Portuguese emigrants in UK launch petition to ‘Visit their Families’ this summer

in News · 30-07-2020 12:20:00 · 6 Comments

Portuguese emigrants living in the UK have created a petition to demand the UK government includes Portugal on its list of quarantine exceptions.

It was launched by a Portuguese nurse living in the UK, under the title ‘Allow Immigrants to Visit their Families’. It comes after the UK left Portugal off of its list of air bridges; Portuguese living and working in the UK say they want to be able to visit their families this summer.


Mr. Ian Watson ludicrous is you stating the obvious, every Portuguese living in UK know they can go and comeback and be on quarantine for 14 days, we really don't need an brilliant mind like yours to understand that. You clearly have no family abroud nor you have any compassion towards other people in that position which is expected from brexiters and Boris Johnson supporters, after all you just want england for the english.

By Tiago Silva from UK on 06-08-2020 01:05

Yes I would like to visit my daughter and grandchildren but I think about all UK citizen that living in our beautiful country, Portugal what about they family and friends? I feel sick about this rules

By Isabel Major from Lisbon on 01-08-2020 11:11

I leave in UK only with my husband ,all my family leaves in Portugal,so we would love to go for a few weeks without being on quarentine when we came back

By Maria Vasconcelos from UK on 31-07-2020 02:37

Not quarentena please

By Eduardo Santos from UK on 31-07-2020 02:50

It would not be so ludicrous if a more courageous Portuguese government would respond tit-for-tat to the UK and would impose a similar restriction on the British citizens who visit Portugal every year. After a significant number of the about two million British nationals who visit Portugal would join the petitionaries the UK would be more sensible and inclined to change its position! That reaction of Portugal would be justified given the higher negative numbers of the UK versus Portugal regarding the C19 pandemic.

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 30-07-2020 11:47

There's is nothing to stop them visiting their families in Portugal. They just have to abide by the 14 day quarantine rule when they return. To expect that a petition will reverse the government's air bridge decision is ludicrous.

By Ian watson from Algarve on 30-07-2020 03:18
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