Portway workers on strike at national airports on 27, 28, 29 December

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Portugal’s National Union of Civil Aviation Workers (SINTAC) announced a strike notice at ground handling company Portway for 27, 28 and 29 December at Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal airports.

In a statement, SINTAC said that it has decided to go ahead with the said strike notice at Portway owned by the Vinci Group, because the company through its directors belonging to the Vinci Group, responded by denouncing the company agreement in force, and did not comply with the unfreezing of careers last November as it had agreed in 2016"

SINTAC said that as if this was not enough, the company had begun to cut social allowances and rights acquired by all its workers over 20 years, thus failing to recognise all the effort made by the workers over the years, and all this with a single goal, that of not lowering its profits to be able to fill the Group Vinci coffers even more.

The union underlined that for three years the workers have seen their increases and career progressions frozen to improve the financial health of the company and have contributed immensely to its growth.

"So much so that bonuses were distributed to the company's directors during that period," SINTAC said.

The union said that Portway, since its concession in 2013 by the government at the time, has continued to contribute very positively to the country, both in financial and economic terms, according to the results presented over recent years.

"Many sectors of economic activity in Portugal have already disappeared, such as agriculture, fisheries, industry, and unfortunately many others such as the handling sector and airports are in the process of disappearing," SINTAC said.

"It is urgent to alert all Portuguese to the real dimension of the importance of assets such as airport management and air transport in a future economy, solid and properly emancipated for the country as desired, and of which we do not abdicate participation," the union said.


I totally understand the people who strike. It is the only that is left to the workers. I do hope the company understands and is open to talks. The company though did a horrid job. They failed to inform the passengers. I don’t think it was the goal of the strikers to harm the travelers.

By peter from Other on 28-12-2019 08:00
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