Portuguese-Americans against being declared Hispanic

By Brendan de Beer, in News · 27-02-2013 17:01:00 · 110 Comments
Portuguese-Americans against being declared Hispanic

A survey by a Portuguese-American group has so far seen 90 percent of its almost five thousand respondents oppose moves to have people of Portuguese descent declared Hispanic.

The survey was set up by Palcus, which was created in 1991 by a select group of Portuguese-American professionals who recognised the need to address issues of importance to the Portuguese-American community of the United States.

The questionnaire of Portuguese-Americans resulted after it emerged the US Census Bureau is planning to add Portuguese to the Hispanic designation of ethnicity for the 2020 National Census.

“As there has been much debate about whether or not Portuguese should be considered Hispanic, Palcus is conducting national survey to gauge the overall sentiment of the Portuguese-American community on this issue”, the organisation said in explaining its idea to create a survey.

Palcus has been instrumental in the past harnessing support for Portuguese interests and sees itself as a consistent means of communication between the Embassy of Portugal and their representatives in the United States Congress.

Their efforts were fruitful in the early years with the establishment of the Dual Taxation Agreement (1996) and the Visa Waiver Program (1999).

Some notable personalities of Portuguese-descent are actor Tom Hanks (his mother is Portuguese), Keanu Reeves (actor), Katy Perry (singer/song-writer), Steve Perry (lead singer of Journey, who sang ‘Don’t Stop Believing’) and US congressman Tony Coelho.

For more information on the matter, visit: http://ojornal.com/portuguese-brazilian-news/2013/02/palcus-seeks-to-define-portuguese/#axzz2Mhije5CJ and http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/fedreg_1997standards


The 2020 Cenus is coming up I wonder how much of racism plays into this question? After all to be clumped in as a Hispanic is to be clumped in with primarily people of Indigenous descent from Mexico and Central and South America. Hmm?

Also if this has nothing to do with racism. Why put that on Cencus form when the question about language spoken at home or Nationality we always put other that beautiful box at the bottom of every question. We are OTHER on those questions we are not SPANISH, we are Portuguese and Portugal is in Europe, so I cannot consider myself to be Latino no thank you I'm not in Latin America. I can only consider myself to be Portuguese-American. It is not a matter of being better than anyone else, it is matter of where you are from and Portugal is in Europe. Why isn't there a box that says Europeen. Also an FYI , ( Cencus ) the Romance languages are French, Italian, Spanish from Spain, Portuguese, and Romanian. The five most widely spoken Romance languages by number of native speakers are Spanish from Spain (470 million), Portuguese (250 million), French (150 million), Italian (90 million), and Romanian (25 million). Good luck in Clumping the rest of those languages and Nationalities under hispanic. If this comes about SHAME ON YOU.

by Rosalie Quintino from USA on 13-08-2019 10:55:00

They may say all they want, but Portuguese are hispanic.
When Romans arrived in the Iberian peninsula, they calle it Hispania.
In that time Spain and Portugal were one land. Portuguese are hispanics, Austrians are Germanic.

by Emanuele from Other on 20-07-2019 11:38:00

Portuguese are from Portugal not Mexico. We should not be considered or even thought to be Latino. Dedicated to my Grandpa Frank Gomes.

by Rosalie Nell Nutt from USA on 17-02-2019 01:04:00

To summarize a passionate rant, i want to polish my previous statements by concluding that the US racial cencus has wronged the ethnic roots of millions living in the US. Regarding Portuguese and Spaniards from Europe, systemically banishing our ethnic European roots and slandering centuries of history to push an Anglophile rhetoric is, at its core, discriminating, and further disseminating Northern Europe from Southern Europe.
I come from no position that attempts to diminish the ethnic groups of Latin America, and I present my case with all due respect. I simply come from a stand point that wishes to identify as what is common sense, that a European from Europe choses to classify and such and nothing less.

This discrimination of Northern vs Southern European decent has been evident throughout American history and was even seen against Italian Americans in pre 1970's America. Me must understand, this "Hispanic" label given to Spaniards and Portuguese is given not in respect, but rather given with disseminating intent. The term needs to be dropped altogether and people must be labeled in respect to geographic approximation.

Yes Hispanic refers to Hispania, the Iberian Peninsula which cradles Portugal and Spain, the Romans with their latin language identified our land mass as such. Yes we Portuguese are linguistically 80% a latin language, as France, Italy, and Romania a latin language. By sake of argument one could divide Europe into Latin Europe, Germanic Europe, and Slavic Europe. However, no such sub category of European classification exists in the US. Until then, we will continue to be refered as Hispanics to disseminate us from our European roots.

by Nick Nobrega from USA on 29-05-2018 08:20:00

All of you pushing for the Hispanic label should be ashamed. This name (created by the romans to call the land mass west of central europe, Hispania) was a scapegoat by the US government to attemp to identify the mass of genetic diversity that was south anerica as one group. Just because South American genetics share parts with the Iberian Peninsula (Hispania) doesnt mean european spanish and portuguese have to segregate ourselves from the rest of how europe defines itself. Italians and Greeks get the grounds to say white european and we dont? Portuguese and Spanish share lots of genetic similarity with western Europe, so this is not a matter of whether or not we are "white enough". We are Europeans... from Europe! Not from south america

by Nick Nobrega from USA on 19-04-2018 06:29:00

Firstly, to claim white on the US cencus includes: "origional peoples of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

North Africa and the Miiddle East? And we are arguing if we are white enough to claim white? It is asinine to hear people tell us we should be "Hispanic" when there is a categorization for europeans, even North African to fit that category for those fusing over or 5% average North African genetics, your argument is void!

You want to compare Hispanics. who can be black, asian, native american, or Iberian, with different cultures, and call european spaniards and portuguese as the same? What a disgusting misconsideration for an entire population. Can you imagine if the south americans, had the Germans or English colonized south america, were called English or Germanic? The English and germans would be in an uproar. However portuguese and spaniards are a minority in the US and our voice is not powerful.

Calling any European other than European is (wait for it, I'm going to say it!) RACIST AS HELL!

by Nick Nobrega from USA on 19-04-2018 06:04:00

I have no problem with being considered Hispanic . Spanish , Portuguese are all moorish blood, Portugal is older than Spain and was basically gifted to a royal family . I would never consider myself white ! White is white .. England , Irish German etc .. Portuguese have a very diverse culture and appearence from our colonization in the early times of avaiation , just like Cuba , the Caribbean South America , Portuguese are found there along with Africa , India , many coloured countries of the world , wich only Portuguese , Spanish and Arabic have ... all places that speak either Portuguese , Spanish or Arabic always have a diverse skin tone from black, mulato , red heads , and whites.. I rather be considered Hispanic over the stander white Caucasian any day

by mike from Other on 27-12-2017 02:34:00

Hispânia was the romanized Iberian Peninsula, therefore we are descendant of hispanic, I am proud of it, but to label us as hispanic is poor. It suits USA narrow minded and racist view of the world...based upon central and northern european racist white supremacy, and I am portuguese pale and blue eyed...We are european portuguese and Iberian.

by Cristina Rodrigues Pereira from Lisbon on 05-12-2017 10:31:00

Mexicains are Américains? (They Live in centre América).

by Jose from Beiras on 03-06-2017 12:05:00

My Forefathers come from England and the Azores I am proud to be an American.. I also think we should be proud of my Ancestors . Hispanics should be proud of their heritage . I am proud of mine but I think the majority of us do not want to lose are heritage by putting a wrong label on us . Portugal is in Europe and their language is rooted from Latin the Romance Language . Every nationally should be proud of their ancestors and customs Its part of each and everyones heritage . Bottom line I am an American . Please pick up a book and read about the Portuguese and Spaniards .So much second info is by word of mouth and look where that gets us lol

by Sheila Deinhart from USA on 17-05-2017 08:04:00

Go to any dictionary in Portugal or Spain and search the word: Hispânico in Portuguese & Hispano in Spanish. The definition in Portugal will be: Relativo à Hispânia; espanhol. The definition in Spain will be: Perteneciente o relativo a Hispania o a los hispanos. In the United States the Americans love to use labels and be able to categorize people however they see fit, however the word Hispanic is wrongly interpreted. In Portugal & Spain they both acknowledge ancient Hispania as being a relative source of the word. There is absolutely no way to say that there is no possible way to have both Spanish and Portuguese blood, Portuguese & Spanish borders haven't always been 100% certain. The Portuguese and Spaniards that live by the borders of Portugal & Spain can just as easily be one or other.

by Miguel from Alentejo on 08-04-2017 11:30:00

Calling Portuguese Hispanic is the same as calling the French Germanic, or Unitd States citizens as Canadians! It just is not true and does not make any sense, but if you (United States citizens) want to be called Canadians, we (Europeans) can call you easily Canadians!

To finish my intervention I just want to tell you that the new Canadian president Donald Trump is a very limited person, and the majority Canadian people who voted him will regret the nonsense they made.

by Henrique from Porto on 12-02-2017 02:12:00


There is a troll here called Giovanna with an Italian name trying to instruct us, when she does not even know what the actual definition of Race is... or maybe the education system in the USA is just misleading & brainwashing by pushing false definitions.

Race: (sub sect Biology)
a population within a species that is distinct in some way, especially a subspecies. Eg the 5 Biological Races AND within these there are different ethnicities.

We all love Labradors and Poodles and Grey Hounds and German Shepard's etc they are all useful in the real world for different ways * reasons as per Genealogy (guiding the Blind, Competitions, Police Work etc) to say they should all be extinct by mixing because they are all the 'Same Thing' or 'Social Construct' is RACISM & Mass Genocide.

