Unfortunately many houses in Portugal are showing rising damp problems on the walls on groundfloors and basements, paint and sometimes plaster is peeling off regularly, while repairing is no use because the humidity stays in the walls, the problem is not solved and paint and plaster starts peeling off again and again.

However a new German invention, specialy developed to eliminate and prevent future rising damp, is quickly gaining ground in Portugal. Already 164 houses (in the Algarve, Lisbon and Coimbra area) have been seeing their rising damp problems eliminated.

The system is based on the electro- osmosis process where low frequency magnetic pulses change the polarity of the water molecules in the wall and draw the water towards the negative loaded earth.The picture shows the famous Erimitage in St.Petersburg in Russia where a test installment has beendone in steps. Now 191 Drymat Units have been installed and are keeping the entire museum dry.

The Effect
Between 1.5 and 2 years, the rising damp levels are under 3 % on the ground level and under 6.5 % in the basement ( stated in the money - back guarantee ). The affected places can now be repainted ( replastered ) and stay dry for at least the next 35 years. The advantages of the system are, no construction work, no drilling, no digging etc. It is a maintenance free, continuous operation which after installation will only cost you €10 electricity a year.

Energy Savings
Now your house is dry you can save between 25% and 65% on your heating costs and save a lot on dehumidifiers because they are not needed anymore. Repainting and replastering every year is now history as well and living in an environment without all that humidity is much better for your health.

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