Portugal willing to accept migrant children

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Portugal is one of the countries of the European Union (EU) that has accepted to welcome migrant children who are unaccompanied in the Greek islands, the President of the European Commission said.

“Last week, […] I asked Member States to provide immediate help for the youngest children held on the Greek islands and, fortunately, we have already had positive responses from, for example, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland and Germany”, said Ursula Von der Leyen, speaking at a press conference in Brussels.
Taking stock of her first 100 days in office as the head of the community executive, the official pointed out the issue of migration as one of her main challenges, specifying that, in the case of unaccompanied migrant children on the Greek islands, Portugal and the other countries “will intervene in this situation and welcome unaccompanied minors to their countries”.
“Of course, more help will be needed in the long run,” stressed Ursula Von der Leyen.
For the leader of the European Commission, “it is urgent to pay attention to the situation of unaccompanied children on the Greek islands”.
“I am very concerned about their situation because they are the most vulnerable. It is urgent to get them off the islands and get them a place to stay”, stressed Ursula Von der Leyen.


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