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The PSP will increase enforcement until 13 July on two-wheel vehicles with engines to prevent accidents and risky behaviour on the roads. In a statement, the PSP said that the Operation “2 or 4 wheels, there is room for everyone” will be carried out at national level and also aims to prevent the risky behaviour of other road users that could jeopardise the safety of drivers of two-wheel vehicles.

During the operation, the PSP will supervise dangerous driving in the context of speeding, performing tricks, the correct use of protective helmet, the compliance with traffic lights, the correction of procedures prior to the manoeuvre of overtaking and the correct change of the traffic lane and adequate signalling of manoeuvres.

The operation will also focus on compliance with speed limits and the detection of driving situations under the influence of alcohol.
PSP stated that between 1 January and 15 June, 2020 there were 13,656 road accidents with damage (a 31 percent drop compared to 2019, with 19,710 accidents) and 4,727 road accidents with victims (a 35 percent drop compared to 2019, with 7,259 accidents).

These accidents resulted in 36 fatalities (a decrease of 41 percent compared to 2019, with 61 victims), and 5,559 injuries, 247 of which were in serious condition (an overall variation of 38 percent compared to 2019, in which 8,924 injuries were recorded, of which 342 are in serious condition).

Of the fatalities recorded this year, 19 (53 percent) resulted from accidents and 10 (28 percent) were due to being run over, according to PSP data.

PSP also points out that the accident rate with two-wheel vehicles with motors represents, between 1 January and 15 June, 35 percent of the accident rate with victims (1,617 occurrences), resulting in eight deaths and 1,745 injuries, of which 76 are in a serious conditions.

The National Republican Guard (GNR) will also intensify from 7 July and until 13 July, awareness and road enforcement actions to prevent risky behaviour when driving motorcycles and mopeds on high-traffic roads.

GNR announced in a statement that the “Moto” 2020 operation aims to reverse the trend of increasing accidents and contribute to a safer road environment.

About 30 percent of the total fatalities in road accidents after the end of the state of emergency, are related to accidents involving these vehicles.
According to GNR data, in 2018 and 2019, 1,123 people died or were seriously injured in accidents with two-wheel motor vehicles.


The major issue with accidents involving motorcycles are the cars.
Cars that pass yield or stop signs and enter in front of the bike.
Cars coming from in the opposite direction and that make left turn in front of the bike.
And so on.
As MC driver, I always have to think that the cars do not behave correct. And that you can never predict what they are going to do.
Always think. If it does that, maybe he does not stop, maybe he turns without sign, maybe...
Always drive with a lot of imagination ad drive defensive.

My message to the car drivers are: See us MC. And threat us OK

By Erik Eriksson from Algarve on 10-07-2020 05:51
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