President says majority to approve "very limited" state of emergency

in News · 03-11-2020 10:12:00 · 6 Comments

Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, last night said there is a majority of at least two thirds to approve a "very limited" state of emergency, after having heard parties with parliamentary representation.

In an interview with RTP, the head of state stressed that a "very limited, mainly preventive" state of emergency is at stake, rather than "aiming for total or almost total confinement" like what took place between March 19 and May 2.

The President said he will now see what economic and social partners have to say on the matter, but confirmed it is the inclination of the government.

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During the first lockdown one of the essential businesses open were the construction of commercial buildings, which are owned by the big money people and the banks. What a surprise. Everyone getting paid are rich as the lockdowns crush the workingman.

By Daniel from USA on 07-12-2020 11:12

Like every other country the rules are nonsense. It's guesswork dressed up as science.
The government would be better employed seeing to the real problems within the country rather than this very dubious "medical emergency". I would implore everyone to educate themselves as to the very real reasons behind these arbitrary diktats. It's a "power grab" and a very slippery slope towards totalitarianism.

By Stephen Mills from Porto on 28-11-2020 02:17

"Science says quarantine is for the sick - not the healthy"

Lisbon looks now like it is a huge dentist conference in town...

By Magnus from Other on 04-11-2020 03:37

Anyone had enough yet ????‍♀️ Businesses should stay open and everyone just go about their lives just as we did at the start of this year that they've stolen from us and will continue to do so unless we take a stand........unmasked.

By Sarah L from Other on 03-11-2020 04:23

The Portuguese President and Prime Minister have swiftly gone from well informed ,intelligent and decisive decision makers early this year in the face of Wave 1 to imbecilic buffoons today. They look hopeless lost and weak in the face of what needs to be done. It is unfortunate. They have lost control and everyday people are losing their lives, some needlessly. President, Prime Minister, you should be ashamed.

By I Wonder from Lisbon on 03-11-2020 02:51

What the heck is a “very limited mainly preventive state of emergency” ???
It sounds like a state of emergency with a weird twist to me.
Now they are even redefining a declaration of national emergency. What’s next ??!!!

By Sue Dobbs from Algarve on 03-11-2020 12:27
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