Reliable UK TV Channels ...

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Reliable UK TV Channels ...

Are a blend of three things:

The IPTV box
• We use the latest 4K capable Formula Z boxes. (Far superior in picture and audio quality to even the newest Mag boxes).
• Lightning fast processor.
• This box has it all. Youtube, Speedtest, Kodi, Plex, Movie channels ... you name it.
The Service
• Over the last 4 years we have defined the true source providers.We have found what services we believe to be the best. They are exclusive to us and we have worked with these service providers to develop the platform to a quality level.

• We do not profess to have our own servers in the UK because that would be illegal.
• Owing to the buying power of Projection Dreams our prices are fair and we have negotiated what we believe to be the perfect system for reliability.
• A Dual portal system.
• Any single service can have down time at some point, with a dual portal system you easily in about 5 seconds switch to another service. It’s as easy as changing channels.
• There are two Dual portal systems to choose from with all your FTA and fave channels,VOD,Catchup,Youtube, is a Super Sports package..the other is a variety package.
• Our services have FHD (Full HD channels) at 1080p and HD channels at 720p.
• We have three showrooms - one in Almancil, one in Luz and one in Cabanas (Tavira) where ALL our options can be seen.
• No back door selling or back of van selling. Legitimate LDA company that can support you and provide you with a legitimate invoice.
• In the last 4 years Projection Dreams have used their quality skills to elevate IPTV away from the “back door” solutions into a true quality and reliable being the largest provider of UK TV in Portugal..
The Internet
• A consistent internet connection is vital. Above 5Mbps gains you quality below that gains you standard definition only.
• Our Formula boxes have Speedtest built in so you can test your internet speed at any time.
• We can offer you a trial or a free “Internet Evaluation” to ensure you can receive a quality service.

Come into one of our showrooms for a demonstation or call to book an installation and receive information.

For further information, Tel: 913547587 or email:


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