Portuguese encouraged to cut back on meat and fish

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Portuguese encouraged to cut back on meat and fish

Portugal’s Environmentalist association, Zero, has said that Portuguese nationals have to change their diet and consume less meat and fish.

Commenting on an intergovernmental panel report on climate change, the association said that “Portugal is one of the countries where land use is most decisive” to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change.

The protection of forests and the change in food production and consumption patterns are fundamental to stopping the climate crisis.

According to Zero, “we have to prevent the systematic destruction of our forests by fires, avoid extensive monocultures, and use less water and fertilisers.”

Portuguese nationals eat too much meat and fish - it is necessary to change this for the sake of health, ecosystems and the climate, the association said.

Zero mentioned that livestock production produces a high number of polluting emissions.

Diets rich in beef and mutton and the amount of food waste have a major impact on the environment and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Zero also pointed out that “more than 60 percent of world agricultural production is dominated by four crops” - maize, rice, wheat and soya, “creating a system of production and marketing highly dependent on what happens to these crops.”

Environmentalists warned that “industrial agriculture and the food industry are almost as important to climate change as fossil fuels,” not least because 75 percent of freshwater resources are devoted to agricultural or livestock production.


Agriculture is of great interest. Thank you.

by bill kerrey from USA on 18-08-2019 07:01:00

What nonsense, fresh meat and fish and veggies in a balanced diet are good for your health, should be attacking the excess of sugar and salt and chemicals in foods, the eucalyptus mono-culture craziness here, and the crackpot science of chem-trailing, wakey wakey Zero.

by john from Porto on 17-08-2019 09:20:00
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