“We are preparing a technological system that allows AML, but also passengers, to be able to consult in real-time the state of transport in each parish, in each place, at each stop, what the timetables are and how much time is left for the bus or train to arrive ”, AML’s first secretary, Carlos Humberto, told Lusa.

The official was speaking after a meeting of the Metropolitan Council of AML, which functions as a transport authority, in which the launch of a public tender for the creation of the project was approved.

“Today we took another step forward with the launch of another contest for the implementation of a platform to have real-time information for AML, for operators, for companies and also for passengers”, he mentioned.

Carlos Humberto admitted that in October it should be possible to reveal the “constitution of the Lisbon metropolitan transport company” since AML has been working on “financial, formal and legal aspects”.

Also at the meeting, a review on the state of public transport was also made, noting that “at the moment the demand is around 56 percent”, he said.

“The offer is around 92 percent or 93 percent; therefore, it is above the 90 percent that we had negotiated and agreed with the operators”, he pointed out.

In June, the Metropolitan Council decided to increase public transport in the city up to 90 percent, mainly for buses, as of 1 July following the reduction seen since mid-March, during the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, already thinking about the end of holidays and school breaks, AML considered that transport operators should be prepared and “be in a position to adapt to demand, particularly from mid-September”.

Carlos Humberto had already said last week that public transport in AML will be restored to 100 percent from September and defended the need for reinforcement of financing by the Government.