Lagos Municipality is presenting a 100kg Dom Rodrigo to the public at the 32nd Sweet Art Contest Fair. The celebration of the greatest Dom Rodrigo in the world is scheduled for July 24, 25 and 26 with the presentation to the public on the 26th starting at 6pm.

The production phase of the Dom Rodrigo will involve 8 local sweet shops that will have the mission of confectioning this candy in giant format within 3 days, following the traditional recipe. The representative of Guinness World Records will evaluate the entire process.

The 32nd edition of the Sweet Art Contest Fair will take place in the Sports Complex of Lagos and promises a renovated atmosphere with many new features such as a guest region (Baixo Alentejo) and a reorganized space with a total of 76 sweet shops, craft stands and tents, as well as a lot of animation and concerts with great national artists.

The 100kg Dom Rodrigo has also been deserving of special mention through its candidature for the 7 Wonders of Portugal, a RTP1 competition that can be voted for until the 16th of August.