Prime Minister warns Portugal is set to enter "critical" covid phase

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The prime minister warned yesterday (Monday, 7 September) that the country is about to enter "a critical phase" with regards to the Covid virus due to the change of season, the beginning of the school year and the resumption of many activities.

Speaking to journalists on his way in to a meeting about the evolution of covid-19 in Portugal, António Costa called for compliance with the rules to control the pandemic. The prime minister also recalled that if everyone complies with the rules, it is possible to control the substantial increase in the pandemic, which is essential so that there is no excessive burden on health services.


Cece, fly Cece, go away. People (flies) like you are the problem.

By George from Açores on 24-09-2020 10:28

A very low prevalence of covid-19 among students and staff at Campus Umeå at the start of the autumn semester shows a new survey.

The start of the semester at large higher education institutions such as Umeå University means a relocation of individuals across the country. At Campus Umeå, teaching has started with teaching on site. In order to increase knowledge about how the disease is spread, the Swedish Public Health Agency, in collaboration with the Västerbotten Region, Umeå University and the Swedish Armed Forces, has investigated the prevalence of covid-19 among students and staff.

In the survey, which was conducted by Region Västerbotten with support from Umeå University, all students and employees who had a Swedish social security number and were at Campus Umeå at the start of the semester were offered to test themselves. Participants were also offered a sample one week later to see if the number of infections increased. The study showed that only 6 of the 9,907 individuals who participated had an active infection with covid-19 during the period 31 August - 14 September 2020.

The results are based on the total of 16,694 samples submitted by 9,907 unique individuals. Of these, 6,703 individuals submitted samples on two different occasions. Almost all participants (98.3%) had in the last two weeks before sampling only been in Sweden, of which 58.8% only in Västerbotten.

The majority of the participants (53.7%) were born in the 1990s.

By Magnus from Other on 17-09-2020 09:18

You sir are the problem, but please do give me a call when you are locked up in the coming covid 19 concentration camps...

There is no pandemic!

People who die of flu is 80 years or older, do you think people are living for ever?

If this was a true pandemic you think you or me would be here writing about it? when in history have mass tests been made to see if you had a pandemic? If you had you should be dead not here insulting other people.

There is no higher mortality from this flu then from the past 50 years season flu, Portugual the country that discovered large parts of the world have now become a country where you guys hide inside for fear of a common flu virus.

In Wuhan they have now huge pool partys and is laughing at stupid Europeans and Americans buying this hoax.

Please note: The virus is real but not dangerous, if it was I repeat nobody would be here talking about it, and the tests now being made is very easy to understand why it it a smart way to DNA sample whole populations, before this virus topsing people in the noose or throat was only made in criminal investigations.

By Magnus from Other on 17-09-2020 01:54

Magnus. Go away. People like you are the problem.

By Cece Rider from Other on 17-09-2020 02:28

Instead of imposing more covid19 measures not based on science facts, the Prime Minister should instead make sure Portuguese people especially the seniors have adequate heating and ventilation in their home during the winter season as well as access to hot water at least 65 degrees heated, legionalla infections because the landlord or tenant does not have enough hot water cause many deaths in Portugal , Spain and Italy every year.
Pneumonia the same when older people have to sleep in very cold homes in Portugal. Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of pneumonia - lung inflammation usually caused by infection. It's caused by a bacterium known as legionella.

By Magnus from Other on 11-09-2020 12:04

Professor Giesecke The Lancet article:

Many countries (and members of their press media) have marvelled at Sweden's relaxed strategy in the face of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic: schools and most workplaces have remained open, and police officers were not checking one's errands in the street. Severe critics have described it as Sweden sacrificing its (elderly) citizens to quickly reach herd immunity. The death toll has surpassed our three closest neighbours, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, but the mortality remains lower than in the UK, Spain, and Belgium.

It has become clear that a hard lockdown does not protect old and frail people living in care homes—a population the lockdown was designed to protect. Neither does it decrease mortality from COVID-19, which is evident when comparing the UK's experience with that of other European countries.

