Portugal with contagion rate of less than one person for each infected person

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The average rate of contagion by covid-19 in Portugal is currently 0.91, which means that each infected person infects less than one other person, a figure that, according to the Minister of Health, is a result of containment measures.

The Health Minister said today at the daily press conference on the evolution of the pandemic in the country that, between February 21 and March 16, the average number of cases generated from an infected person was 2.08.

"These are numbers that encourage us, but also hold us accountable," said Marta Temido.

According to the minister, the data collected so far "continue to make it possible to estimate that the maximum incidence [of the pandemic in Portugal] has been in the past, between 23 and 25 March".

Marta Temido clarified that “between February 21 and March 16 [the day when schools were closed and many companies started to work in teleworking], the average number of secondary cases resulting from a case of covid infection was 2 , 08 ”.

"That is, an infected case had the risk of generating 2.08 other cases," he explained.

With "the introduction of containment measures, there was a decrease in the risk of transmissibility, which is now, compared to the average of the last five days, at 0.91".

Portugal registers 687 deaths associated with covid-19 in 19,685 confirmed cases of infection, according to the daily bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) on the pandemic.

In relation to the previous day, there are 30 more deaths (+ 4.6%) and 663 more cases of infection (+ 3.5%).

Of the infected people, 1,253 are hospitalized, of which 228 are in intensive care units, and 610 have been cured.

The presidential decree that extends the state of emergency initiated on March 19 until May 2 provides for the possibility of a "gradual, phased or alternate opening of services, companies or commercial establishments".


Very informative. Dealing with facts in a thorough, simple, though meaningful and palatable way. Keep up the good work Portugal. After being "in isolation" in the UK since March 19th (after being repatriated), I cannot wait to return to Tavira and the people - where my heart and "home" is. DS

By David Schofield from UK on 19-04-2020 11:01

It is time to plan for intelligent re-opening of services and at least let the people go to the beach...The people are actually disciplined and will follow the guidelines and social distancing. But many activities that are not happening right now can be done safely with just following guidelines of the WHO and not to allow them is authoritarian (favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom)!!!

By Thomas Wissmann from Lisbon on 19-04-2020 10:47
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