When you ride a horse you will always have a suitable distance from another rider, it is standard practise.

If you venture out into the large pinewood bordering the Pinetrees stables you will notice that this year nature is bountiful: There are far more birds that usual, beetles scuttling about, busy ants, and you will notice the fragrance of herbs such as thyme or French lavender comes wafting through the air.

A trek through the pinewoods maybe just what you need to clear the head and forget your troubles, letting your spirits soar, whilst being in the company of a kind and generous horse. Whether doing a gentle trot, an exhilarating canter or perhaps just a walk admiring the countryside you will no doubt return inspired.

Pinetrees Riding Centre also is well known internationally for the training of riders by owner and qualified trainer Bev Gibbons, who has been teaching riding since 1973. Perhaps now is the opportunity to take up the reins again for former riders? Bev also has a specialisation in teaching special needs.

At Pinetrees there are rides to suit all levels of riders and even supply the riding gear included in the price. If you are a resident in the Algarve you can even get some special rates for 10 hour packages.

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