Race is a FACT and used in Science, Anthropology, Archaeology,Forensics, Criminal Law, Biology , agriculture etc

''others in the scientific community suggest that the idea of race often is being used in a naive way by arguing that among humans, race has no taxonomic significance. Race has often been replaced by less ambiguous and emotionally charged synonyms: populations, people(s), ethnic groups, or communities, depending on context.''

Secondly, She Stated ''the Portuguese were the brutal colonizers and molesters of black and brown bodies.''

Are we supposed to 'FEEL' sympathy ? when we were the ones getting Slaughtered, Massacred and enslaved all our people then starved by trade choke holds throughout Hundreds Of Thousands of years, so we finally in an act of desperation and survival Created our own trade nation and colonies? Who is giving us reparations? NO ONE. Why should we suffer and still be used as cheap labor to this very day over seas when Africans such as the Mali, Timbuktu Empire and The worlds richest man still is a Black African Emperor who enslaved our people for thousands of years and castrated us so we could not reproduce they all benefited from our near extinction where is our reparations?

Havia povos pré-históricos em ibéria que compuseram a maioria da Europa ocidental. Os portugueses ainda descemos dessas pessoas. Antes dos povo ibéricos e dos noruegueses alemães ''Ayrian'' Houve um povo que criou ou Assimilado culturas centenas de milhares de anos atrás E depois de uma era glacial de reprodução em massa, empurrámos para fora sobre o que é conhecido hoje como a Europa.
As culturas que conhecemos Celtas, bellbeakers, megalítico, VNSP, Chatelperrionian,Aurignacian e mais, Diferentes culturas, mas as mesmas pessoas vivem.

Os Romanos, Gregos, Gravantians, Cartaginenses, fenícios,Os reino Franks(franca), Vikings (Inglaterra) Suebi (Portugal) Visigoths( Hispania) Moors, Cordoba, Al-andalusia (Hispania),Vandals Fa Caliphate e Umayyad Caliphate,Habsburgos, os 'Slavs' e termo usada para toda a Europa Oriental, proveniente do nome SLAVE os Mongols,Seljuk,Ottomon, Huns, e mais. Os Judeus e Islâmicos com seus slave trades Black sea slave trade, um dos Maior tráfico de escravos do mundo o comércio de escravos árabes, os trata la Branca slave trade sou para nos mulheres Castração maciça Por não conseguimos reproduzir e muito mais tembem os africanos tinha grande parte em Império de Timbaktu e MALI. Foi o nosso povo europeu que aboliu a escravidão
E agora o ''multiculturalismo'' sou para os pais brancos ISSO tudo para matar os genes do nosso povo. Por favor, desculpe-me i do not wish to come out rude mas isso e verdade. Forced Affirmative action housing plans, forced immigration etc
De acordo com a pesquisa de política nacional em 1900 Raça Europeu era 35% da população e agora 9%. Who would want such a thing?

Romans are bastardized Greeks so they spread somewhat Greek culture by massacring and enslaving multi millions in a time in which there was hardly any population. They decided to name the peninsula Hispania and Castille decided to name themselves Spain and Hispanic. We fought to not be part of that, many of our ancestors died and suffered soo therefore it should Remain in USA to be called Lusitanic as we is all over the Rest Of the World. End of Story. It is clear we are a people who just wish to be respected for who we are, even if it means our extinction it seems.

Sorry for calling you a troll.

by Mateus Flores from UK on 22-01-2017 08:12:00

PLease stop using the word ; "Latino!!!! That's a stupid word that my fellow American country who LOVES to label people invented, It's a Language, I know bc I pray in this language at my Catholic church!!!! Secondly Brazilians are NOT latinos!!!! Also the Iberia Peninsula was Portuguese, Spaniards stole many countries from Portugal : Honduras(Portuguese word), Costa Rica ( Another Portuguese word), even Cuba,,,,it was named Cuba because that is where the real Christopher Colombus wqas born in Cuba, Alentejo Portugal. His name Salvador Zarco Fernandes....He thought Cuba was so beautiful so he named it Cuba,,,which also means "Love," in Aramaic Jesus' real language not Hebrew. People really need to stop with placing "us," with Hispanics. Sorry no offense but if I am Black, I am NOT going to say I am Chinese right???? And yes I have many Hispanic friends, But what's right is right. So let's stop the BULL, England helped us to fight Spain bc not only were the Greedy they would kill off all the indigenous people. Oh and South America has other countries that don't speak Spanish Besides Brazil. Latino you people use to describe a person that speaks Spanish correct? Well they don't speak Spanish in Brazil!!!! Beautiful country and people!!!! There are only 22 countries in the whole world that speak Spanish, The number one language is Mandarin Chinese then English , so why are we catering to Hispanics who most are illegal???? Neither Portuguese nor Brazilians are Latinos oh and for you Portuguese that got beef with Brazilians get over yourselves!!!

by Elle Martins from USA on 02-12-2016 09:05:00

;portuguese are hispanic. they come from the iberian pennisula. the romans itcalled hispania. hispanics are people from hispania. our language is latin our blood lines are as well. who cares?

by john belo from USA on 31-10-2016 04:08:00

The whole US practice of dividing people into 'races' or separate ethnicities is absurd. You get these bizarre notions that people supposedly are 'biracial', while for starters there is only one human race. Loads of people are 'hexaracial', or something like that. So, are Arabs 'biracial'? Well, many North-Africans are Arab-speaking Imazighen ('Berbers'). A certain part of the population of the Algarve - e.g. my mother - are latinised descendants of previously arabised Imazighen (moçarabes). Subsaharan DNA on the Iberian Peninsula that was present before the recent decolonization of Angola, Mozambique, etc, is more prevalent in the West of the Peninsula (Portugal, mostly) than in the East. Why is that? Well, the kingdoms that later became Spain kicked out the Moors (Moriscos), as they also did with the Jews. Part of the Moriscos became slaves in Portugal. Further Back the entire Peninsula excepr for Asturias was in the same Moorish Empire as present-day Mauritania. People migrated and married, traders travelled. Most Jews weren't killed or kicked out of Portugal: many were, but most either converted or became crypto-Jews (e.g. my grandmother on my father's side). The Portuguese Inquisition for centuries gave certificates of 'purity of blood' ('pureza de sangue') to the Old Christian families, i.e. the ones that supposedly weren't descendant of Jews. The New Christians ('cristãos novos') lived under a sort of Apartheid regime, under threat from the Inquisition, which could decide that someone was a heretic after all, after which all possessions were confiscated, and the targeted individual was tortured and executed or banished. The Marquis of Pombal in the 18th century abolished slavery and the 'pureza de sangue'-certificates. He tried to abolished slavery in Brazilië, but powerful establishment interests resisted and refused. Subsequently, gradually pretty much everyone intermarried. My case is exemplary. My mother's from close to Aljezur in the Algarve, and she's some sort of mix of Berber (Amazigh = North&African), Celtic and West-African (two sisters with Afros, my aunts), and my dad's dad was Celtic-Germanic, born into the nobility, but title and possessions were never inherited as the first Portuguese Republic was established when he was 8 years old: his father fled the country for decades. My blue-eyed grandmother (Pinto) on that side was Jewish, and of Castilian Jewish descent. My godmother is a cousin from that side of the family. She's the daughter of a daughter of my grandmother, and therefore she is halachic Jewish (according to Jewish religious Law). She was raised a Roman Catholic, and her name is Fátima. Categorise that, US census.

by Carlos da Gloria from Other on 26-08-2016 02:31:00

Portuguese people are not Hispanics since the word
Hispanic stands for Espana. We have to go back to
ancient history and blame the Roman Empire for calling
the entire Iberian peninsula: Hispania... Got that?

by Carlos Nogueira from Other on 09-08-2016 02:58:00

Portuguese people are not Hispanics since the word
Hispanic stands for Espana. We have to go back to
ancient history and blame the Roman Empire for calling
the entire Iberian peninsula: Hispania... Got that?

by Carlos Nogueira from Other on 09-08-2016 02:58:00

Nothing like starting to read "general public's" opinions to get amused, and a bit concerned as well to be honest.
The amount of misinformation out there, and how quickly people are willing o share it, is disconcerting… Even by Portuguese people and/or descendants…
But what I find more entertaining, is that Americans (72% white) find it so hard to see us as whites (96% white). And the best they can do, is to put us in the same category as the Spaniards. This is a bit offensive, but has nothing to do with race…

To start off, Hispanic, Latin and/or Mediterranean does not define race.
Mediterranean defines a geographical region, Hispanic defines a cultural influence and Latin defines a language inheritance. And the funny thing is, we don't truly belong in any of those categories.
The only Mediterranean thing we have, is the gastronomy. We don't even share a Mediterranean climate. Can you honestly say that we belong in the same ethnic group as the Egyptians, Turkish or Syrians?

In terms of Latin language influence, we're probably as Latin as the French, Romanians or Greeks. They all had at some extend, the influence of the Latin language in their current one. And to be honest, shouldn't the Italians be the real Latins?

And the Hispanic term… Well, I really need to elaborate on this one.
Hispania was not a region on the Spanish side of the peninsula, and Lusitania another on the Portuguese side, as I read somewhere...
Hispania was a Roman province, that included all the peninsula. It was the peninsula itself.
Lusitania was in fact a region, that the Lusitanian tribe inhabited in Hispania, and most of it was in what it's now Portugal. But the Lusitanians weren't the only tribe, there were a few of them. Just to add to the confusion, one of them were called the Iberos (Iberian?).

