The executive producers of the series are Joaquim de Almeida, Paloma Felisberto and António Moura Santos. The pilot will have Joaquim de Almeida’s participation, who will represent himself, J.C. Lee (daughter of Stan Lee) and the Instagram Latin star Leli Hernandez.

“This is an Entourage that meets The Office if the Entourage people were still unknown”, said Francisco Froes to Lusa. “It is a mix between these two series, an Entourage with a more comic approach and at the beginning of a career phase.”

The plot surrounds a small talent agency in one of the less glamorous areas of Hollywood and the adventures of the characters who are trying to reach the top of Hollywood tree.

“Initially, we thought that we would only do 10 minutes episodes, but the goal was to have the series on TV”, explained Francisco Froes. This pilot will be shown to television companies to make a complete series.

“We were knocking at doors and used all the contacts we had”, said the actor. “It is not easy and, as everything in Hollywood, it is a battle, there is a lot of competition”.

The actors believe that the project comes in a great time. “There have been some rumours that people are looking for more comedy content at these times and the perspectives of more comedies to be made. This is good for us”, he explained.

“It is a complicated time when television companies are not producing, but it is also a time when there is less work than usual and they may have more space for new products.” Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Los Angeles, in California, the studios are postponing the productions for 2021.

The actor underlined that “the number of platforms is increasing”, which need to buy good contents, being an adequate moment to sell them.

“We believe that this is a fun project, it is a good comedy that can be seen in every corner of the world, a story that can be adapted to other circumstances”, described. “We believe, that knocking at the right door, we will have success.”

The project began four years ago. The creators initially produced three 10 minutes episodes and launched a well succeed fundraising to continue the project that, meanwhile, was adapted to a half an hour format that could be broadcasted on television.