PCR testing and some straightforward assumptions indicate that, as of April 29, 2020, more than half a million people in Stockholm county, Sweden, which is about 20–25% of the population, have been infected (Hansson D, Swedish Public Health Agency, personal communication). 98–99% of these people are probably unaware or uncertain of having had the infection; they either had symptoms that were severe, but not severe enough for them to go to a hospital and get tested, or no symptoms at all. Serology testing is now supporting these assumptions.

These facts have led me to the following conclusions. Everyone will be exposed to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, and most people will become infected. COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in all countries, but we do not see it—it almost always spreads from younger people with no or weak symptoms to other people who will also have mild symptoms. This is the real pandemic, but it goes on beneath the surface, and is probably at its peak now in many European countries. There is very little we can do to prevent this spread: a lockdown might delay severe cases for a while, but once restrictions are eased, cases will reappear. I expect that when we count the number of deaths from COVID-19 in each country in 1 year from now, the figures will be similar, regardless of measures taken.

Measures to flatten the curve might have an effect, but a lockdown only pushes the severe cases into the future —it will not prevent them. Admittedly, countries have managed to slow down spread so as not to overburden health-care systems, and, yes, effective drugs that save lives might soon be developed, but this pandemic is swift, and those drugs have to be developed, tested, and marketed quickly. Much hope is put in vaccines, but they will take time, and with the unclear protective immunological response to infection, it is not certain that vaccines will be very effective

I declare no competing interests.

By Magnus from Other on 11-09-2020 11:28

It is strange how cities in Scandinavia with up to 100,000 people do not have any flu cases and taxi drivers tell me that not a single one of their colleagues has been ill with a flu this year. These are disproportionate measures and actions that have no scientific at all, it is not possible to stop any virus with either washing hands, masks or closing down shops at 8 in the evening instead of 10pm it is absolutely amazing how easy it is to manipulate large parts of the population, history shows that things like this always with dictatorship, have the Portuguese younger people forgot about Salazar and Franco? I really hope that American voters make the right decision and re-elect President Trump.

By Magnus from Other on 11-09-2020 10:25

Anyone who believes that covid 19 is a hoax needs to have their head examined or you're another conspiracy theorist. Its real however like any other disease or catastrophe that has plagued mankind, we need to be vigilant and take care of ourselves and others. Every time we wake up and go out the door we are faced with numerous pitfalls yet we can't let that stop us from living our lives. Be careful be safe and live your life.

By Tony B from USA on 10-09-2020 06:38

Please, don't just listen to your heart. Not to diminish the value of emotions in any way, but they are not a reliable method for reaching sound conclusions.

Magnus, you're basically mentioning what we know about the virus. As far as I've understood, we should be paying more attention to how much we DON'T know about it.

Let's face it, how many of us here are experts? Not only epidemiology, but also so many other areas of expertise we don't even factor in because we're laymen/women?
Look into the Dunning Kruger effect, because the ease with which you're making positive claims scares me.

In any case, isn't it smarter to play safe? Be the first barrier of defense against this virus, and ease our health professionals job a bit.

And if you do go to a country where there are different rules... Even if you disagree..Please respect them. Remember whether you want it or not, you're representing your country.

By João Mora from Porto on 10-09-2020 05:23

Field Marshall Herman Goering — one of Hitler’s earliest, longest lasting associates, the top German military figure during World War II, and for a long-time Hitler’s designated successor.

Gustave Gilbert, an American psychologist fluent in German, worked as a translator with the Nuremberg Tribunal and interviewed Goering in the days between his conviction and his suicide.

Gilbert asked Goering how it was possible to build and sustain public support for a war effort, especially in Germany, which had barely recovered from the still recent disaster of World War I.

Here’s Goering’s reply:

“Why, of course, the people don’t want war,” Goering shrugged. “Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

“But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.”

“There is one difference,” [Gilbert] pointed out. “In a democracy the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars.”

