The socialist party (PS) wants to increase the number of early voting places available, from one per district to at least one per council, and to also allow measures to be put in place to allow those confined due to Covid-19 restrictions to have a chance to cast their vote in the presidential elections due to take place in the first month of 2021.

One of the PS initiatives intends to change the rules of early voting in all amendments and referendums.

In another initiative, the PS intends to create an exceptional regime of early voting in the election of the President of the Republic for voters who it has been decreed obligatory to quarantine due to Covid-19 disease.

“In this context of a pandemic, there seems to be a perceived risk relating to voting, which may be characterised by a low participation, especially by citizens included in older age groups or at risk groups”, justified the socialists, when presenting the reasons to create the diploma.