On Proença’s official Facebook page he published an image of the game between Firenze and Rio Ave (0-1), the fifth game of the I league, where allegedly social distance exists between fans who were at Algarve’s Stadium, and also an image of the Portuguese Grand Prix, which took place in the same region, whereby the same pandemic health rules were not respected he believed.
“The left image shows an activity where all the restrictions continue to be imposed on the public during these events, despite the evidence given in the tests carried out so far. On the right image, an event was given the possibility of receiving 27,500 spectators with the result demonstrated by the image. After bullfighting, concerts and festivals were cancelled in November, we will have at the same racetrack, another great motorcycle event”, wrote the former referee.
Proença guaranteed that all football games in Portugal that have had fans present during the pandemic have had to “scrupulously comply with all the health measures” and “all fans have acted in an exemplary manner”. “From professional championships to the Portuguese League, I have no doubt, that they have been a great example”.