Ryanair challenges Portugal’s TAP bailout

in News · 28-08-2020 12:10:00 · 5 Comments

Low-cost pioneer Ryanair says it has taken its challenge over Portuguese aid for state-owned carrier TAP to the European courts.

The Irish-based carrier said it was appealing against a June decision by the European Commission to authorise a €1.2 billion rescue loan for ailing TAP to keep it afloat as the coronoavirus pandemic buffeted the aviation industry. Irish carrier has also challenged aid packages for other rival carriers including SAS, Air France and Lufthansa, insisting that it gets by without such help.


I'm saying no to all airlines, I'd rather live without them. The skies are full of planes, the roads chockablock with cars and the polluting carries on, in the air and on the ground. At least the earth had a chance to take some deep breaths for a couple of months.

By Annie from Algarve on 31-08-2020 02:42

Ironic as they got a bail out themselves and have the nerve to question other airlines? Who do they think they are? None of them should get a bail out but to act like they're oh so better? Geez get over yourself.

By Anna from Lisbon on 30-08-2020 10:10

TAP have screwed me for a Tel-Aviv/Lisbon return flight by cancelling without returning my money. The Portuguese Ministry of Tourism "Visit Portugal" is just as shifty!

By Melvyn McManus from Other on 29-08-2020 05:05

Companies are bailed out by taxpayer money because the governing parties are afraid that they won't be reelected if then don't do it. Best example is Germany at the moment, where all bailout measures were extended until end of 2021 (which happens to be right after the elections). Only then the harsh reality will be allowed to sink in.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 29-08-2020 10:38

They do have a point! Why are these big carriers too big to fail. We should allow them to fail so they can be run efficiently like a proper business and not a department of the government!

By Anna from Madeira on 28-08-2020 05:25
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