“Oh, that is all well and good, [replied Goering] but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

By Magnus from Other on 10-09-2020 04:53

To all people who accuse sceptics of conspiracies please be kind and enlighten all of us when a flu or virus caused such damage to freedom, economy, democracy and security in history as this so called covid 19 does. Hong Kong Influenza, HIV, Ebola, Dengue, Malaria, bird flu, swine flu not even Spanish flu 1918 caused emergencies and restrictions for any nationals of any country on the planet. The same year that Brexit takes place, the same year as the US election and also the year when climate hysteria failed to introduce a climate crisis state of emergency a virus from China appears, there are many strange things, the same country where the virus comes from makes huge profits on hand alcohol, useless mouth masks and will now develop the world's first vaccine which by a miracle is finished in only 1 year, you do not have to talk about conspiracies to see a common thread, follow the money and everyone can see who profit and get increased power by constantly invoking this virus to commit violations of the constitution. To mouth mask fanatics please use a cheap cotton mask and try and see if it stop ebola or any other illness, corona virus is part of nature in both humans and animals that is why so many tests results show presence of this virus.

By Magnus from Other on 10-09-2020 04:42

Reading the comments realising that people are waking up/are awake is very good to hear as we are thinking of moving from the asleep UK to the Algarve. I know both have a way to go - turn off the news and listen to your heart. A new earth is coming be on the awake train:-)

By Helen from UK on 10-09-2020 03:16

I don't care that much if you think it's a hoax. Respect the rules. Respect other people. Respect yourselves.
I will say it directly, it's because of people like you spreading pseudo-science and irrational, unfounded opinions that we are where we are now.

And then check yourselves, your epistemology is flawed somewhere. Or do you really think the scientific community and worldwide governmental organizations are all working together to "hide the truth" from everyone? Do you even realise the monumental amount of work and bureaucracy that would imply?
Of course, it probably doesn't matter, since fitting "evidence" to the conclusions you *want* is so popular.

Nothing personal. I don't hate you. You're just wrong.

"I respect you too much as a person to respect your ridiculous beliefs", Johan Hari.

If you do put other people in harm's way though... I still won't hate you, but you can be sure I'll call you out and call you an idiot if I see you.


By João Mora from Porto on 10-09-2020 01:24

To the editors of The Portugal News: - I commend you for putting freedom of speech a priority in your editorial and comments section of your online site. In these times of uncertainty it is crucial that our trusted media act in the most impartial and transparent manner. Thank you for upholding freedom of speech and in turn our collective freedoms and basic rights. .

By Jennifer Housman from USA on 10-09-2020 11:08

I ask all readers go to youtube and search for Swedish Professor Dr Giesecke Unheard Lockdown tv interview.

Please also go to The Lancet medical journal and search for Professor Gieseckes Corona virus publication.

Swedish professor Dr Giesecke says the truth about the crazy lockdowns, the professor is the former Swedish state epidemiologist and also current advisor to the Swedish government and high ranking member of WHO and EU health agency advisor.

By Magnus from Other on 10-09-2020 11:01

Time for the conspiracy theorists to step up to the plate, and put their foot where their mouth is. Go out and expose yourselves to someone who has the virus, that doesn't really exist....remember....don't where a mask, since they don't work anyways! (Funny, last time I had surgery, the surgical team wore masks...) After exposure, update us on your condition for a couple weeks, ok? Thank you.
Oh ya, and 1984 is a book of science fiction. Your about as credible as trekkies.

By William from Other on 10-09-2020 10:57

Every day 365 days a year, about 300 people die of old age, diseases, traffic accidents, drugs, suicide, a total of about 110,000 deaths in Sweden every year. Portugal has about the same death toll, Italy has more about 2000 people die every day in Italy. We must see total deaths from January 1 to September 10 and I can guarantee that there are no abnormal deaths. Seasonal flu and pneumonia cause approximately 3,000 to 5,000 deaths each year in Sweden. Sweden has not had any lock down, we do not use any derogatory measures such as mouth guards, the schools are open all year round. Covid 19 is only a common flu, I want to ask this question to the Portuguese health authority: where has the seasonal flu gone this year?

By Magnus from Other on 10-09-2020 10:54

More fear. No one is listening, we are bored.....

By susan from Alentejo on 10-09-2020 08:23

The comment section here is a disgrace. In fact, this whole website is a disgrace, pushing it's own agenda, and reinforcing that the virus doesn't exist by not moderating the comment sections here.

