Regulator calls for internet prices to be cut

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The chairman of the National Communications Authority (Anacom), João Cadete de Matos, has said a reduction in the price of communications and Internet access in Portugal was “essential” to create “conditions to reverse” the disparity.

“Along with improving the quality of services provided, Anacom believes a reduction in the price of communications and Internet access in Portugal is essential,” the regulator said, in his speech at the opening of the 29th Congress of Communications (APDC), which began in Lisbonon 26 November with the motto “The Future of Business”.

The regulator said, “it is important to create conditions to reverse the disparity observed over the last decade in relation to the trajectory seen in the European Union”, stating that “in Portugal, telecommunications prices increased by 12.5 percent, which corresponds to the largest increase observed in that period in European Union countries, compared with a reduction of 10.9 percent in the European Union”, as a whole.

Apritel, an association of the telecommunications sector, released a study last week that placed Portugal as the second country - out of a group of 10 - with the lowest package of communications services in Europe.

“Anacom will continue to give priority to the protection of consumers and users of communications in Portugal,” João Cadete de Matos said.
“In this regard, I would stress the importance of approving the 12 measures included in the proposal to amend the Electronic Communications Law that we presented at the beginning of the year to the government and parliament, among which I would highlight the strengthening of subscriber mobility in the market, reviewing and clarifying the limits to be applied to the amount of charges to be borne by subscribers in the event of early termination of contracts with loyalty periods and the disclosure of information on the measurement of Internet access speed,” he recalled.


I agree with the other comments, they need to get the service sorted out, its appaling and complaining falls on dead ears, MEO are the worst for profiteering, cancelling a contract they attempted to bill us for 3000 euros LOL, some frightened elderly people would just pay up, Anacom are also toothless against the norm of corruption and old boys club in Portugal

By john from Porto on 01-12-2019 10:09

I am frequent visitor to Algarve

By Manji Kara from UK on 01-12-2019 12:03

I do wonder whether Portugal is interested in promoting communications for the 21st Century. I have to put up with download speeds of 1 mb per second on my landline connection (ADSL). I Also struggle to attain any 4g signal on my smart phone (no bars on my phone). I pay a lot of money for these limited services and feel that it must hinder the development of people living in this beautiful country with limited connectivity.

By Anthony Starbuck from Algarve on 29-11-2019 05:56

Recently relocated from the USA to the Sao Bras area, about 1Km out of town. While I did not move to the Algarve for the internet, it would be good to have options above 10mb/s. Among other things, the poor telecommunications infrastructure when outside of the town is definitely surprising, as well as the Providers being able to still demand fixed contracts and bundled services as well as early termination fees.

By Stuart from Algarve on 29-11-2019 04:55

Andy's message is misguided and incorrect. There is no such thing as 'free', it's the taxpayer, i.e. you, that will be paying. Taxes in Portugal are quite high enough already. One of the main causes of inequality in society is the refusal of some to make an effort to train, study or otherwise educate themselves, so their job options are limited, and they effectively condemn themselves to a life of low income, all self-inflicted. The success of those who do aspire for something better should never be held back by those whose life choices result in negative outcomes. Andy should go and live in north Korea where he will see the 'benefits' of full blown collectivism.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 29-11-2019 03:28

The whole internet infrastructure needs improving as well. In many towns (including my own in the central region) it is impossible to get speeds above 10mb/s, normally less. And as for fibre..... I pay expensive prices for 2019, yet I get a service more akin to 1999.

By Stephen Clarke from Other on 29-11-2019 12:22

Prosperous nations understand core path to success. Free education is one and I believe many more people realize that free-high speed internet is another. We all know examples, where one leads to inequality and the other to sustained poverty. Keeping people uneducated and uninformed, denying them to participate in today's economy is not acceptable. Portugals recent history tells you all about it.

By Andy from Lisbon on 29-11-2019 08:42
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