This opinion, already presented to the Portuguese Environment Agency, was presented at the City Hall Meeting for ratification, with unanimous approval.

In the debate, the fundamentals of technical evaluation of this opinion were explained in detail, relating to the introduction of seven metre high structures which could potentially in the future be even higher.

Thus, while recognising the advantages that the electrification of the line will bring in terms of the future modernisation of the railway service, in the cost-benefit analysis of the electrification solution presented, an evident loss for the 6 km of the seafront is identified, by contrast the few added advantages in terms of quality of service, namely regarding to travel time on the section in question, the quality of rolling stock, the frequency of trains and the connection to other destinations.

With this position, the council intends to influence the bodies of the Central State Administration in order to jointly seek a personalised strategy that takes into account the characteristics, variety of uses and specificities of the territory and, on the other hand, does not condition municipal projects. in progress, namely: the Ecovia, whose route, in the Meia Praia area, is located in parallel and very close to the railway line; the Rehabilitation and Recovery of the Cordon Dunar da Meia Praia, which among other components is based on the placement of walkways for the ecological protection of the dunes and the connection between the car parks and the sand; and the Passeio Marítimo, foreseen in the Meia Praia Urbanization Plan, which will be strongly conditioned by the impact on the landscape caused by the crossing structures resulting from the electrification project of the line.

To that extent, the municipality argues that the additional costs of visual mitigation measures, necessary to reduce this negative impact, are proportionally allocated to the Landscape Integration Project proposed in the Environmental Impact Study.

It also considers that the following must be guaranteed: the maintenance of the characteristics of the landscape with the fish farming of Vale da Lama, allowing it to continue to perform its current functions; and road access next to Bairro SAAL 25 de Abril, close to the Meia Praia stop, namely at the level of safety when crossing the line, both pedestrian and road.