Ryanair cutting autumn flights

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Ryanair has announced that it will be reducing its flight capacity by 20 percent during the months of September and October due to forward bookings weakening since the beginning of the month.

Ryanair confirmed that most of these cuts would be frequency reductions rather than route closures, and they will be heavily focused on those countries such as Spain, France and Sweden, where rising recent Covid-19 case rates have led to increased travel restrictions, and

Ireland which continues to impose a uniquely restrictive Green List, which imposes 14 day quarantines on visitors from most other EU countries such as Germany (16.3) and the UK (18.6), which have lower Covid case rates over the last 14 days than Ireland (22.1).

A Spokesperson for Ryanair said: “These capacity cuts and frequency reductions for the months of September and October are necessary given the recent weakness in forward bookings due to Covid restrictions in a number of EU countries. Any effected passengers in September received email notification advising them of their options. Similar communications will be issued to the small number of affected passengers in October.

“Over the past two weeks as a number of EU countries have raised travel restrictions, forward bookings especially for business travel into September and October have been negatively affected, and it makes sense to reduce frequencies so that we tailor our capacity to demand over the next two months.

“Proper testing at airports, and effective tracing (as is being conducted in Germany and Italy) is the only realistic and proportionate method of supervising safe intra-EU air travel while effectively limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus.”


The advice has been to avoid all non-essential travel this summer. If you don't take the advice, then take the consequences.

By Annie from Algarve on 25-08-2020 01:00

I booked a flight to London from Malaga for 20 august based on Ryanair's advertised "you can always change your flight for free" Shortly after Britain imposed quarantine which means that tourists like myself have to stay isolated in a hotel room for 2 weeks not even able to go out to buy food. Everything has to be delivered to the hotel room. What sort of holiday is this? I then tried to cancel the flight which proved impossible. I got endless boarding notices or whatever all in spanish. In the end I was given a complaint reference number. My holiday to Britain has been ruined and it is not even possible to change the flight because nobody knows how long the quarantine continues. Ryanair should sue the British government and tourists should be refunded.

By Felix from Algarve on 25-08-2020 11:21

Ryanair still did not pay back me for my cancelled flights I march. I think is so many people done like me. Am I only one. No response from them by telephone or chat. Nothing.

By Krzysztof Rybak from UK on 22-08-2020 10:12

I was also promised a refund months ago, nothing, in the interim period they sent a voucher valid for one year! N But I would prefer a refund.
I know they have problems, but I too need this money to pay bills!

By Carol lee from Other on 22-08-2020 09:32

I hope Ryanair is put out of business. I say this from painful experience. We live in a time when the public is no longer protected from corruption like this company. If the owner was a single self-employed guy with a middling business he'd be in prison.

By Wendy Erskine from UK on 22-08-2020 03:28

I too am waiting months for Ryanair reimbursements. Even their credit system is questionable. It's strange how they are technically able to send message after message telling you that the reimbursement will take a long time due too massive numbers which their staff are unable to process. If they moved some staff to work on reimbursements, I'm sure the low fare paying public would be happy and the staff too for not being laid off! While I'm here, WIZZ are not any better. Can you believe an AIRLINE tells you to resend and resend your message because their mailbox is full! We could do with some down to earth service from these high flyers!

By Paulus Magnus from Alentejo on 22-08-2020 01:57

Hi Ryanair cancelled my flight going to Malta and the return flight was still going but wanted 180 euro to rebook it would have been cheaper to make a new booking so money in Ryanair pocket I am not alone I have flown with them a lot always sticking to rules but don't think I will use them as much now easyJet best company if flight not going give you a free flight no extras

By Margaret George from UK on 22-08-2020 12:01

I have not been refunded for a flight cancelled on the 2nd of April. Despite the 'official' message that all flights from April have been processed and that in three weeks the back log will be cleared. I am interested to know whether anyone has actually recieved a refund at all.

By Louise Parker from UK on 22-08-2020 10:48

My wedding been postpone and I have sitting ticket at September for my guests. Not 1 or 2 tickets. I wanna change flight, but they dont open flught no later than October. So even if I would pay extra charge for changin all flights, moving is not possible and they refuse cancel flight for me and return money or offer me voucher. I would spend that money anyway with them, because is only 1 stupid company flying between Slovakia and Scotland. One of the worst company and horrible customer service. So im about to loose more thousend for their horrible services.

By Zuzana Drotarova from UK on 22-08-2020 04:54

I'm the same still haven't received any refund from Ryan air £400 is a lot to a pensioner please hurry really need the money

By Janet Simpson from UK on 22-08-2020 01:12

Ryanair have still not refunded me my money back from a flight in mid March it’s disgusting how there allowed to keep people’s money , without having to pay them back quickly , it’s illegal surely ???

By Victor adams from UK on 21-08-2020 09:56

Ryanair are still selling the flights they have cancelled also.
They claimed uk government restrictions , but didn't cancel my son's flights ????

By Mike Rayson from UK on 21-08-2020 09:46

This company deserves to go bankrupt they treat there passengers with no respect and enjoy ripping people off especially through the covid 19 pandemic

By Diane Harland from UK on 21-08-2020 08:47

I have been waiting for refund since lockdown, was meant to fly in May,

By Annette from UK on 21-08-2020 08:09

I had several flight booked with Ryan air and for other members of family some were May and other July. All have been refunded .no problem
Just waiting on one flight for this week as I was unable to travel due to lockdown in Laois . Think Ryanair have bedn excellent

By Mary Quinlan from Other on 21-08-2020 08:07

I am still waiting a refund from April from Ryanair many tame coll them and sending a message castome service don't contact me when my money back

By Harjit from UK on 21-08-2020 08:05

Spent 3 hrs on chat and simultaneously call that cost to UK trying to " chanfe flight" as sure was not working and wanted to double price on check out .
Fan of Ryan but. A mess.

By Paul Marsh from UK on 21-08-2020 07:37

I recently flew with Ryanair to and from Malta. Never had a problem with them
It's a shame it has come to this for all airlines.

By Debbie from UK on 21-08-2020 07:07

We to are waiting for refund from 5 may I hope he goes bust then we won't have to listen to his lies after years of going with Ryanair that how he repays loyalty.

By David Malton from UK on 21-08-2020 05:48

3rd rate company hope they go burst. Iv had multi bad experiences with Ryanair. Please please god punch them.

By Steven mcinnes from UK on 21-08-2020 05:19

You cannot change your flight for free as advertised I tried to do this but was told I could not take a cheaper option that was available but that I must take one of the same price or higher this is not in the terms and conditions of the change your flight for free option.

By Kay from Other on 21-08-2020 04:50

I am still waiting a refund from April from Ryanair. After being told after many phone calls to them and receiving confirmation messages.

By Gloria Muddimer from UK on 21-08-2020 03:07

Don't believe you Billy

By Not Billy Upset from UK on 21-08-2020 03:02

Good news. I want this company to go bankrupt. I was insulted by one of their staff at Lisbon Airport last year, and called 'crazy' and 'stupid', which I can assure you I'm not. I complained, but all they would tell me was that my complaint had been passed to an unnamed Ryanair Airport manager, who never got back to me. So much for customer service.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 21-08-2020 11:29
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