Portugal’s population could fall by half

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Portugal could see its population diminish by half by the end of the century.

Overall, earth will be home to 8.8 billion people in 2100, two billion fewer than current UN projections.

This is according to a major study that foresees new global power alignments shaped by declining fertility rates and greying populations.

China will fall from 1.4 billion people today to 730 million in 80 years. But Sub-Saharan Africa will triple in size to some three billion people, with Nigeria expanding to 800 million in 2100, second only to India’s 1.1 billion.


Yes I do agree with all that has been said about Portugal, it's a beautiful country, landscape, diversity, culture...
To live is very hard, to rise children it's much harder, this is not conditions for Human beings in a XXI century ...
Everyone needs to rethink what are we allowing third parties been doing to Us
There Is an International Public Movement called ALLATRA, which is working very hard to change this reality, lots of people like have already joined them, this is the only taking the matters in our Hands
Just go Online and search... Welcome to the future...

By JP from UK on 17-07-2020 10:07

I am not surprised that the population in Portugal is decreasing. The life conditions here are not encouraging people to have kids. 80% of the job opportunities are in call canters and outsourcings that offer worst conditions in whole EU with a lot of working hours and expectations but offensive salaries. The rents of the flats in city centres are higher than peoples monthly salaries. When there is a sick leave justyfication from the doctor, 3 days of work are completly unpaid even if a person worked years in one place. Houses for rent are super cold with no central heating and also often with no air condition as well. Who would like to have kids in country like that? People dont live only with beach and sun..if sb thinks seriously about the future its definitely not in Portugal. At least in current situation.

By Monica from Lisbon on 16-07-2020 03:14

I understand it to say Portugal's population will fall by half, compared to some other countries. It's a Portuguese newspaper, so no surprise Portugal is in the heading.
Time will only tell, but if it's true, the Algarve may become part of northern Africa.

By William from Other on 15-07-2020 05:28

Are these news about Portugal's population projections for 2100? One paragraph about UN preview and another for China, Sub-Saharan, Nigeria and India! Why the heading mentioning Portugal?

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 15-07-2020 11:56
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