Don't listen to any of these COVID-19 denialists and their pseudo science. Masks work, if worn properly, and the virus is very real and killing hundreds of thousands of people daily. There is OVERWHELMING evidence of this virus and the destructive effects on the body, and there is also OVERWHELMING evidence that 50% of the infected don't display any symptoms, but continue to spread the virus, putting others at risk.

These commenters are the kind of scum sheeple that believe that this virus is caused by 5G, they're the kind of selfish pricks spreading this shitty virus, and unfortunately it seems they're missing most of their brain cells and critical thinking skills. Who knows, they probably are gullible enough to fall for The Onion articles. Nothing more than a walking turd that doesn't deserve the air it breathes.

I'm honestly pretty sure that most of these comments are fabricated by Portugal News. I refuse to believe humans can be these stupid, ignorant, ape-like creatures. Too bad they're going to get a taste of sweet justice once they get reported to major search engines and the authorities for spreading deadly misinformation.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: We would like to state that all comments are moderated on our site. The Portugal News allows all opinions that fall within our editorial guidelines as part of our policy of freedom of expression. All comments are submitted by individuals outside the company and have never been fabricated.

By Desilva Andrews from USA on 10-09-2020 06:35

I could cry if I read the conspiracy theory comments here. Four of my friends and acquaintances succumbed to Covid 19 in March and April. Only one of them had a precondition (overweight), she was 58, passed away in Devon, UK. Two friends - brothers, 43 and 45, sportive, had returned to Madrid from a mountaineer trip to Nepal and died within three weeks of each other. Friend number 4, a young man, 28, nurse in Barcelona's Vall d'Hebron clinic, suffocated to death on the ventilator on April 4. I am crying when I read the stupid comments. This virus is for real. It's like Galileo Galilei - even if you deny it's existence, the virus will continue wreaking havoc, if you accept it's existence or not.

By Ana from Lisbon on 10-09-2020 05:48

Hopefully opening universities in the capital will have a positive impact... wait.
Hopefully if people start get infected they will not try to come back ho... wait

By Jose from Other on 09-09-2020 09:02

How many people are being tested? In many places, the testing has gone up, so have the cases, however the number of deaths remains constant or even drops. It's most likely more are being tested in front of the vaccine release to convince everyone out of fear to get this toxic vaccine. Of coarse, the test is meaningless, the virus has not been identified, so it may not exist. Conclusion, it's to usher in a very repressive New World Order and perhaps cull the population.

By Jay from Other on 09-09-2020 07:43

None of this makes any sense anylonger. Corona virus is under control. New treatments of patients with severe symptoms can prevent the worst. Cases are up everywhere because of more tests but hospitals are not overloaded, mortality is not an issue.
So we're going into winter. So what? The summer was busy all across Portugal with people mingling, sharing their germs and viral loads all over this country and guess what? Still nobody keeling over in the streets, no mass deaths. Even the big parties that caused "massive outbreaks" in the beginning of July. Whatever happened to the people? NOTHING
The kids have been playing and partying all summer on the beaches and in their houses. NOTHING happened. Now they're going back to school and oh boy, the masks need to be put on because COVID is everywhere!
FFS people give it a rest! Get off this program!
What happens to the BIG MONEY coming from the EU? Who is getting their share to keep this scam going?
"We're all in this together" Ya, right! Some pigs are more equal than others.. always have been!

By Paula from Algarve on 09-09-2020 04:42

Santos is a scaremongerer. There is no proof of a virus, there never has been. The tests are therefore useless and meaningless. There is no excess mortality in Portugal. Masks don't work, science has proved that time and again. This crypto socialist wants to get a piece of the pie when agenda 2030 is in full effect, yet he doesn't realise how dispensable he is. Sucking up to the big players, while torturing his people over a big fat nothingburger. Rise up Portugal. Time to take our lives back!

By Robert from Porto on 09-09-2020 03:53

I think it is becoming more and more clear that this whole covid debacle is nothing more than a general grand rehearsal for the 1984 society. How can one gain total control over the citizens? To what extent can they be controlled in detail as sheep?

Yes, there are those who ask themselves that kind of question and they needed to do a "reality test".