The Hispanic word isn't actually related to the name of the roman province, but to the name Spain instead. If it was related to the province, no one in Latin America would be called Hispanic, would they? That logic eats itself.

Another funny “fact” I learned reading these posts, was that Portugal started off as being a part of Spain, or was a Spanish colony.
For those that don't know, when Portugal was “created” there were other 5 kingdoms (excluding the moors) on the rest of the peninsula. Leon, Castella, Navarra, Aragon and Catalunya. None of them were called Spain. In fact, Spain was only Spain when the two remaining kingdoms unified in 1479. Just to put it perspective, Portugal officially started its age of discoveries in 1432, when we first settled the Azores. Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492…
Also, colonization implies some form of domination, which didn't occurred at all. We lost the crown, because a Portuguese teenager idiot of a King thought he could kick some a** overseas, only to have his stinky b*tt served back to him, leaving no heirs behind. The only heir he had, was an uncle priest, who “officially” couldn't have any heirs either. Eventually, the next link on the chain was a Spanish ruler.
Therefore, for a brief space in time (about 60 years), Portugal was ruled by the same “person” (not king) as Spain. I'm stating a difference between person and King because, although he was the same person, he didn't even had the same title in both countries. He was Filipe I in Portugal, while he was Filipe II in Spain. He didn't even had the b*lls to annex both countries, nor did the next two Filipes, because they knew the sh*t storm they would raise, even though, they had the nerve to try to invade England with their “armada”. “How do you like them apples”?!
Now, and regarding race, I wonder what people think about British being white or not, when they claim that the Portuguese are not white, due to the fact that we had colonies everywhere. I wonder…

Regarding the Arabic occupation of the peninsula influencing our race, I also wonder what people think happened when the Europeans took it back. Love spreading? Collective hugging? Well, I wasn't there, but I can assure you the conquest was bit more hostile than that!!!

And to end this, because it's getting too long, the claim that someone made about the Portuguese being racists. Anyone making that claim should look up the first countries, if not the first, to abolish slavery in the world. If you found Denmark, then you found the wrong list. Search for slavery and not slave trade! To be honest, we were a bit hypocritical regarding that last one!!

Also, ask any Portuguese resident, what the country's reaction to the current Prime Minister's election was. He's of Indian descent, and his looks don't hide it.
The Portuguese resident will certainly tell you that his racial heritage wasn't even an issue, mainly because, the majority of the population doesn't really care about that! And the funny thing is, he didn't even won the election...

So, if you find a Portuguese (descendant) being racially offensive, that's probably more a reflection of the culture of the country he/she's at, than it has to do with his/her origins...

by Proper Lusitanian from Porto on 11-05-2016 05:49:00

As an US native who have lived and socialized with many Black Portuagueses, WHO ARE /WERE MADE TO ID AS WHITE here in the USA. What is the USA deceiving
plans for them!!!????

by Fay from USA on 15-04-2016 10:30:00

Hispanic derives from the word "Hispania" which is made up of the Iberian Pennisula which includes Portugal & Spain. Latino does not derive from the word Latin, Latino is the name associated with people who live in South America (Latin America) which definitely includes Brazil. Latin America got it's name because of the expansion of the latin language in South America. Do not get this confused with Latin languages, just because you speak italian or are from italian ancestry does not make you latino. Being from South America makes you latino, that's it. The Portuguese are definitely Hispanic & Brazilians are definitely Latinos. If you compare people of Spain to people of Portugal our genetic code is very similar, more similar then other ethnic groups. For everyone saying Portuguese are called Lusitanic they are correct, but Lusitanic was once called Hispania Lusitania. Just because some Portuguese are "lighter" than others just has to do with the genetic break down of your ancestry. Have you seen how "light skinned" people from Spain are? They do not have much dark skinned people like you see in Latin America, also have you noticed Puerto Ricans with light skin tones than other ethnic groups. This is genetics and nothing more. Furthermore, Portuguese are considered hispanics by the department of motor vehicles and the better business bureau. Portuguese & Spanish are also combined as "Hispanic Language Studies" at many universities. Accept the facts people, Portuguese are Hispanics and Brazilians are Latinos. We are not any different or worse because of our ethnicity, let embrace this and not bash the Hispanic/Latino label. Racism has to stop.

by Miguel from USA on 13-04-2016 04:55:00

Zeca Afonso Otelo Carvalho Amilcar Cabral from USA has made several great comments below about the use of the term Hispanic and "white". I think sentiments about this are particularly strong in the United States in regions like Massachusetts where there are large communities of Portuguese people and, interestingly, communities of people from Portugal's old colonies like Brazil and Cape Verde. At one point in time, the Portuguese were the brutal colonizers and molesters of black and brown bodies. Today, Portuguese immigrants coming to the USA are seen through the lens of a "whiter" community, or the dominant culture - not as colonizers now, but as the colonized. Portuguese people straddle acculturation and preservation of their ethnic identity while some of us look "white" and others do not. Because of this complicated relationship that the Portuguese have with the New World - I embrace the term Hispanic and I want to repair the hundreds of years of racism in America that have been, in part, caused by Portuguese colonizers. In some ways, I feel like I don't even deserve to claim Hispanic ethnicity due to this history between the Portuguese and the New World. But because it is a different era, a different time in history, I feel connected to and "saudade" for my black, brown, and white brothers and sisters who do share a rather significant heritage with me.

It is critical to consider WHO gets to define or claim an ethnicity, WHERE you are, and WHEN you are making that claim. In Massachusetts, there is a history of discrimination against Portuguese people which is why the state considers individuals like my father to be minority business-owners. This essentially means the government recognizes that the construction industry still operates in a way that is bias and favors white-looking and native English speaking individuals. Interestingly, my father is second generation and a native English-speaker, but is constantly being mistaken for "Spanish" by "white" people who think that the terms Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino are interchangeable... how ironic.

Please know that the term Latino and Latin are NOT used in the same way at all (though there is a semantic connection, it is not in definition). In the USA, we currently use the term LATINO to describe individuals claiming any Latin American ethnicity, heritage, culture, or ancestry, but it is specifically used to describe individuals LIVING in the USA. It is a modern American term.

by Giovanna from USA on 16-02-2016 04:31:00

Zeca Afonso Otelo Carvalho Amilcar Cabral from USA has made several great comments below about the use of the term Hispanic and "white". I think sentiments about this are particularly strong in the United States in regions like Massachusetts where there are large communities of Portuguese people and, interestingly, communities of people from Portugal's old colonies like Brazil and Cape Verde. At one point in time, the Portuguese were the brutal colonizers and molesters of black and brown bodies. Today, Portuguese immigrants coming to the USA are seen through the lens of a "whiter" community, or the dominant culture - not as colonizers now, but as the colonized. Portuguese people straddle acculturation and preservation of their ethnic identity while some of us look "white" and others do not. Because of this complicated relationship that the Portuguese have with the New World - I embrace the term Hispanic and I want to repair the hundreds of years of racism in America that have been, in part, caused by Portuguese colonizers. In some ways, I feel like I don't even deserve to claim Hispanic ethnicity due to this history between the Portuguese and the New World. But because it is a different era, a different time in history, I feel connected to and "saudade" for my black, brown, and white brothers and sisters who do share a rather significant heritage with me.

It is critical to consider WHO gets to define or claim an ethnicity, WHERE you are, and WHEN you are making that claim. In Massachusetts, there is a history of discrimination against Portuguese people which is why the state considers individuals like my father to be minority business-owners. This essentially means the government recognizes that the construction industry still operates in a way that is bias and favors white-looking and native English speaking individuals. Interestingly, my father is second generation and a native English-speaker, but is constantly being mistaken for "Spanish" by "white" people who think that the terms Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino are interchangeable... how ironic.

After reading a few posts by individuals living in the UK and Europe - please know that the term Latino and Latin are NOT used in the same way at all (though there is a semantic connection, it is not in definition). In the USA, we currently use the term LATINO to describe individuals claiming any Latin American ethnicity, heritage, culture, or ancestry, but it is specifically used to describe individuals LIVING in the USA. It is a modern American term.

by Giovanna from USA on 16-02-2016 03:22:00

I have Norte region based ancestry, the Norte region of Portugal was part of what is now Galicia, and at one time the Galician-Portuguese language was THE language of my ancestors. The Galegos and the Norte based populous of Portugal are genetically linked, having to deal with certain sectors of the Portuguese descended people in the United States, you get several eye rolls from those who have ancestry based in the Azores and other areas outside of the Norte region. My family has always had this inferiority complex, where they will attack other Latin groups but yet allow themselves to be treating like crap by the Azoreans and Portuguese form other areas like Lisbon, etc. I have never considered these people my kin folk as my mother's family has always been nomadic and never considered one country of theirs to be home, hence why the came to the United States and never stayed in Europe. I will never acknowledge Portuguese as my ethnicity or national designation. I am of Latin European stock and am an American as this was the country I was born in. I find no fault being classified with other Latin groups and I highly resent the majority of the "Pseudoguese" that try to assimilate with the Anglo population that looks at them no differently as they do any other Latin group. The fact that so many individuals I know even anglicize their names from Jose to Joe, Raul to Ralph, Carlos to Charles makes me question the pride that many of you assholes claim you have.

by Fah-Q from USA on 12-02-2016 10:45:00

Luis Vaz de Camoes was the greatest writer of Portugal. In his epic story Os Lusiads he wrote about the Portuguese discoveries, and said that the Portuguese are “uma gente fortisima de Espanha (Hispania - as the ancient Iberian Peninsula was called)” Translation: the Portuguese a strong people from Hispania

And “Falai de castelhanos e de portugueses, porque espanhóis somos todos” Translation: I speak about the Castilians and Portuguese, because Spaniards we are all.

