In a statement, the Irish low-cost airline said it plans to “operate 40 percent of its flight schedule” in July, “since Spain announced this weekend that it would remove travel and visitor restrictions from 1 July, like Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal, which are preparing to reopen their hotels and beaches for the main holiday season in July and August”.

The daily flights to be resumed by Ryanair from 1 July originate in “Northern European countries, including Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Germany”, and destination at “main airports in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus”.

"After four months of blockade, we celebrate the measures taken by the governments of Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus to reopen borders, eliminate travel restrictions and remove ineffective quarantines," said Ryanair's executive president, quoted in the statement.

According to Eddie Wilson, "European families that have been subject to confinement for more than 10 weeks, can now look forward to the long-awaited family holidays to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean destinations in July and August".

All Ryanair flights will operate with new health measures in place, which require all passengers and crew to always wear masks at airport terminals and on board aircraft, in accordance with European Union recommendations.