Spring is here - hurrah! And just as the shift in season brings longer, brighter days and nature prepares to bloom back into life, we can experience a reawakening of sorts too.

There's no need to go from nought to 100 overnight, but there's lots we can do to help shake off winter and pep ourselves up.

We asked some of our favourite holistic wellbeing types for their top tips for getting energised for spring...

1. Look for beauty

"A great way to change your mindset and be more positive in spring is to look at something beautiful," says David Brudo, co-founder of personal development and mental wellbeing app Remente. "It may sound simple, but it's guaranteed springtime will bring new and beautiful things into your everyday path.

"Cherry blossom, birds singing, fresh cut grass - take time to find something beautiful that brings you joy. Pause and appreciate for a short while - it is almost certain you will feel better after."

2. Switch to a cold morning shower

"Make the most of the bright early mornings," says Stephanie Reynolds, co-founder of new wellness space House of Wisdom. "Get into a cold shower - it will wake you up more than a cup of coffee.

"Cold exposure requires willpower, it's a test of the mind and benefits your body, strengthening your immune system, keeping you focused, whilst also tightening your skin."

3. Twist and reset

"A simple supine twist always works wonders to reset and feel revived," says Xenia Gregoriadis, yoga instructor (Instagram: @xenyoga). "As a category of yoga postures, twists are great neutralisers and bring the nervous system into a balanced state. Lying on your back, bring your knees in towards your chest and rock gently side to side, then with your arms in a T shape, let your knees roll to your right for a few long, slow, deep breaths. Then, engaging your abdominal muscles to support your back, bring your knees back to centre and as you exhale, allow your knees to fall to the left.

"You can turn your gaze to the opposite direction if that feels OK on your neck, or simply look up at the sky. Feel the weight of your body and support of the ground beneath you and the sensation of breathing, to help you relax as much as possible."

4. Have a mindful spring-clean

"Cleaning has been found to have positive effects on mental wellbeing by helping us gain a sense of control over our environment, whilst being absorbed in the activity can also help calm your mind," says Sarah Fozzard, head of home hygiene at Zoflora. "It also helps improve mood and provides us with a sense of satisfaction. Several studies have found clutter in our homes can have a negative impact, resulting in feelings of tension and uncertainty and over-stimulating the senses - so a good declutter can benefit home and mind!"

5. Switch in an energising matcha brew

"The benefits of matcha for energy have been shouted about for ages," says Holly Huntley, nutritional therapist and herbal specialist at Pukka Herbs. "It contains a compound called L-Theanine - a naturally calming agent - that works with the caffeine to provide what's described as a 'calm, focused and happy energy'.

"It's also packed with 10x the amount of antioxidants as a regular cup of green tea, which helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and can even boost metabolism. Try drinking it before or after a workout, or in the afternoon to help with that post-lunch energy slump."

6. Break up the day with calming yoga sessions

"After a long winter, it's important to restore balance back to your mind and body," says Adam Hjorth, co-founder of HelloYoga, a digital platform providing live one-to-one instructor led yoga. "We're all about integrating regular yoga sessions into a busy lifestyle, without having to leave your home. This can help you make time for yourself and regain the energy that's much needed with the change of seasons.

"Yoga is also a great stress-reliever and therefore compliments high-intensity training really well too. HIIT or endurance training can raise cortisol levels; yoga can be the perfect antidote by stretching your muscles and taking a breather."

7. Practice self-kindness and surrendering to 'what is'

"My top tip for starting into spring is to put all the effort you're putting into hustling (controlling and planning your life) into surrendering to what is," says Palma Michel, life coach, executive coach and mindfulness teacher whose meditations are featured on choosemuse.com.

"Surrendering to the flow of life initially takes courage, but once you get the hang of it, life becomes nothing short of magical. Spring is also a great time to declutter your mind from thought forms that are no longer serving you and are holding you back. Become aware of the language you use when talking to yourself. Every time you notice the voice in your head criticising you or telling you what you should or have to do, let go of these thoughts and silently say, 'I am enough'."

8. Stimulate an energy release with your breath

"'Bellow Breath' engages your sympathetic nervous system, helping release natural energy so you'll feel fully charged as you step into spring," says Stuart Sandeman, breath coach and founder of Breathpod. "It's powered from the naval and the diaphragm is used to pump the navel in and out on each exhale and inhale.

"Sitting up tall, first practise panting like a dog with open mouth to get the rhythm and navel movement. Your chest remains relaxed and slightly lifted. Now close the mouth and continue this rhythm through the nostrils (inhale and exhale should be equal duration).

"Once you have nailed the movement: One - inhale through the nose, engaging the diaphragm, filling from the naval, while lifting your hands above your head. Two - exhale through the nose, engaging the core and pumping the navel in towards the spine, while bringing your elbows to your sides. Three - repeat in and out of the nostrils, pumping navel, lifting the arms up and down.

"Please note this technique is slightly advanced so proceed with caution. If you feel dizzy, take a break, and please avoid if you are menstruating or pregnant."