Ryanair brings back 37 routes to Faro

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Ryanair has announced that it will re-establish 37 routes from / to Faro from 1 July, as part of Ryanair's summer schedule.

Portugal awaits the arrival of foreign visitors and Ryanair customers can now plan summer holidays to or from Faro, and celebrate the lifting of travel restrictions in Europe. Some selected routes will be available from 22 June and all details can be found from Ryanair.

Susana Brito Limpo, PR and Communications Manager Spain & Portugal, said:

"Ryanair is pleased to announce that it will re-establish 37 routes from Faro as of 1 July, as part of Ryanair's summer 2020 schedule. We are happy to resume our operation in southern Portugal, supporting the regional economy and the sector tourism, bringing friends and families together again and allowing millions of tourists to discover the region.”

Alberto Mota Borges, Director of Faro Airport, said:

“Faro Airport enthusiastically welcomes the resumption of Ryanair's operation in the Algarve, almost complete as of 1 July. This substantial start-up in the Algarve results from the airline's confidence in the region's entities in the prevention and monitoring of Covid-19. The hygiene and protection measures implemented at Faro Airport, from personal protection, cleaning, physical distance, contactless solutions on the passenger's path at the terminal, temperature control by thermal camera and the dissemination of generalised information at the terminal, ensure that desired resumption of air connections to the Algarve. With the purpose and responsibility to guarantee safe travel, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal will continue to work in an integrated manner with tourism entities, national and international partners so that the return to the Algarve translates confidence in a safe destination.”


I dont think we realise just how lucky we are in this country, zero hours in Portugal has ment no subsistence, families are really struggling out there, this I know because I keep in touch with so many!! As for the UK it seems to me with the figures that we have suffered one of the worst in Europe with infection rate and deaths, but these sad figures also give us one of the best Hurd immunities also in Europe,

By MARK A GILBERT from UK on 25-06-2020 08:01

OMG, please stay away, this is crazy. We need to be careful everyone ????????????????

By Joan O’Reilly from Algarve on 24-06-2020 11:00

The bars and restaurants are opened, live music is back on in lots of places, we are been careful so please come but do as we do, wear a mask indoors , shops supermarkets restaurants until you sit down , enjoy your holidays

By Maria from Algarve on 24-06-2020 10:14

I for one am happy flights have resumed have been trying to get back to UK since March as long as all precautions are taken I'm happy to fly

By Vera Phipps from Algarve on 24-06-2020 09:28

I was in the algarve on the day everything shut down that was onthe 20th of march.I and others from various parts of the globe had spent the week celebrating st Patricks day. We also practiced our hygene routine and to a certain extent our social distancing. Nobody in our yearly gathering contacted the virus thanks be to God. I had already booked to come back in late sept. Early oct.so I have been monitoring the situation in portugal and in particular tbe algarve. I think the people of portugal done a great job in stablising the growth rate and the death rate of the virus. But a great effort has been made by other people of countries to flatten the curve of the virus . These are the people who should be invited to come and carry on the safety measures that has been so successful to date. Careful monitering on entry and departure should insure the safety to all visitors and host alike.

By Brian from Other on 23-06-2020 10:31

Is there any flight between Oslo to faro

By Syed ghayyor Ahmed Syed from Other on 23-06-2020 07:58

Well put Mr. Michaels!! It takes MONEY to put food on the table. It takes EMPLOYMENT to get money.

By Willian from Other on 23-06-2020 07:58

Just glad we live away from the main tourist areas.

By Jenny Compton from Algarve on 23-06-2020 07:46

Don't get too enthusiastic . Ryan air can offer what they wish, but what makes you think millions of Brits are going to respond ? . I for one will not be herded on to a cattle train , prodded along like a donut. And what will we find at the other end ? .Are all the bars going to be open without any social distance nonsense ? , Somehow I doubt it !! . Pretty sure they want our ££££ , but not us ! What about the beaches ,are they going to be regulated ? or half open ? I guess the live music options are down the pan as well . So if your lucky enough to live on the Algarve I wouldn't be too worried about a Brit invasion , at the moment I would say it's not going to happen, I would love to visit but too many minuses !!!!

By John D'Arcy from UK on 23-06-2020 06:45

Just love the news and love the catastrophic comments, the damage of continuing with the sustained lockdown is beyond anything that the Covid disease can deliver all be it I don’t relish the thought of a second wave! We can not sustain a continued lockdown on the generation before us, it’s simply selfish and typical of the slipper brigade who sit in the comfort of their guaranteed pensions etc with no thought for the youngsters who will be responsible for taking care of this miserable generation one day!

By Andrew Michaels from UK on 23-06-2020 05:45

Second wave on it's way. It'll make oxdiacere a picnic in the park

By Fred Hodges from Algarve on 23-06-2020 02:09

Unbelievable, the government are going ballistic about some gatherings in Lisbon and the party in Lagos, yet they want to open the flood gates to countries where the virus was much worse than in Portugal. All they do is send contradictory messages to the people, is it any wonder that people are flaunting the restrictions. The world had gone crazy and it looks like common sense has deserted the sinking ship. More lockdown is inevitable and the masses will again jump to the tune of WHO and Dr. Bill.

By Steve Cordwell from Algarve on 23-06-2020 01:52

“ allowing millions of tourists to discover the region.”

By Pete Thomas from Algarve on 23-06-2020 01:01
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