Regularisation of immigrants in Portugal “gives hope” to most vulnerable

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The mission of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Portugal welcomed the Government’s decision to regularise immigrants with cases pending at the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), considering that it “gives hope” to many in a situation of vulnerability.

“In the midst of this public health emergency, some migrant communities will be among the most vulnerable, due, for example, to the precariousness in which they live, working conditions or the lack of documentation that can limit access to services, including access to health care,” Luís Carrasquinho, one of those responsible for the IOM mission in Portugal.
For this reason, the decision to guarantee access to basic services for these people “gives hope to many who would otherwise be left completely unprotected and exposed to an even greater risk,” he added.
For Luis Carrasquinho, the decision is “an example of an inclusive response, which demonstrates solidarity with those who need it most and recognises that to protect everyone from Covid-19, no one should be left behind”,
For all these reasons, the IOM mission in Portugal “welcomes the decision of the Portuguese Government to guarantee access to healthcare and social security support to all migrants and asylum seekers, whose application for a residence permit is being processed.”
The Government order determins that the management of appointments should be done in a way that “unequivocally guarantees” the rights of all foreign citizens with processes pending at SEF, within the scope of Covid-19.
According to the document, signed by the Ministers of State and the Presidency, Internal Affairs, Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, and Health, immigrants with processes pending at SEF on 18 March can regularise their situation, when declaring a state of emergency.
Foreigners covered by this measure are those who have applied for a residence permit under the laws of aliens and asylum, through proof of scheduling at SEF or the receipt with the request made, as well as so-called expressions of interest or requests issued by service registration platforms.
These documents are thus considered valid before all public services, namely to obtain the number of users, access to the National Health Service or other health care rights, access to social support services, celebration of leasing contracts, entering into employment contracts, opening bank accounts and contracting essential public services.
The order also establishes that visas and documents related to the stay of foreign citizens in national territory that expired after 24 February, are valid until 30 June. These documents, as well as the citizen card, driving license, criminal record and certificates must be accepted by public authorities for all legal purposes.
SEF will continue to provide in-person assistance only for requests considered urgent, that is, citizens who need to travel or who prove the urgent need to be absent from Portugal, for urgent reasons and citizens who have been robbed, or whose documents are stolen or lost.


Le portugal c'est dieu qui vous bénisse en jours le portugal vas être le premier en Europe ça vient d'être en jours

By Ismaila from Lisbon on 10-06-2020 08:45

Viendra un jour où vous le regretterai....c'est de l'inconscience tout simplement!

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 10-04-2020 09:43
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