Hunter Halder, Refood’s founder, will be at the EB 2.3 Dr. António de Sousa Agostinho School, for the second presentation meeting of this project in Almancil on 11 October, at 7pm.

The project has been gathering volunteers and creating groups in other parts of the country and it intended, with this action, to attract new volunteers.

This meeting will be attended by the founder of the project, Hunter Halder, a Lisbon-based American who began collecting leftover meals in his neighbourhood restaurants and cafes and then distributing them to the needy.

It should be noted that the Municipality of Loulé has been a key partner of this project since the very beginning. The winning proposal in the Parish of Almancil of Participatory Budget 2016 was the work to improve the facilities of Refood’s operations centre, which included the creation of a modular house, equipped with kitchen and toilet, which allowed to improve the work developed by this association.

Since 2015, as part of the Zero Waste Movement, during the MED Festival hundreds of kilos of cooked and uneaten food were collected, which were then distributed to the most vulnerable families in the county.

The operation of this action is carried out by a team of Refood volunteers, with the support of the Loulé Local Volunteering Bank, the São Clemente and São Sebastião Parish Centre, as well as technicians from the Municipality’s Social Intervention and Volunteering Division, which collect the surplus, ensuring all safety parameters required by ASAE.

Anyone interested in joining the movement as a volunteer is encouraged to attend the meeting on 11 October.