Hence, Portuguese and Spaniards are Hispanics in the true sense of the word, because the ancient Iberian Peninsula was called Iberia, which later became Hispania, which later became España.

Like it or not, politics and borders aside, the Portuguese and Spanish bloodlines were always mixed, and the Iberians are essentially one people. Portuguese royals-nobles-commoners married Spanish royals-nobles-commoners all time.

by John from Other on 11-02-2016 04:59:00

The irony of the dispute is that Hispanic refers to Hispania a name that is derived from Iberia. Comparing Hispanic to Lusitanic is a error since Hispanic is referencing a peninsula woth similar culture. Being of Spanish decent means people of the regions of the modern day nation of Spain including Basques, Catalans, Andalucians, Leonese, Austurians, Galicians, and Castillians. These people have their own cultures and even languages but are still more similar than to each other than elsewhere in Europe. It is a way to recognize genetics and culturual similarities. Lusitanic or Lusophone is an awkward term considering the Lusitanian peoples were from the south part of Portugal and yet the people of northern Portugal and Galicia are decended of the Gallaeci. So in using Lusophone you only specify the southern part of Portugal (and ironically Spanish people frome Extremadura and Andulicia near the Portuguese border.) Many of you know that Portuguese developed in Galicia which is where the Gallaeci resided. Thus Lusitanic is no more descriptive of the Portuguese people as a whole than Hispanic, in fact Hispanic may be more inclusive of the peoples decended from the ancient Lusitanians AND Gallaeci. Whatsmore many Portugese people settled in regions of the former Spanish colonial empire which included Southwestern U.S. and Mexico. These Portuguese people integrated and helped shaped the new nation of Mexico but left their identities of being Spanish or Portuguese or Aztec and created a new identity in being Mexican.

by Lugo from USA on 27-12-2015 05:19:00

That's saying Italians are Hispanics too who comes out with this stuff

by Dave from USA on 11-11-2015 06:50:00

Portuguese are not Hispanic, following the same rational and logic in catalogation american people use catalogation of other races, The Portuguese are called and should be called Lusitanic, that's how every descendant from portuguese parents is called.
Actually that's even used by other European contries and it's the correct way to make reference to someone with portuguese ascendance, and in a different note, for example if someone has a portuguese father and a brazilian mother or vice-versa, we refer to them has luso-brazilian, and this can be applied to other nacionalities mixtures with portuguese, so i hope you all have understood the correct way to make reference to Portuguese "race" :)

by Natacha Mendonça from Madeira on 23-10-2015 04:42:00

First of all the Latin language was invented in Rome in the year 75. So lets get that out if the way. I as an American born female find it not only insulting but stupid to start labeling any race!!! Even Hispanics why don't they just say what country they are from. Secondly, in the 14th century Portugal were the biggest navigators , and no we aren't racist. Bur Cubans are. Portugal even discovered Cuba, there was bi Christopher Columbus! His name was Zarco Fernandes. He named Cuba..bc that was the province where he was born but left, Spain stole, Cuba from us, stole: Costa Rica,Honduras. Portuguese is a very mixed race we are: barbarians,moors, Vikings and Gaelic( Scottish and lrish. . So no l do Not want to be called Hispanic sorry. I am living in Miami and l got so sick BC of mold in my house. Every day l have fever, I also caught a virus called Guilean syndrome or Narcolepsy with severe Cataplexy. This means l falk on the floor face first so now l have to walk in crutchesm and all these doctor s treat me like crap k am dying to get out of Miami and go back to Jersey. But k have to still find a doctor and lawyer !!!!!

by Elle Martins from USA on 22-09-2015 08:32:00

Calling Portuguese Hispanic is the same as calling the French Germanic. Or US citizens as Canadian. Or Korean as Japanese... It just is not true and does not make sense. Nothing against the Hispanic - but simply we are one of them.

by Pedro from USA on 04-08-2015 09:27:00

I don't understand why the Portuguese are worried about being called Hispanic, I can think of worst things to call them that would be well deserved. I am the son of Portuguese immigrants, my parents are from the Azore islands of Port.
I grew up in a large Port. neighborhood in Fall River, Ma., full of Portuguese immigrants. Many of them knew my parents from the old country.
We grew up poor, my mother was in a wheel chair, I never saw my father, my Port. father deserted my family when I was a baby. My Port. father left a women in a wheel chair with 3 little children to raise.
I had many aunts and uncles that lived in the same neighbor I grew up in, and they lived very well, and ate like kings, they had more than enough food.
We were so poor some days I had nothing to eat, often I went with out a meal for 3 to 4 days in a row.

All I had to eat some days was a cup of instant coffee for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some days I had saltine crackers with my coffee, if the rats didn't get to them first.
That's right, we lived in a rat infested building owned by my Portuguese uncle.
I remember eating baloney sandwiches on Thanks giving day, while my Portuguese aunts, and uncles, ate Turkey with all the trimmings eating like kings.
All the while their sister in a wheel chair, and her mal-nourished children skin and bones were suffering, only dreaming of a thanks giving feast.
I believe we were ignored by my Portuguese family because we were poor.
I could go on, and on, all day about the bad experiences I had growing up in a Portuguese family.
I a nut shell, for me it was a very bad experience growing
up in a Portuguese family, and in their so called Portuguese culture. "What culture"?

I have a Portuguese name, but I am American, and proud of it. Please call me American, period.

not Portuguese.

by Tony Aruda from USA on 14-06-2015 07:57:00

The person that signed as Mentalidade Logica you have attributed the behavior of a few individuals to the entire Portuguese ethnicity that you claim you have met and basically called all Portuguese people racist and xenophobic. Oh the irony of your username LOL! have you really met all 1.5 million of us in North American and the 10 million living in Portugal to determine that all are racist, xonophic, and Spaniard haters, before posting your rubbish. No worries anyone reading your post can see you have an ax to grind. What can I say we have a saying in Portuguese that goes a enveja faz falar. LOL!

by Tony from USA on 23-05-2015 05:45:00

Who is this idiot (named marcelo Pacheco?)

Portuguese are latins.
the only 5 latins people are:
Portuguese, French, Italians, Spaniards and Roumanians.
Portuguese are not Hispanic!

by Paulo Gois from Other on 18-05-2015 06:00:00

Some of you need to do researching and I do not mean on the Internet I mean actually read a book about the portuguese history!! Some of you are talking about portuguese people being racist and rude but your the one on here being a hypocrite and doing exactly the same don't blame all because of a few! Grow up! See sense!!! Saying portuguese aren't latinos do you even know of the definition Latino!!! Obviously not, read a book instead of unreliable information! Latino is not about the people of South america!!!!! It stands for Latin!!! Helloooo from ancient Italy and that's where South america originated from Latin! But people these days use the wrong term so they start saying stuff like Portuguese and Italians aren't Latinos!! Mate do your research before talking rubbish! I'm Portuguese if it weren't for the Latin language you wouldn't even be talking what you do today! People are so racist and childish! I don't care if they change it to Hispanic because we all have descent from other parts! We are in the 21st century people should be use to that people are becoming caught up on what they hear instead of what they should know.

by Isbele from UK on 14-04-2015 11:57:00

I don't find the Spaniards racists or anti semitic at all! On the other hand, i have been to Portugal and lived in Portuguese neighborhoods in both Canada and the U.S.A. and i found the Portuguese to be the BIGGEST anti-Spanish racists on the planet! Moreover, the Portuguese are the BIGGEST anti-black and anti-semitic ethnic group on the planet! All i ever heard was the Portuguese speaking very badly, loudly and repetitively negative concerning the Spanish, Jews, Blacks, Brazilians, East Indians, Mozambicans and Angolans 24-7.

The Portuguese act like what a social scientist would refer to as a "mental patient" living in the past and talking repetitively with Hate Speech toward Spain in particular. They always have their face buried in shame (like the guy in the picture). God help these mentally disturbed Portuguese +

by Mentalidade Logica from USA on 07-02-2015 06:49:00

This topic is a hornets nest most Portuguese-Americans I know do not like being called Hispanic, not because we believe we are superior as some have suggested, but rather to put it in simple terms because we aren't. We have our own culture, history, customs we know who we are period!

by Antonio Faria from USA on 31-01-2015 06:14:00

Again this discussion?

I once had a good friend in the US asking me if Italian people were Latin. :-(

Portugal and Portuguese language (derived from Galicia) is older than Spain or Castillian (called Spanish today).

Portugal was never a colony of Spain, nor was occupied by any other invading force in its condition as a country. At one point had the same king as Spain, which was Spanish-born and a brilliant strategist. When his son came to power, things tumbled down and eventually a Portuguese-born king moved to the royal seat.

It is tiny country that kept more or less the same borders for the last 1000 years. Keep in mind that its language and borders exist earlier than Spain.

My grand-parents were Brazilian (South America), my father was Angolan (Africa), I am Portuguese (Europe) and my son is Micaelense (Azores islands). These are three continents and one island with similar cultural identity and languages.

