The construction of a Welcome Centre for the Balneário Romano da Praia da Luz will take 240 days, this agreement will help in the conservation, enhancement and dissemination of this archaeological site.

The purpose of the intervention is to create conditions for the reopening of the monument for the public to enjoy, including access for citizens with reduced mobility.

The project programme, designed by Pedro Alarcão Arquitetos, contemplates: the creation of a building to welcome visitors; the implementation of defined visitor routes; conservation and consolidation actions for the ruins; punctual reconstruction actions that allow the visitor to better understand the former structure, as well as the sharing of the results obtained and the architectural intervention implemented.

The intervention programme joins works of study of the ruined architectural structure, as well as its reconstruction, communicated in several ways, namely through: information panels, placed next to the monument; an integral model that will be exposed in the exhibition space of the support building; and a three-dimensional virtual simulation, with 3D animation, where the bathers’ path in the Balneário Romano will be reconstructed.

The purpose of the proposed building and tour is to highlight the archaeological location and return it to the people, now accompanied by a scientific contextualization that unveils the history of this thermal building and its integration into an important Roman industrial centre.
The works are part of the project “Route of the Archaeological Stations of Lagos” and the application of the municipality of Lagos with the same designation that was approved under the CRESC Algarve 2020.