains but what about private and public properties that are defaced and vandalized all over Lisbon and other places? When will politicians start to take this matter seriously by changing the laws and put in place a strategy to combat this plague? i.e. Criminalize, Education, community outreach, public awareness campaign, property owner fines, etc.... what other cities have done to almost eradicate this visual noise. It has gotten to the point that perpetrators become indignant when challenging them in the act!!! Is it not time to "Make Portugal beautiful Again"? Submitted a petition to CML on this issue. Hopefully, it will get them to get off their hands and start to do something.

By E. Medeiros from Lisbon on 29-09-2020 09:32

Pas de pitié pour les tagueurs qui enlaidissent le paysage et créent de l'insécurité..lourdes amendes et prison

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 29-09-2020 08:37

Very informative. Great article.

By Michael from Algarve on 29-09-2020 07:12

Everything I go to the mainland, it feels like a third world country with so much graffiti! It’s about time someone does something about this!

By Anna from Madeira on 28-09-2020 11:15
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