Public consultation of ‘Alagoas Brancas’ development ends later this month

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Public consultation of ‘Alagoas Brancas’ development ends later this month

A phase of public consultation to give locals a say on what is planned for the Alagoas Brancas wetlands in Lagoa, which give the Algarve city its name, ends the week after next.

It is understood a renewed request has been submitted by Edifícios Atlânticos S.A., a Lisbon-based real estate development company, allegedly to obtain licensing to divide the bird-rich wetlands into plots.
After a council meeting on 10 April 2018 it was decided by Lagoa council that a period of public consultation would be staged, which ends on Friday 25 May.
Previously, it was suggested a large commercial premises was due to be built on the land, but that project was embargoed by the council.
Locals argue the freshwater wetlands should be a protected area, and claim it is home to about 70 species of birds, some rare and protected.

Both the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) and the Almargem Association defend that the area has natural values that place it within the definition of sites in the Ramsar wetlands network, and should therefore be classified accordingly.
Recently the Left Bloc, which forms part of Portugal’s government, submitted a draft resolution in Parliament that aims to protect the Alagoas Brancas wetlands from being built upon, which campaigners against development of the site state was approved.
On its Facebook page, the ‘Save the Alagoas Brancas’ campaign group said members had “visited Lagoa Council’s offices during the public consultation phase and were appalled” at what they termed the “highly selective information available to enquirers.”
In its notice, Lagoa council said anyone interested “can consult the request for licensing” at the council’s Balcão Único during regular working hours.
“Observations, complaints and suggestions should be addressed to the Mayor of Lagoa [Francisco José Malveiro Martins], in writing, and handed in at the Council’s Balcão Único”, it said.
Public responses can also be sent by email, with the same requirements, including full name and citizens’ ID card or residency number, to


The wetlands should be saved an not built on but be a source of natural enjoyment and interest to all of the community

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