You see how easy it is for any Portuguese-descendent to jump across the Atlantic ocean and not be Spanish?

by Nuno Brito from Other on 11-01-2015 12:45:00

Portuguese people are European i.e White Caucasians.
They are mainly of celtic, roman and visigoth descent just like France, Spain, Italy and many other European countries...
We wouldn't consider classifying all Americans as ignorant pricks, would we? So please leave Europe alone and stop faffing around...

by HP from UK on 10-12-2014 10:57:00

I definately DO NOT want to be hispanic. No offense to the hispanics, but I want to be known as PORTUGUESE!!!!!

by Geri Alves from USA on 31-10-2014 07:16:00

with all due respect to all you historians, try doing some research of how Portugal started, Portugal was two kingdoms of Spain called Porto and Cale, belonging to two brothers, there was a war between the two brothers , one brother obviously lost the battle and the winner was Dom Afonso Henriques , he than battled his mother and won. Portucale became Portugal and Don Afonso Henriques became the first king of Portugal, also from 1600 to 1640 Portugal was a colony of Spain, the only part of Portugal wich diod not become a colony of Spain was terceira island in the Azores. enough history for you educated historians.

by john from Other on 30-10-2014 08:06:00

The Portuguese are a pre-Celtic people, sure there was mixing (just like everybody else, without exception). They are not "Hispanic" and no, not because you tools just think it's because they do not want to be associated with Latin-Americans but actually because factually they just aren't from the same part of the world.

by A fox by any other name from USA on 13-09-2014 02:07:00

The Hispanic label is clearly understood to refer to a people from Latin America whose language is predominantly of Spanish origins. This label is used nowhere else in the world except the US (for valid reasons I believe). The historic reference to the Iberia Peninsula as "Hispania" is no longer valid to identify the people there (i.e., Portugal and Spain). Just as it isn't accurate to refer to all the people within the British Isles as "Britania" or "Britainians" or "British". Regardless, what is the real issue with labeling someone of Portuguese ancestry "Hispanic"? Personally I don't have an issue with this label. But it is inaccurante to use it for identifying someone of Portuguese origin. Racists views aside, technically (and genetically) the Portuguese people are, as they have always been; a pre-cletic european people. The cletics, visogoths, Seubi, and Alans contributed to the cultural makeup of modern day Portugal. But it did not dominate or outright replace it. Genetically, however, their contribution was, by modern archeogeneticists studies, very small ( less than 18% by some estimates). As for the Moors, their cultural influence is visible in nameplaces and architecture primarily. It is not a dominant influence; present mainly in southern Portugal, where they lasted the longest during the Christian Reconquest. Genetically, the Moorish contribution to the Portuguese is practically untraceable (less than 1% by modern genetic research of European phenotypes).

In the US (and UK), there is an uneducated view (perhaps even a bigoted view) on who the Portuguese (and Spanish) people are. Sadly, this form of racism has been all too common; it was evident against the Irish, Italians, and Jewish settlers of the 19th and early 20th century in the US. But in reality racism also exists in Southern European countries.

So, for the sake of accuracy alone (both culturally and genetically), the Portuguese people are European (wether pale skin or a shade of). Period! They are predominantly the same people that inhabited the Iberian Penninsula following the last glacial maximum. At the end of the day, one may use whatever label one wishes. Wether it is accurate, is a different point altogether.

by Rui Calheiros from USA on 05-09-2014 03:15:00

I am a Portuguese-American born in Portugal but raised and educated in the United States. I am annoyed that anyone would attempt to impose the term Hispanic to describe Portuguese people. Hispanic is a term I associate with Spanish Colonialism. Portugal has never been a colony of Spain even during the Iberian Union Portugal maintained a separate crown and Empire.

We have never been Spaniards and never will be many wars were fought to ensure that and many Portuguese lives were lost to keep us out of Spain. Portugal has a unique culture, language and history and as a Portuguese-American I do not need a label that I did not choose so thanks but no thanks but we will choose how we identify ourselves individually.

by Antonio from USA on 24-08-2014 11:43:00

Who cares? What does it really matter? We are all humans.
My grandfather on my mother's side was Irish and he considered my Portuguese father to be black even though he was obviously not. He reasoning was that the moors conquered Portugal for 500 years and that all Portuguese have African blood in them. So I guess it's all who you ask. Honestly I don't think it's important. When the rare question is asked, I say I'm American.

by John Costa from USA on 08-08-2014 07:47:00

I am Portuguese both Azorean and mainland Portuguese when the joint of our two families happened my Grandmother was alienated from the family for years and had to move to America to avoid the hate she endured for marrying my Azorean grandfather( I'm sure there are other sides to the story). Even till this day mainland Portuguese people in AMERICA discriminate against me for being part Azorean not to mention the hate and problems I have to face with fellow classmates who treat me as if I have no right or say in things simple because I am portuguese... I get treated worse than the minorities in my school because technically speaking I am not a minority. I do not agree on the terms Portuguese people being Hispanic but, from my view just because I am Portuguese i lose opportunities that i should be given and i find this completely unfair. I believe action should be taken but, the direction of calling Portuguese people Hispanic is not correct because I am proud to be Portuguese and also because we don't share a similar culture or language which is what makes Hispanic people unique.

by Jaredo from USA on 14-07-2014 07:10:00

Of course,150% Portuguese are Hispanic. Hispania
included Portugal and Portugal is Hispanic. Now if Portuguese are ashamed to belong to the same group that includes the Latin American indians turned into Hispanics you need to pay for your ancestor rape of the am erindians. And accept your amerindians blood cousins.

by Rand from USA on 23-06-2014 12:29:00

This crap sounds like it's loaded with racism, and not to join in the never ending brazilians vs portuguese battle but the portuguese, like the Spanish, tend to be extremely defensive when they are even the slightest compared to Latin Americans, the biggest minority in the usa, that's all this comes down to. Well I'm brazilian, 1/2 portuguese 1/2 italian of genetic background, very proud to be so, Brazilian, Latin American, of latino background genetic and cultural. Anglo culture is so damn racist and instead of fighting that, you people want to perpetuate the hatred with another group.

by Rafael from USA on 17-06-2014 07:02:00

This debate or whomever came up with the idea of adding Portuguese, or Brazilian for the matter to Hispanics would be an insult if taken seriously. Hispanic relates to Hispania=Spain and its colonies in the Americas. Full stop. Portuguese are not Hispanic in genetics, language, culture or history. Full stop. Latino is another American term which refers to "of Spanish-speaking origin or looks". Portuguese (and Brazilians) like the Spanish, Italians, French, Romanians are Latin yes, but definitely not Latino. So, I am not really sure why the topic is even being CONSIUDRED let alone passed as official category. With due respect to Spain, the Hispanic cultures and races, I am of Portuguese, European descent and clearly understand why so many Portuguese-descended Americans would take serious offence on such a ridiculuous classification. High time the Americans realised that their ignorance is unexcusable and unforgivable. Portuguese are European, Caucasian thank you. Brazilians are a mix of Portuguese, other European races, Indian, Black, Japanese, Korean, and many other races- again they may be considered Latin or some look Latino but defintiely not Hispanic as they speak a different language altogether and were never part of the Spanish or Hispanic group of countries. This idea is plain stupid and I would really like to know who came up with such nonsense.

by David Moniz from UK on 07-06-2014 09:43:00

I've read many times that Portugal is made up of six groups of people: Lusitanic, Celtic, Roman, Germanic, Moors, and Semites. The Luso make up less than 30% of the population. Lusitanics and Hispanics have different genes. Even though the gene-pool has become muddied over the millennium, I can trace my personal lineage to Celtic and Semite... how is this "Hispanic"? Then you might as well label every Irishman and Jewish person Hispanic as well.

by George from Other on 28-05-2014 07:20:00

portuguese arent latinos... and neither are any speaking portuguese country including brazil
by marcelo pacheco from Other on 01-03-2013 07:41:00

This is an old thread but always valid and as the time goes by it will be the center for discussion. In answer to Marcelo Pacheco saying that Portuguese aren't Latinos and neither are any Portuguese speaking Country, this is a lie what Pacheco is saying and he should really study Roman history before making such stupid comments.
The Latins are the following: Italians,first and foremost, then French, Romanians. Portuguese and Spanish. They are called Latins or Latino which is the same word because of their association to the Romans who spoke the Latin language and who imposed their Roman laws and Christianity. When the Portuguese came her with the Spaniards and the French their spread their Latin-derived languages throughout what the French called "Amerique Latine" . This is why the continent was called Latin America because of the Latin-derived language spoken here: French,Portuguese and Spanish.
Latino is a language and not a Race and not an Ethnicity like the "Hispanics", the mestizos from Latin America would like to be identified with just because they cannot find another term to identify themselves and apparently the U.S. Census Bureau is going full speed with pandering to these people.
I agree with Portuguese people that they are a distinct group and should not be called Hispanic.
Pacheco should also know that Latin America is only a geographical location and people are classified by their Race and not by where they come or originate from. If Latin American want to know their Race they will have to look into their mirrors and find out which race and mixing of Races they identify with. Latino is not their Race.

by Al Rex from USA on 15-05-2014 05:38:00

As some New Mexican guy told me while I was at NMSU " there are geese and there are Portageese." So, There you have it: there is no such thing as an hispanigeese! There are a lot people mixing everything up: race, civilization, skin pigment, culture, geography, history, language, emigration - because all of these are factors in any one human being, it's pretty hard to fall under some neat, clean cut category of the Census Bureau. In filling out forms, if I have a choice i put European, then N/A, then white, but not hispanic - for the reasons other people listed above - it's a question of accuracy. My non-expert understanding is that in the US people are referring to SouthAmericans of Spanish descent - italics on descent, when using the word Hispanic. In Europe people don't call the Spanish people Hispanics; maybe they call them Latinos on occasion, in the same way as the French can be called Latino.
Anyway, I'm against that classification of Portuguese as Hispanic, cause it's incorrect, plain and simple.

