Portugal will contribute for the first time to the international vaccine alliance

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Portugal will contribute for the first time to Gavi, the Alliance of Vaccines, with €100,000 , Health Minister Marta Temido announced.

“The current pandemic reminds us of how crucial vaccines are. We count on Gavi for the distribution of a future vaccine for covid-19, so that it is accessible to everyone and can constitute an international public good for health. Portugal has been strengthening relations with Gavi and for the first time we will contribute financially to the Alliance”, she said.

Marta Temido spoke in English in a video recording previously recorded and broadcast during a block in which leaders from other European countries, such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Denmark or Finland took part.

On behalf of the European Union (EU), the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, pledged a contribution of 300 million Euros for the period between 2021 and 2025, in addition to the individual contributions of member states.

According to the official, in the last month the EU helped to raise almost 10 billion Euros to fight the coronavirus, of which 1.5 billion Euros are for Gavi, to “speed up the delivery of an accessible vaccine for covid-19 for all who need it”.

"We are prepared to discuss the merits of a global covid-19 vaccine order," added Von der Leyen.

The Global Summit of the Alliance of Vaccines (Gavi) which aims to raise $7.4 billion (€6.74 million) to immunise 300 million children in five years and save between seven and eight million lives.

Although the covid-19 pandemic is dominating the summit, vaccines are important to fight and prevent diseases such as measles, polio, diphtheria, rubella or tetanus.

Gavi President Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said during the opening of the event, held virtually, that the covid-19 pandemic "focused the world's attention like it had never done before on the critical role that vaccines play, not only in protecting lives but also sustenance and the economy”.

Gavi estimates that since 2002, Gavi's vaccination campaigns have helped generate $150 billion (€133 billion) in economic benefits in the respective countries, protecting 1.1 billion people and preventing 21 million deaths.

In the next five years, Okonjo-Iweala said, Gavi estimates that it can produce an additional 80 to 100 billion dollars (71-89 billion Euros) in economic benefits.


A token sum far better spent on upgrading a Hospital or researching treatments. The probability of successfully creating a viable vaccine for any RNA virus remains extremely low .

By Mac from Algarve on 08-06-2020 06:37

Global Order.........
Does the public have a say?

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 08-06-2020 08:54


By Dipak Prajapati from Other on 07-06-2020 12:34

I need help to migrate myself to Portugal. Please help.

By Md. Abdul Haque Sarder from Other on 06-06-2020 11:52

100.000 eu? really? is this a sum that is a helpful sum? 100.000 eu? you must be kidding. Love Portugal but 100K is not even a drop.... Get some balls and truly donate to an important couse!

By Nissan Stern from Algarve on 06-06-2020 09:04

Gavi idea is a significant contribution to the humanity at large. I am an independent researcher in the application of Quantum technologies in vaccine discovery.

By Prafulla Kumar Padhi from Other on 06-06-2020 06:55

We want a strict state of emergency in Lisbon for two weeks... This is a very critical time for Lisbon during this Pandemic. It will be good for the people of Lisbon in general. My humble request to our Honorable Prime Minister: Please save our lives.

By Md Jahirul islam from Lisbon on 06-06-2020 06:49
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