The result is beyond all expectations: It is perfectly possible to shut down an entire society, indeed the entire civilized world ... A talking head on TV says that now you are staying at home. Clear!! If there really had been medical grounds for infection to prevent gatherings with more than six people, then 1) All public transport would still have been closed. and 2) No exceptions had been made. But that is not the case. Antifa, migration groups and Extinction Rebellion and BLM are allowed to protest as they wish .. And it is possible to travel by train, bus, subway ...

So why is it so important to limit the number of people who gather?

What is it then about?

The crucial point is that the passengers on a bus or train do not know each other and have nothing planned. It is risk free for the governments.

BLM and E Reb is also risk-free for the governments, It's just a bunch of useful i*****.

If there is one thing despotic regimes fear more than anything else, it is large crowds of people.

Think about Ceaucescu in Romania back in 1989. He stood as usual waving on his palace balcony, but the crowd suddenly became uncontrollable and the next day he was arrested and executed for crimes against the Romanian state and people.

So this is not about covid 19 or any other flu it is about totalitarianism and population control.

By Magnus from Other on 09-09-2020 03:29

Sweden had the highest numbers of infection in the beginning and now it has the lowest. And especially Portugal, not only, where numbers seem to be high, has changed into some tyranny with draconic fines. The people here are very obedient, following government and TV-orders, But the orders are senseless and inhuman. Treatment for healthy people, masks even in schools !
Covid-19 is no danger, it is propaganda and test for a world-government, distrction from the finncial crash. The WHO is corrupt. Masks dont help, but make sick.
The obedient "sheep" of people, manipulated by TV if following their destroyers of live and freedom, sanity and economy and dont mind the new police-state and tyranny.

By Johanne from Alentejo on 09-09-2020 02:26

Each day reading that bullshit about Covid-19 Measures, panic, measures to be taken. I cannot continue to hear it this way. Gosh! We have also a life to live beside of this pandemic. Yes, there is a virus and we need to be careful. But if we stop to live our life and if we start to discuss about another Lockdown, for sure we will not survive. There will be no one left who could even effort the health system any more because there is no money left to do so.

By Martin from Other on 09-09-2020 01:50

With the Death Rate plummetting world-wide and it being (according to many studies) 0.3% why are we still being treated like children, fear-mongering still going on, silly rules that don't make sense like entering restaurants with masks but allowed to take them off when seated??! Mass hysteria, economic ruin, huge over-reactions for a virus that is headed quickly to the same mortality rate as the common flu (0.2%). Protect the Elderly and Sick, everyone else, back to school and work and get on with your lives. Enough of this fiasco!

By E. Medeiros from Lisbon on 09-09-2020 11:48

Thanks for the heads up Miguel!..too bad you will be sorely disappointed and have to come back down to earth.
The Portugal News reports the news, it doesn't have to explain philosophical mumbo-jumbo.
You don't need science to understand the article, just common sense. Despite Michel, the broken record, there will continue to be increasing social interaction, so increasing diligence is needed.

By William from Other on 09-09-2020 11:00

Article with ZERO value about a statement with ZERO value, the only value I see here is raising fear and insecurity in order to install more control mechanism that will not be revoked once with "fought" the pandemic.

By Niko from Porto on 09-09-2020 10:47

What does this even mean? Can we have some science instead of the nonsense?

By Jordan Gross from Lisbon on 09-09-2020 09:02

Je le redis encore une fois: le Portugal a donné priorité à l'économie sur le sanitaire, il va en payer l'addition prochainement!

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 09-09-2020 08:47

More useless statements from this shameless PM!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 09-09-2020 01:22

Any chance that the next time The Portugal News publishes a comment like the one from Miguel of Lisbon, an explanation could be printed along with it, of what the hell the bloke is on about.

By Mikey from Algarve on 08-09-2020 08:47

Let's hope folks download the" stayaway covid " app on their phones to make it easier to control.

By Karl blore from Algarve on 08-09-2020 04:39

Panic setting into the government due to us ascension beings getting on with our lives.
Government for the people ?? Yeah Right !
The grand truth has been exposed !
Covid-1984 - The Great Plandemic of 2020.
Humanity is about to win BIG !

By Miguel from Lisbon on 08-09-2020 02:58
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