Portuguese complain most in EU about income disparity

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Portuguese complain most in EU about income disparity

The Portuguese are the Europeans who complain most about income inequality in the country and who are demanding the Government atke measures to reduce the gap, according to a survey released in Brussels by the European Commission.

The "Eurobarometer" on "justice, inequalities and intergenerational mobility" shows that 96% of Portuguese respondents consider that "there are differences in incomethat are too great," (in their country) and 94% agree that the Government "should take measures to reduce differences in income levels." In both cases, these are the highest figures among the 28 Member States.

After the Portuguese, the Germans and the Lithuanians (92%) complain most about this inequality, while at the opposite end of the list are the Dutch (59%), Danish (63%) and Swedish (69%), whereas on average 84% of Europeans agree that the pay gap in their countries is too high.

Regarding the need for national authorities to take action to reduce inequalities, Portugal leads the list followed by Lithuania and Spain (in both cases with 93% of affirmative answers), Cyprus and Latvia (both with 91%), while the countries where less government intervention is requested are, once again Denmark (51%), the Netherlands (65%) and Sweden (68%), with an average of 81% for the 28 EU nations.

The survey was conducted in December 2017, with the participation of more than 28,000 European citizens, and 1,089 people surveyed in Portugal.


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