by Cindo Santos from USA on 12-05-2014 02:27:00

I am 100% Azorian Portuguese. So we, like 99% of the world, are mutts. But to be clear, it depends how far back you want to go. Furtado came from Furtado, or el Hurtado. It was a nickname for the illegitimate son of Empress/Queen Urraca of Portugal AND Spain. She was daughter of King Ferdinand. So, by all blood rights, I am a descendant of the royal family of Spain. That makes me Hispanic. But culturally speaking is an issue if nationality not ethnicity. Portugal, even more seperate the Azores, are different cultures. Blood hasn't changed. So it is confusing.

by Jofre Furtado from USA on 29-04-2014 09:34:00

What about brazilians?? They are not European ??

by Celli from USA on 20-03-2014 12:11:00

I am an American of mostly North western European extraction. The majority of my ancestors showed up on the continent prior to the Revolutionary. War. What kind of American one is always a tricky topic and sensitive discussion since the vast majority of would call ourselves British or English Americans. From what I have read race or the way we or others define us ethnically is never cut and dry. I do not see myself as Nordic because so of my ancestors were Celts. Plus Europeans all have various roots the Vikings, Germanic tribes, Romans, Arabs, Celts and many other groups roamed Europe for thousands of years. The declaration of independence makes it clear that all men created equal. I hope those of you who are Portuguese descendants are happy with the results and people in America will finally the great contributions of explorer's like Juan Cabrillo.

by Beth McKenzie from USA on 06-02-2014 07:07:00

Why does the United States of America, the auto-proclaimed biggest democracy in the planet keep insisting on label people. In my country that's called segregation.
Portugal was a colonial power for over 5 centuries and our people are obviously a mix of Portuguese with Indian (from india), African and so many more. We have one of the most diverse genetic codes in the world.
We have our similarities with the Spaniards mainly because our territorial proximity and it ends there.
If you want to search deeper, we even have more affinities with the Celts than with the Romans. The cultural influence of Celts is far more visible in Portuguese culture than any other. The language is the only link to latin (which has nothing to do with the word Hispanic).
Does the USA plan to label Italians as Hispanic too? If they consider Latin=Hispanic, then Italians are the real Latins.

by Nuno Tuna from Lisbon on 28-12-2013 02:27:00

I am American born of portuguese decent. My mom and dad were born in Madeira as was my husband. I consider myself White of Portuguese decent and definitely not Hispanic. My children are the same, White of Portuguese decent. If they change Portugal to be hispanic, then so should all other European countries. Hogwash!!!

by Loretta Pereira from USA on 08-12-2013 07:17:00

Portuguese people are White/Mediterranean in terms of race, just like all other Southern Europeans.
The term "Latin" only applies to linguistic origin of romance languages - Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, and Romanian. Some people mix up linguistic origin with race, BUT they are two different things!

Northern Europe = White/Nordics
Southern Europe = White/Mediterraneans
South and Central America = Latinos/Hispanics

Geographically, Portugal's side on the Iberian peninsula was called Lusitania. Spain's was called Hispania. So geographically speaking, we had Lusitanic for the Portuguese, Hispanic for the Spaniards, and even Italic for the Italians.

The island of Hispaniola is shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Are we also going to label French speaking Haitians as Hispanic????!!!!!

by Tom from Porto on 14-10-2013 08:24:00

For me Hyspanic is about language and culture, not about race. Here in Central Europe people from the so called Hyspanic World are called "Latinos". I have to tell that at least here Brazilians/Portugueses are not seen by the Latinos like part of "their group". They are everywhere so clued together and tend to side appart people from the Portuguese culture, sometimes sharing some sort of "competition" against us as well. I remember that I worked for a while with a Spanish speaking group from Latin-America and I can tell that it was one of the most unpleasant experiences that I ever had in terms of "exclusion". Basing upon this I could never accept the terminology Hyspanic, not only because I am not from there, but it is just that it is not true that they are the same thing.

by Lucy from Other on 15-09-2013 07:53:00

My Mom is from Brazil she is Not a latino either!!!! I find that word highly offensive. It is a word invented by my country in a very inconsiderate manner okay? Latin is a lAngguage not a race. Just like Black is black not african -american. Do any of my Black friend speak Afrikanns of course not!!!!

by Elle Martins from USA on 03-09-2013 10:10:00

I was born and raised in Hanford, California. During the mid 1970's when I was going to school, I was treated like white trash because I came from a middle class white (Irish, Welsh.and Native American Indian) upbringing. Yes, I had a Southern Accent, which brought me a lot of problems especially with persons of the Portuguese race. I was raised not to be prejudiced of any race, or persuasion, but I constantly had these people throwing their wealth, power, and culture in my face to let me know that socially, I could NEVER fit in. My sister, Chris-on the other hand, had brown eyes, and a darker complexion, and was well accepted by the Portuguese people in Hanford. She even dated them. As for me, I was constantly being harassed and eschewed away from their daughters, at church functions, or any social functions for that matter. So from my observations and experiences the Portuguese people I encountered could be classified as White Supremists, the way I saw it. Like Yogi Berra used to say of Baseball: "I call them as I see them" Can't say in my life I've ever had a true and dependable friend of anyone who was Portuguese- It's sad in a way, I always believed they were such a beautiful people. with a rich culture. Mike in Fresno, Ca.

by Michael from USA on 27-08-2013 06:08:00

Portuguese people are White in terms of race, just like any other nations from Southern Europe.

Some people ignore important facts and mix ethnicity with linguistic origin. As a language, Portuguese, like Italian, Spanish, French, and Romanian, is considered Latin, but this has nothing to do with race. This is the root cause for the ignorance of those Portuguese claiming not to be white. If you are Portuguese, you are White part of the the Mediterranean variant.

As for geography, Portugal was part of Lusitania, not part of Hispania. So, we have Lusitanic for Portuguese, Hispanic for Spaniards, and Italic for Italians. But who uses this terminology anyways? Plus, this terminology does not define race in any way or shape.

by Alex from Porto on 13-07-2013 06:03:00

I am indeed shocked by the ignorance that is associated to my country's history..and not only for foreigners but also for actually Portuguese and Portuguese descents! How come you don't have a clue about the history of where u from??? How come you say Portuguese people are not Latinos or Hispanic?? Of course we are! This is ridiculous! In fact we are the real Latinos! Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Romania are the real Latin people! We were once called as Roman Empire! Which is where the Latin language comes from! Therefore that makes us Latinos! That's why our languages are similar, our culture is similar and our features are similar too! Not only Mediterranean but pure Latinos! In South America there are only Latinos because they speak our languages! Because they were colonized by our culture! The reality is all the people u call Latin are in fact Mayans, Aztecs and Tupiguarani descents! They have no association at all with the Roman Empire! Have a lil reading before u actually say something u don't have clue about

by Vitor Almeida from UK on 13-07-2013 01:12:00

This just shows once again the ignorance of North Americans with regard to other cultures, they confuse ethnicity, with nationality and assume that other countries cannot also be multi-ethnic. African, European, Amerindian and every combination of ethnicities and cultures are lumped together because they speak spanish and classified as a single ethnicity.
I've heard african american cable news commentators, ignorant of the fact that their are African descendants in many Latin American countries. They were surprised that a black american girl entering Colombia illegally was able to pose as a Colombian national.
Heard two others, confusing ethnicity with nationality, arguing whether someone was black or Puerto Rican as though an individual could not be both.
The reality is that people have been migrating and mixing everywhere from the beginning and national boundaries have changed many times, so the classifications are divisive and generally not helpful but If there is any benefit for classifying people, perhaps to ID health risks then it should attempt to be meaningful and not be selectively based on language for some, and ethnicity or nationality for others.

by Portuguese descendant from Other on 04-07-2013 02:55:00

Even lumping all of the Latin Americans together along with Spain is ridiculous. There is far too much diversity even among the Latin American countries for it to be meaningful. Haitians should then be lumped with the French and Jamaicans with the English.

by Portuguese descendant from Other on 02-07-2013 12:09:00

I am American born of (recent history) of Portuguese descent. Not that I give a crap, but isn't it painfully obvious that Portugal is in Europe therefore it is..... I won't insult you by finishing that sentence. That's like saying England is American; thinking in reverse. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with being Latino, so my Portuguese brethren need to relax; but we are just not.

by Jeff Lessa from USA on 01-06-2013 05:33:00

I think at 3:00am writing a response to this thread that I may have referred to Hispania as Hispanola. My regrets and apologies if I did. It's a late night and I have a few in me. B Cabral

by B. Cabral from USA on 25-05-2013 09:25:00

Ok.. I consider myself 100% American and as a 10 year Navy Vet I love my country. I do however, HATE the preference given by the government to minority groups just because they are minorities. We are all American unless you weren't born here. Now for the rub...So I am about 1/4 Portuguese and I am just finding out that after 8 years of running my business as a "white" guy (no minority status) that the government may actually classify me as Hispanic. This has HUGE implications for getting in on the Federal bidding that's out there. Honestly, I agree with the comment above that stated let "them" (the government) "call me whatever they want.. I know what I am." Here are the facts. Portugal was once part of Hispanola (Modern day Spain). Portugal borders Spain and no other counrty. Pedro Alverez Cabral (from Portugal) discovered Brazil and this is why Brazil is the only South American Country that speaks Portuguese. According to the federal government the classification for Hispanic is: Hispanic or Latino. A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. The term, "Spanish origin," can be used in addition to "Hispanic or Latino." (http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/fedreg_1997standards)
If Portugal was part of Hispanola and the residents of Brazil are considered Hispanic then as far as I am concerened the government can consider me Hispanic. It will only help my business.
Again, I consider myself 100% American but if the yahoo's in Washington D.C. want to make all these stupid rules the best thing we can do is let them call me what they want and take advantage of it on the backside.
-B. Cabral

by B. Cabral from USA on 25-05-2013 09:16:00

I'm Portuguese, and to declare us "Hispanic" in any way shape or form is out outrage, not just a simple misunderstanding. I encourage all to oppose any such language as it is a denial of our history.

by kevin from USA on 15-05-2013 07:01:00

I am greatly offended and have corrected people when they attempt to classify Portuguese and those of the former colonies as Hispanic. The only solace was that each and ever time the error was never made out of some underlying prejudice but rather simple ignorance.

