"We already have a team working in the USA. They are local partners who were interested in the brand and contacted us. We have already sent the product to the North American market. All local distribution and sales are being dealt with by these partners", explained Vera Maia, one of the creators of the Shaeco brand.

In addition to the North American interest, "one of the main destinations for Portuguese exports of perfumery, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, Shaeco has received orders from other markets, such as the United Arab Emirates".

"We are developing the project with local partners because for these markets, the transport costs from Portugal are too high and are not justified, for the sake of sustainability. The entire sales strategy is digital and is managed from Viana do Castelo ", she explained.

Per month, in a company located in the industrial zone of Neiva, "about five thousand units of solid shampoo are produced, but the production capacity may scale to respond to market needs".