The products will be distributed to health professionals and patients, according to the needs assessed by INEM.
A total of 2,000 sets of travel bottles were also delivered to the Portuguese Red Cross, so that professionals on the front line can have their own bottles with hand sanitiser while taking care of patients. This initiative is part of the international campaign that Primark has developed to support the fight against COVID-19.
These donations are part of a global voluntary effort by hundreds of Primark employees to support those at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. Primark offers donation boxes containing more than 400,000 products that will be delivered to professionals, volunteers and patients in cities and towns around the world where Primark has stores.
Primark’s donation decision comes in response to requests from health authorities and charities for urgent supplies of essential products.
Primark donations will be made available to health professionals who work on consecutive shifts or who are away from home, to protect their families from possible infections. They will also be offered to patients who have no means of obtaining a new change of clothing or personal care products from home.
Nelson Ribeiro, Primark’s Area Manager in Portugal, added: “We are very proud to be part of a company like Primark, which was able to provide essential products to support health heroes who work tirelessly in the fight against COVID- 19. It was gratifying to work with my colleagues in the packaging, coordination and delivery of donations”.
Cátia Alves, INEM’s Communication Advisor, added: “Frontline professionals in Portugal are working hard to offer safe care, with altruism, during these extraordinary moments. We are extremely grateful to companies like Primark and its volunteers for their generosity and kindness. At a time when this type of product is in greater demand, these donations mean a lot to everyone”.
Primark is supporting many other hospitals, first responders and charities working around the world. In the past three weeks, Primark volunteers have delivered multiple donations.