All that said we as descendants and Americans have a moral obligation to retain our ancestral heritage while being the best citizens we can as Americans. The United States is and remains the single greatest country to date.

The above aside I have no desire to be lumped in with the cesspool that is Spain's and it's Hispanic history.

I enjoy my long Portuguese (LUSO) history and the contributions made by the Portuguese and learn from the not so good parts. Same goes for my German heritage as well.

by Manuel Marques Vilar from USA on 09-05-2013 10:22:00

Dean Smith Silva, I have spent years in the Land of my Parents, they are a Mediterranean People, kin to all the People of the Mediterranean. No doubting the Germanic, and Celt Elements, but Black Hair, Brown Eyes are the Highest frequency-Sorry that your attempt to Anglicize the Portuguese has failed. If you did visit Portugal and Spain, you must have had Selective Vision! If I were named Dean Smith, I too would see what I wanted.

by Abel V. Mendes from USA on 08-05-2013 04:29:00

My ancestors came from Madeira to Guyana, and I moved to Canada, so it was very confusing for me at first. The Portuguese people in Toronto generally treat me like crap so I learned to just completely disregard race and just be my own person! Its time to evolve.

by Sergio Alves from Other on 04-05-2013 06:45:00

Unreall how you all are so damned silly with the latino, hispanic, non-white, white, black shity-bang-bang thing....

why classify human beings at all, and the world attacked south-africa? apartheid, you americans are the most racist lot of them all.

proudly south-african portuguese

by MaryM from Other on 24-04-2013 01:34:00

As far as I know, both the Spanish and Portuguese are Hispanic. Problem is, we confuse Mestizos with Hispanics. The Portuguese are entirely fully blooded white Europeans, but the Hispanics as we know them here in America are no where near white.

Never be ashamed if you have Spanish or Portuguese heritage. Those two countries used to be world powers and were the leaders in exploration and made great empires.

by JC from USA on 19-04-2013 04:36:00

Portuguese and Spanish people are Iberian, hence European. Yes, there is more North African and perhaps Mediterranean ancestry in Portuguese than the English for example but not much more. Travel to Spain or Portugal and see for yourself, there are far more Portuguese that look Welsh, English, Irish or Flemish for example than say Lebanese or Moroccan.

Go ahead, classify Portuguese and Spanish as Hispanics all you want, we know what we are.

by Dean Smith Silva from Other on 30-03-2013 01:52:00

Geri Alves; By your comment you want to be hispanic, well why don`t you go to south america and then come to the USA as a latino american,that way you be happy, and we will never cal you portuguese american, you be hispanic;Portugal was a nation before spain we told the kingdome of Castella to go fly a kyte.I am very proud to be PORTUGUESE and i am not hispanic.

by Manuel Chevarria de Abreu Gloria from USA on 28-03-2013 06:33:00

iam portuges iam not espanhol

by porto trepeiro from USA on 27-03-2013 11:23:00

America should know better,, Im a Luso Canadian,,
Im sure this would never be considered in Canada!

by Delia Valadao from Other on 19-03-2013 02:04:00

As a Portuguese, I agree. It took lots of effort for the Portuguese to set themselves off from the Spaniards. Our history is all about fighting Moors and Spaniards. The first European and World Alliance was that between Portugal and England by the Treaty of Windsor was to curb the power of Spain and keep themin their place. To put these two groups into the same category, is a crass disregard to the history, dignity of other people's history. You try that with the Basque and the people of Galicia and you will see the same reaction. Portuguese are not, nor will ever be Hispanic to satisfy the divisive, discriminatory Spirit of an America gone unAmerican.

by Silverio Demelo from USA on 11-03-2013 06:28:00

I am PORTUGUESE not hispanic and the Portuguese people are European... Hispanic people are from the islands in South America...... WOW look at that evryone learns something new everyday.

1. Portuguese=European
2. Hispanic=South America

Diane Cotuinho....thank God we don't have retards like you lol

by Antonio Rodriguez from USA on 09-03-2013 06:03:00

I am PORTUGUESE-American----NOT hispanic. They are two different cultures.

by Geri Alves from Açores on 09-03-2013 03:15:00

Funny when i hear Portuguese people pleading their case to be white. Last i checked, the Portuguese make-up is of past European tribes mixing with Moors. So most of us have European Blood as well as North African blood. I highly doubt that makes us "WHITE" as many of you claim to be. Do the Anglo's consider you white or treat you as one of there own. Or do they look down at the Portuguese and not fully consider you one of their own. Also Hispanic is derived from the Roman word Hispania which is what the WHOLE IBERIAN PENINSULA was called prior to there being a Portugal or a Spain. So before we were Luso's according to Luis De Camoes, we were inhabitants of Hispania (translation: Hispanics) Its not a bad thing. Stop making it seem like hispanics are bad.

by JC from USA on 08-03-2013 08:29:00

I think all Portuguese should be classified as Hispanic as much as I think Yolanda should classify all Americans as ignorant.

by Maria from USA on 08-03-2013 06:06:00

Give me a break!!!! I am soooo tired of hearing people comparing the two cultures. The only comparison is that it's a derivative of Latin, that's it!!

by Maria Valente from USA on 08-03-2013 02:21:00

It's quite obvious that the US government does NOT know very much about the the Portuguese history. Barack Obama has some Portuguese/Americans in his own government in various positions. Perhaps the Census department should consult with those Portuguese representatives.
Portuguese people emmigrated to the USA from Portugal, the Azorean and Madeira archipelagos hundreds of years ago. Portuguese people are also called Luso; deriving from the writings of Luis de Camoes "Os Lusiadas".
Portuguese people are from the Iberia Peninsula and are WHITE.

by Maria de Oliveira from Other on 07-03-2013 07:08:00

im not hispanic im portuguese.. will never be consider HISPANIC

by Sally Botelho from USA on 07-03-2013 06:50:00

In graduate school I had a professor say to a colleague of mine that I was not Spanish Portuguese but Portuguese Portuguese.
What does that mean?

by Elizabete from USA on 07-03-2013 03:01:00

You have to see this movie to understand more about that people...

by Cláudia from Porto on 07-03-2013 01:27:00

To all the Portuguese-American's out there, we can all sleep better tonight knowing we will not be categorized as Hispanic/Latino.


by Maria Goncalves from USA on 07-03-2013 01:16:00

im not hispanic im portuguese

by lisa avelar from Porto on 07-03-2013 06:04:00

I am PORTUGUESE not hispanic and the Portuguese people are European... Hispanic people are from the islands in South America...... WOW look at that evryone learns something new everyday.

1. Portuguese=European
2. Hispanic=South America

by Diane Coutinho from USA on 07-03-2013 01:32:00

This just proves how ignorant American's really are!

by Yolanda from Other on 07-03-2013 12:43:00

I'm PORTUGUESE, NOT hispanic(spanish)! I'm sick of people mixing portuguese with spanish. no. im portuguese-american. WHITE. :)

by cmff from USA on 06-03-2013 09:09:00

"Hispanic" is offensive to nine centuries of a distinct Iberian culture with its own language and history. But another "Americanized" term that no one seems to mention is "Latino." The Portuguese and Italians are Latin but not Latinos in the U.S. because that's a term derived from the need to describe people from Latin-America. Brazilians are Latinos but not Hispanic. Portuguese (and Italians) are Latin but not Latinos or Hispanic.

"Hispanic" means anything related to a Spanish-speaking country, period. It may also mean anything related to the Iberia from Roman times which was called "Hispania" and that's what inspired the name of Spain (España) when it was founded in the 15th century. However, just like "Romans" are now only people from the city of Rome, "Hispanics" are now only people with origins in Spain or the Spanish language, and the people from the old "Hispania" (now called "Iberia") are simply "Iberians".

