Which means the level of detail that I can get into with my players is really thorough, meaning that effective change can be drilled over the space of one week.

So, I’ve just been out on the golf course observing nine holes of my guys playing and taken the notes for each player, and the debrief will occur this afternoon. The great thing is that it looks like my players have a consistent issue around the green and on their approach shots to the green.

It’s the classic head up looking at the ball whilst the putter is striking the ball; it’s almost one continuous movement where the head, the ball and the putter all move at the same speed. All of this movement is really destructive to a consistent putting stroke.

Here I’m going to give you three putting drills to use whilst practicing, and recommend that you come to one of our short game bootcamps, the next one being in August.

The first drill was made famous by Jordan Spieth, I would recommend you try this because it’s great for giving you a feel for how hard to hit the putt. The whole part of the drill is to look at the hole when you hit the putt. That’s right, when you actually strike the ball you’re already looking at the hole, so there is no need for you to move your head. It takes some courage and some practice, but it definitely works. You’ve just got to overcome the strange feeling of not looking at the ball while striking it.

The second drill was pioneered by arguably the greatest golfer of all time Mr Nicklaus. He would stand over the ball, while putting, and position himself in such a way that his right eye would be able to see the ball and his left eye would be able to see the line so effectively he was hitting the ball from right to left eye which again means that he doesn’t have to look up because the eyes are already tracking the ball and the head can remain still.

The third drill is a more traditional way of putting and takes a little more discipline than the two previous options. It goes like this, you strike the putt and only allow your eyes to follow the ball, so your nose stays still but your eyes watch the ball. Only when the ball has gone out of sight can the head then move. It just gives you that little half a second of stillness while striking the ball which will increase your consistency hugely.

After watching my players this morning, I know that the majority of our work is going to be around discipline and concentration before we even started talking about technique. Because if they were doing this whilst not under huge amount of pressure, then when the chips are down and the pressure is really on, the temptation to move the whole body to watch the ball will be almost irresistible.

As I said at the start of the article, Bootcamp week is my favourite week of the month - the favourite day of the month is the Short Game Bootcamp morning. We have availability for next month’s bootcamp and if you want to book your place phone Golf Integrated Academy, based at Vila Sol, to book your spot. The morning consists of 4 hours short game coaching for €75.

Our telephone number is 912 263 555, we hope to hear from you, and I look forward to coaching you in the near future.

In the meantime stay safe, stay cool and enjoy your golf!