Rogério Bacalhau (PSD) said he learned of the notification on Thursday (26 September) and “the answer is already being prepared” to be sent to the court. Despite having a 10-day timeframe, the president hopes that “he will be able to continue next week.”

The first consequence of this action, brought by the Praia de Faro Camping Users and Friends Association, is that on 1 October, and “until the response to the injunction comes, the work will not start,” he said.

In response to the notification, the Chamber will seek to explain that the park is operating “without any security conditions”, there is already a “tender made and a contract signed” for the improvement works and that the existing contract with the user association has been denounced “a year in advance” so that Faro could “get back to having a public campsite as it should be,” says the president.

Not wanting to comment on the arguments presented in the injunction, Rogério Bacalhau reveals that some are “contradictory” and do not seem to have “any support”, waiting for the decision of the court to take the measures it considers “necessary”.

The suspension of the work, which should start next Tuesday (8 October), may cause “delays and losses”, and “these losses” could be imputed “to the association,” said Rogério Bacalhau, adding that there are users who have “told the Câmara” that they removed their belongings from the park and “have detached themselves from the association”.

The mayor hopes that the precautionary “providence situation” may already be over by the end of October, so that “by the beginning of next summer” the park improvement works will be “finished” and the park may be in operation “before the start of the bathing season,” he said.

“If we are too late, we could risk that we are still in the works at the time, which would be manifestly negative” the mayor added.
On 16 September, the association of users of the former campsite of Faro beach delivered a precautionary measure to stop the exit of the space on 1 October, the date on which the municipality intended to start the requalification works.

In September 2018, the Faro City Council terminated the lending agreement signed in 2010 with the users’ association, giving the space one year to be vacated, with a view to commencing the requalification works.

The campsite in Faro closed to the public in 2003, continuing to be used by those who were already there and in 2010 to manage the users’ association, through a lending agreement with the municipality.