It's all really simple if people just knew their history and culture. Portuguese-Americans should not allow ignorance to prevail.

by Rui Silva from Lisbon on 06-03-2013 08:45:00

Hispanic is a cultural term, not racial. A Hispanic can be white, black, mixed, etc. What they all have in common is a common language and roots in Spain. The Portuguese don't have any roots in Spain. Portugal was founded 300 years before Spain and although the two countries share borders and history, they do speak two different languages. If they want to group Spanish and Portuguese-speaking cultures (from Portugal, Brazil, etc.) then change the term to "Iberian" or "Ibero-American". For a Portuguese being called Hispanic is offensive simply because it's disrespect for almost 900 years of Iberian autonomy. Obviously Americans ignore the fact that there already is a term for Portuguese-speaking cultures and that's "Lusophone".

by Mario Fernandes from USA on 06-03-2013 08:27:00

There is a difference in being latin or hispanic. Latin countries in europe are Portugal, Spain, Italy and France, latin was spoken in roman occupation. Hispanic only envolves Spanish descent coutries (not Brasil). I consider myself latin due to my backgrounds but Portugal has a wide variety of race because of our travelling in the earlier centuries. I dont discriminate emigrants because Portugal and a long tradition in imigrating, and myself lived in England for a year. I find it hard to understand how in a country built by emigrants can SOME people have brain farts relating this subject. I dont mind if people consider themselfs caucasian or whatever, but considering a Portuguese being hispanic is just plain wrong.

by Jose Leite from Porto on 06-03-2013 07:29:00

After posting this story on my Facebook page, and a heated debate. I was informed that this story is incorrect. Please see link http://washingtonexaminer.com/census-bureau-portuguese-not-hispanic/article/2523411

I find it hard to believe you wouldn't have done some research before posting your story. The last thing we need is misinformed information.

by Azorean Greenbean from USA on 06-03-2013 07:07:00

Portuguese-Americanor or Portuguese-Portugal will be Portuguese-Americanbs or Portugues -Portugal and not Spanish nor Hispanic. You can call a cat a dog but the cat will always be a cat

by Jose from USA on 06-03-2013 05:16:00

As Portuguese who lived for a few months in the US of A, please allow me to educate you about "white" races of Europe, specifically of Iberian Peninsula:

There are 2 countries there, Spain and Portugal. Therefore, upon the 14th/15th centuries discoveries many countries and territories were colonized by both these countries. Around the 19th century, and to distinguish "3 shades of white race - the Caucasian race (also Caucasoid, Europid, or Europoid) - within Europe, came out within the Meyers Konversations-Lexikon the Aryan, the Semitic and the Hamitic.
Upon this designation Spain and Portugal territories were designated as Aryan areas.
Today, the Caucasian "stamp" prevails and that is what we are. Caucasian.
So, this far you can either call Portuguese descendants Portuguese-Americans and Spanish descendant Spanish-Americans or simply Caucasian to both.
As for the term Hispanic, many people commented before me where the term comes from.

The issue is not to be named Hispanic or Russian, but it is to be named wrongly.

by Dinis from Beiras on 06-03-2013 04:39:00

Sadly, most Americans are ignorant on the topics of culture, history or social tradition. The first people to invade the land mass we call "Portugal" today were the Celts. Then came the Goths, Visigoths and Latins (Romans). Portugal was called Lusitania under the Roman Empire (and was famous for it's fish paste, which was considered a delicacy by the Roman emperor). When the Empire fell, Arabs moved into the southern part of Portugal and lived peacefully with the Christians (they were called Mozarabs). While it's true that Spain ruled over Portugal at one time, it was for a very brief period of time. When you look at Portugal's LONG history, Spain's rule was insignificant. Calling us Hispanics because of that would be like categorizing all Americans as British simply because the U.S. was once a colony of England. Makes no sense at all.

by Christine from USA on 06-03-2013 04:23:00

Why are people even bringing race into this? Race has nothing to do with your national and ethnic identity. The truth of the matter is that we cannot be defined as Hispanic because we are not Hispanic. "The term is more broadly used to refer to the culture, peoples, or nations with a historical link to Spain, especially those countries which were once colonized by Spain, particularly the countries of Latin America which were colonized by Spain"-Wikipedia And to be quite honest I don't even think the Spanish would consider themselves Hispanic, this has been a term adopted by the U.S. to refer to peoples from Latin American countries or South America. That being said even Brazilians do not consider themselves Hispanic because their history dates back to the Portuguese.

by Filipa Sofia Barbosa Melendez from USA on 06-03-2013 03:01:00

São discussões estúpidas que nada têm a ver com racismo, nem com ser melhor ou pior que os hispánicos ! Tem a ver com identidade colectiva, com razões históricas e com maneiras de ser e sentir diferentes !

by juvenalio from Algarve on 06-03-2013 12:50:00

This has nothing to do with racism. Portugal is in Europe, so I cannot consider myself to be Latino. I can only consider myself to be Portuguese-American. It is not a matter of being better than anyone else, it is matter of where you are from and Portugal is in Europe. If we are Hispanic, so are the French, Italians, etc....Why can't we just be Portuguese?

by Carmen Coelho from USA on 05-03-2013 07:40:00

Portuguese are White/European.

by Knox from USA on 05-03-2013 03:51:00

This whole discussion shows how ridiculous and arbitrary all these racial and ethnic distinctions are becoming. Yesterday I was just an ordinary American, now I'm a member of a racial victim group? What pap.

All that lumping us in accomplishes, is to improve the demographic statistics of hispanic peoples. Now you just have to ask yourselves why? Why does the census want to do that?

I'll be sharing roasted sardinhas with my so-called 'anglo' friends in the yard this Summer, loving life.

You can walk around thinking of yourself as 'the other,' (snort!) with a stupid imaginary chip on your shoulder of your own making. It is your choice.

by JenP from USA on 05-03-2013 03:14:00

Nós somos Lusófonos e é assim que devemos de ser designados.

by constantino menino from Lisbon on 04-03-2013 08:46:00

I've always felt like "other" in my life, though I've always felt a strong cultural/economic/social affinity with spanish-speaking communities in the US. I can't bring myself to identify as white/european... So I've always been "other" when it's come time to identify a race/ethnicity.

Anyway, to add to the discussion I'll paste here what I wrote on a facebook page about this survey and all the hoopla... It's long but I hope to hear what others think:

Well this is interesting and complex on many, many levels. First off, I can already imagine the barrage of negative (and racist) sentiment and comments from certain sectors of the Portuguese-American community who have forgotten their roots and forgotten that we too were once (and to some extent continue to be) looked down upon and considered racially and ethnically inferior by the white Anglo power structure.

Secondly, the term "hispanic" in and of itself is extremely problematic when used to refer to persons who trace their lineage to Latin America/the Western Hemisphere south of what is now the US. It completely erases and ignores the fact that many, if not the overwhelming majority, of those considered "hispanic" by the US government are actually indigenous, African, or some combination of indigenous, African, Asian, European, etc. It is a whitening term, born in Spanish colonialism, and one that has run its course.

Thirdly, if Portuguese were classified under the designation of Hispanic, it also negates the unique and separate cultural and linguistic identity of Portugal and the Portuguese language and culture that is not -- as some people would have it -- simply an extension of Spain or "Spain light."

Fourthly, we also need to include in this discussion the question of "whiteness" and how "being white" is a social/cultural construct. Portuguese were amongst the many ethnic groups (Irish, Italian, Eastern European, etc.) who were not initially accepted as "white" in the US... and I would argue that to some extent we are still not, and that that should be a point of critical thinking, dialogue, and pride rather than derision or shame.

And lastly, for now, it also begs the question of how we think about folks from Brazil, Cabo Verde, etc. I am all for a Portuguese-American identity that celebrates our unique culture, our diaspora and the political and economic reasons for that diaspora; that supports, partners with, and respects other immigrant groups because they are us and we are them, and that is anti-racist and embracing of all humanity -- especially those who have had to leave their countries of origin due to circumstances beyond their control, as far too many of us and our families have had to do -- while also being proud of and preserving the Portuguese language, food, customs, identity, and nature of the Portuguese people as diasporic and impacted emotionally, psychologically, culturally, and economically by diaspora and emigration.


In other words, I am for Portuguese pride that does not include us being a bunch of racist assholes who kick down the ladder after we've used it to climb to the next level. And if my language is harsh it's because I've seen too many of my family and friends assimilate and try to anglicize and "fit in" with white conservative Anglo America to the point of forgetting who they are and where they come from.

Look at the survey results and look at the responses to the question "Do you think that the Portuguese community should come together to prevent..." near the end of the survey. It's disgusting. That's just what we need in the present political climate -- for more people to dump on "hispanics"... a public campaign by the Portuguese community saying "no, we're not like those people, we're better" (because that's essentially how it will come across). We should know better. It's shameful:


Other links of interest:


"Portagee" - http://bit.ly/YGmXEt



<< "They are subjected to the same types of social exclusion of other legally codified minority groups, yet do not have the legal standing as a minority that would allow them to address the problems," he wrote in a paper titled "The Shadow Minority," presented last year at UMass Dartmouth.

Others have argued the Portuguese have suffered institutional discrimination and bigotry here not only as a result of their status as working-class immigrants but also due to some negative episodes in the region's history. >>

by Zeca Afonso Otelo Carvalho Amilcar Cabral from USA on 04-03-2013 04:05:00

Portuguses are not hispanics and you can thank Rep Tony Coelho for this outrage. He wanted the hispanics votes in California and started this, Mr Coelho can go pound and he should be ASHAMED of what he has started for his own political BS.

by Mary from USA on 01-03-2013 06:20:00

I wonder how much of racism plays into this question? After all to be lumped in as Hispanic is to be lumped in with primarily people of Indigenous descent from Mexico and Central and South America. Hmm?

by Maria Gomes from Other on 01-03-2013 04:09:00

If the Portuguese are hispanic then the Irish-Americans are British, the Italian-Americans are hispanic and the Korean-Americans are Japanese. Portugal have been around for far longer than 'Spain' and the castillan language and it is an insult to call us 'hispanic'. We're lusophone.

by Reboltado from Porto on 01-03-2013 12:20:00

portuguese arent latinos... and neither are any speaking portuguese country including brazil

by marcelo pacheco from Other on 01-03-2013 07:41:00
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