PS states that all reasons for the state of emergency are maintained

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The parliamentary leader of the PS considered on 2 April that all the reasons remain for the state of emergency to continue in force in Portugal, aiming to contain the spread of the covid-19.

Ana Catarina Mendes took this position in the Assembly of the Republic, at the opening of the debate on the draft presidential decree that extends the state of emergency in Portugal for another 15 days, until 17 April.

"Two weeks after the declaration of the state of emergency, all the reasons that led to its validity and the need for all precautions in its execution remain," said the president of the PS Parliamentary Group, in an intervention in which she also said that on 2 April 44 years have passed since the approval of the 1976 Constitution.

In her speech, Ana Catarina Mendes defended that the country "is being able to act politically based on scientific evidence, leaving the health authorities the irreplaceable role of defining the guidelines to fight the scourge and the Government the role of to lead the political response, both in terms of public health and in measures to mitigate the economic and social effects of this pandemic".

"The prime minister said 15 days ago that democracy was not suspended - and it is not. It never hurts to underline the involvement of parliament, parliamentary leaders and party leaders in monitoring the situation," she said.

In this context, Ana Catarina Mendes said that there is an awareness that the state of emergency entails risks, but that in Portugal "there are reasons not to fear its instrumentalisation for purposes outside the strictly necessary - something that cannot be said in relation to what passes in some of the Member States of the European Union".

At the European level, the president of the PS Parliamentary Group considered that the European Union "is testing these times".

"And if the leaders of the different governments are not above the petty national short-term visions, they will be the gravediggers of the European ideal. We are proud of the battle and the frontality that the Portuguese Government and the Prime Minister, António Costa, have taken with the partners. We need joint action within the European framework", she stressed.

In the economic and social plan, Ana Catarina Mendes defended that the economy and, above all, people, are being protected ".

"We will do everything in our power so that this crisis does not increase social inequalities to a level where social cohesion is jeopardized. Therefore, in an emergency situation, we guarantee immigrants and refugees the rights that give them the same protection of national citizens. We have not let ourselves be infected by the fear that responds to the crisis with xenophobic statements of closure and exclusion", she added.


In response to the comment above, I think it's weak and lazy to attack the government for shortcomings in the Portuguese healthcare system when NO country is adequately prepared or protected. The US and the UK are prime examples.

Plexiglass barriers have been installed at checkouts in many supermarkets where I live (east coast of Canada), but it is at the request of supermarket chains, not a federal or provincial mandate.

Portuguese beaches have been shut down precisely because people were gathering. You're only as strong as your weakest link and if people think of themselves as special (the beach idiots, the mayor of Porto) then the heavier hand will be dealt against non-compliance.

Hand sanitizer is really only a mild and temporary protection for brief periods and should never be considered as definitive defense. It is barely a stop gap. Nothing beats thorough hand washing and the cleaning of contact surfaces.

As for masks, I recommend:


One has to believe that medical experts in areas such as epidemics and epidemiology in general are working in good faith against an unknown and as such are in a constant state of recalculation when it comes to public health recommendations.

It would be extremely irresponsible to base policy over a rampant mystery on public opinion.

By Glenn Anderson from Other on 02-04-2020 10:11

I concur with with Wissmann in the above comment.It should be mandatory for all establishments that are still open to provide protection ..some supermarkets offer gloves at their entrance,others unfortunately don't bother.

By Dave from Algarve on 02-04-2020 06:41

While I like most of the statements in this article there are still some flaws with the executive... Besides the shortage in the health system there is also not enough protection for the workers in supermarkets, no masks for the general public. Why did they not order enough 2 weeks ago when the state of emergency was declared?

What is wrong with going for a walk on the beach if distance is maintained to other persons? Why not open general stores and other shops that sell consumer goods and just implement masks and sanitizer as compulsory at the door? But I guess not ordering enough protection is the problem...these items are needed. Where are they?

By Thomas Wissmann from Lisbon on 02-04-2020 02:08
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